Mon, 28 February 2011
The King's Speech wins Best Picture!

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13:00   The King's Speech wins Best Picture!
As the 83rd Academy Awards come to a close, atweet from the official Oscar twitter page reads: "The show is over but the party is just getting going". The winners and select guests will head to the exclusive Governors Ball.

Meanwhile, thank you for joining us. Have a great Monday morning.
12:59   Downey and Jude announce Oscars for Visual Effects
Sorry about that previous update. Crystal wasn't here to announce the award for Best Picture. He was there to introduce a tribute to Bob Hope, who hosted the Oscar show18 times. MeanwhileRobert Downey and Jude Law will announce the Oscar for the Best Visual Effects
10:28   Rahman croaks on stage
The Oscar-winner sings (reads croaks)his number If I Rise from 127 Hours! If you ask me, Gweneth Paltrow does a far better job at crooning.

10:11   The King's Speech wins Best Picture!
Roger Ebert tweets: Is James Franco the first PhD candidate to host the Oscars?

Later he tweets again: I hope James Franco does better on the oral exam for his PhD!
10:06   The King's Speech wins Best Picture!
With 12 Oscar nominations, it was thefront runnerfor the big award. The closest contender to The King's Speech was The Social Network. This is the second time in three years that a British film won an Academy award. The last time it was Slumdog Millionaire -- much as we'd like to celebrate it as 'our movie' it was in fact a British movie :-)

10:04   The King's Speech wins Best Picture!
The big one goes to The King's Speech.
10:02   The final one: Best Picture
The time has finally arrived. These are the nominations Best Picture

Black Swan
The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King's Speech
127 Hours
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone

Clippings from the films are being shown as Colin Firth's speech from The King's Speech plays in the backdrop.
10:00   Best Actor Colin Firth: 'Delusions of royalty'
In an elegant and wonderful speech, Colin Firth said that it seemed like his career had reached the peak (with this award) and that he experienced 'stirrings that are threatening to form into dance moves'. Among the people he thanks include his friend and director of A Single ManTom Ford and his wife Livia Giuggioli who put up 'with my fleeting delusions of royalty'.
09:53   Colin Firth wins Best Actor!
GO COLIN GO!!!!!!Colin Firth wins Best Actor for his stunning performance in The King's Speech!
09:52   Who will win the Best Actor
These are the nominations for the Best Actor in a Leading Role

Javier Bardem inBiutiful

Jeff Bridges inTrue Grit

Jesse Eisenberg inThe Social Network

Colin Firth inThe King's Speech

James Franco in127 Hours

All i have to say is: Go COLIN GO
09:49   Sandra Bullock stunning in red
Few ladies can carry off red and look as devastatingly stunning as Sandra Bullock. The actress is announcing the list of nominations for the Best Actor right now.
09:47   Natalie Portman wins Best actress
The very pregnant Portmanwholooks glowing also won the Globe for Best Actress a few weeks ago.
09:45   Natalie Portman wins Best actress
Natalie Portman wins the Best Actress for Black Swan. With this Portman bags her first Oscar and becomes the first actress born in the 1980s -- she is born on June 9, 1981 -- to win an Oscar!
09:42   Natalie Portman for Best actress?
Up next is the big award for Best actress.

CNN-IBN criticRajeevMasand says she is his '2nd fav choice for Best Actress after Michelle Williams. But that'll go to Natalie Portman!'

09:39   Special award for Coppola and co
Francis Ford Coppola, Jean-Luc Godard, Eli Wallach and Kevin Brownlow are recipients of the 2010 Governors Awards by the Board of Governors of the Academy. Watching Eli Wallach walking up on stage reminds one of the scene from The Holiday
09:34   Annette Bening walks on stage
Annette Bening who made many of us weak in our knees back in the day in The American President walks up on stage... looking stunning as always. Sigh
09:33   Tom Hooper thanks Firth and Rush
Tom Hooper winner of the Academy Awards for Best Director for The Kings Speech thanks Colin Firth andGeoffreyRush in his acceptance speech. He adds. "I hope that doesn't make you feel jealous, Helena."
Hooper dedicates the award to his mother.
09:31   Tom Hooper wins Best Director for The Kings Speech
Hillary Swank and Kathryn Bigelow announce the Oscar for the Best Director -- Tom Hooper for The Kings Speech! Another air punch from me! :-P

09:28   Halle Berry best looking presenter?
Cameron Bailey, Co-Director of the Toronto International Film Festival tweets: "My wife pronounces: Halle Berry is the only person who should be seen in HD."

We'd like to add Anne Hathaway to the list, Cameron. No?

09:27   The Big Four are up next
The final moments are here. Up next are awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film and Best Director.

MeanwhileRajeev Masand tweets: #oscars Halle Berry talks about persons of color. Ironic, this year not one African-Amercian or Asian actor nominated.

09:15   Rahman loses for Best Song
Rahman loses for Best Song. (I'd have been surprised if he did win after that awful performance!) Randy Newman's 'We Belong Together' from Toy Story 3 wins the Academy Award for the Best Song.

09:07   The Social Network bags third Oscar
The film that had won four Golden Globes is on the roll right now at the 83rd Academy Awards. It has already won THREE so far. But the big categories are yet to be announced. I am hoping and praying and keeping my fingers crossed for Colin Firth and company. It'd be a pity if Firth doesn't win. A bigger pity of The King's Speech is ignored.
09:05   Rahman up next for Best Original Song
AR Rahman will be competing once again this evening... this time for Best Original Song.
09:04   Social Network wins for The Social Network
The Academy Award for Achievement in Film Editing goes to Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter for The Social Network.

09:02   Inception wins for Best Visual Effects
Robert Downey and Jude Law present the Oscar for the Best Visual Effects to Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb for Inception.

08:59   When Bob Hope snubbed Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal remembers the legendary actor and Academy Awards host Bob Hope who was once sitting in the audience as Crystal was hosting the show. On camera, he smiled and waved to Crystal. But the moment the cameras turned away, he just flicked his hand. Billy Crystal says he it is true.
08:56   Billy Crystal announces Best Picture nominations
Billy Crystal who has hosted the Academy Awards eight times will soon announce nominations for Best Picture.
08:55   Billy Crystal is in the house
Billy Crystal walks on the stage to thundering applause!
08:54   Banksy loses Outstanding Documentary
I would've been surprised if the award DID go to Banksy.

The Academy said it wouldn't permit Banksy if he would show up to accept the award in a mask if he won it for his documentaryExit Through The Gift Shop.

In fact the Academy's executive director, Bruce Davis was quoted as saying, "The fun but disquieting scenario is that if the film wins and five guys in monkey masks come to the stage all saying, 'I'm Banksy,' who the hell do we give it to?"

Well, you could've given it to Justin Timberlake you know!
08:53   Banksy loses Outstanding Documentary
Somewhat predictably, if I may add. The Oscar for the outstanding documentary goes to Inside Job (Charles Ferguson, Audrey Marrs)
08:47   God of Love gets Best Short Film
Tom Bidwell's Wish 143 loses out to God of Love in the Best Short Film category. Bidwell was15 when he had 'cancer in his shoulder the size of an orange'. You can read more about Bidwellhere
08:41   Strangers no More gets Best short documentary
Strangers no More bagged the award for the Best Documentary (Short Subject)
08:40   Boring Oscar ceremony?
AniruddhaGuha tweets:Its been - if i can borrow the word from Melissa Leo - a f***in boring ceremony so far. Hathaway is doin wat she can, but not enough I say.
I must agree somewhat. No one to beat Gervais!

08:36   What happens during the breaks at Oscars?
I've always wondered this. If any of you happen to have attended the Awards, please tell me! You can post a message on
08:28   Alice in Wonderland wins Costume Design
Colleen Atwood wins the Oscar for Best Costume DesignBest Alice in Wonderland

08:26   Alice in Wonderland wins Costume Design
Alice in Wonderland wins Costume Design
08:25   The Wolfman wins Best Makeup
The stunning Cate Blanchett is on the stage making me weak in my knees! She just announced the Award for the Best Makeup -- The Wolfman-- Rick Baker and Dave Elsey
08:21   Oscar snubs Roger Deakins, yet again
Rajeev Masand tweets: "Can't believe they didn't give Best Cinematography to Roger Deakins for True Grit. 9-time nominee remains a nominee for another yr!"
08:19   Inception leads with three Oscars
The mind-boggling Inception wins for Sound Mixing. This is the third Oscar for Inception this evening. Inception has so far won the maximum number of awards. This is followed by Social Network (2) and The Fighter (2).
08:17   Inception wins for Sound Mixing
The mind-boggling Inception wins for Sound Mixing. This is the third Oscar for Inception this evening. So far
08:17   Will Rahman win for Best Song?
Rahman lost out for the Best Original Score but he is still in the race for Best Original Song - 'If I Raise' from 127 Hours. Will he make it? One wonders.
08:15   Inception for Best Sound Mixing
Inception bags award for Best Sound Mixing
08:14   Rahman loses for Best Music Score
Rahman was snubbed at practically all award functions this year. Maybe he will now writemoreand hopefully bettermusic for Bollywood?
08:13   Rahman loses for Best Music Score
Rahman's score for 127 Hours does not make the cut for the Best Music Score, which goes to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross forThe Social Network
08:11   Rahman up next for Best Music Score
Will he make it. Will he not. Meanwhile The Fighter has won two awards -- best supporting actress and best supporting actor
08:09   Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman take centre stage
Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman step up to announce wards for the Best Original Music score.
08:03   Christian Bale wins the Best Supporting Actor
A delectable Christian Bale thanks his wife and daughter among many others. This is Bale's first Academy Award.
08:02   Christian Bale wins the Best Supporting Actor
Reese Witherspoon presents award for the Best Supporting Acto to Christian Bale for The Fighter! A fully deserving award. Though I was rooting for Rush. Perhaps a little biased towards The King's Speech :-(
Wholly deserving award though.
Amazing movie, The Fighter.Watch the trailer RIGHT HERE
07:58   In a Better World: Best Foreign Language film
We couldn't help remembering Emma Watson's pixie cut when we saw Helen Mirren's stunning new hairdo. I'd personally go for the much older and sexier Mirren :-)
07:56   In a Better World: Best Foreign Language film
Russel Brand and Helen Mirren present Best Foreign Language Film - In a Better World from Denmark.
07:55   James Franco in a drag!
James Franco in a drag is most certainly not the best way to begin your morning. But hey... it's Oscars so WTH!
07:54   The King's Speech gets Best Original Screenplay
Seidler in his early days has writtenTV scripts and (hold your breath) did propaganda writing for the Prime Minister of Fiji

07:52   The King's Speech gets Best Original Screenplay
The 74-year-old David Seidler is the oldest Oscar winner in this category. He joked that there someone older than himwould soon to win the award...
07:48   The King's Speech gets Best Original Screenplay
A punch in the air as David Seidlerbags the award for Best Original ScreenplayThe King's Speech. I am seriously hoping this is the first in the line of long awards for this spectacularly brilliant film!
07:45   The Social Network gets Best Adapted Screenplay
Sorkin who has adapted the screenplay of the film from Ben Mezrich's 2009 nonfiction book The Accidental Billionaires is also the man behindThe West Wing ironically, one ofMark Zuckerberg's favourite shows!

07:42   The Social Network gets Best Adapted Screenplay
Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem announce the award for the Best Adapted Screenplay. The two actors look likeTweedledee andTweedledum, dressed in all-white suits. The Oscar goes to Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network
07:38   Toy Story 3 wins Best Animated feature
Watchthe trailer of Toy Story 3that won the Oscar for the Best Animated feature on Rediff iShare
07:37   Who will win the big prizes at the Oscars?
Rediff movie critics predict their favourites!Click here!
07:35   Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3wins the Oscar for theBest Animated Feature,somewhat predictably. The movie had also bagged the Golden Globe a few weeks ago...
07:34   Best Animated Short: The Lost Thing
Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake just presented the Oscar for Best Animated Short - The Lost Thing

07:32   Justin Timberlake is Banksy
Justin Timberlake declares that he is Banksy!

Banksy is an unknown British street artist who has been nominated for his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. He isknown to appear before the cameras with his face covered.

The Academy has disallowed him to accept the award -- if he does -- incognito, something that has caused much furore amongst his supporters on the Internet.
07:29   Melissa Leo uses the F word!
Melissa Leo is shaking with excitement as she walks away... using Kirk Douglas' walking stick!!!!!!
07:28   Melissa Leo uses the F word!
First-time winner Melissa Leo has an oops moment as she says 'F**king'!
07:26   Melissa Leo wins Best Supporting Actress
Kirk Douglas is at his wittiest best. takes digs at Hugh Jackman and Colin Firth.. And after what seems like hours of anticipation finally announces the award: Best Melissa Leo for The Fighter
07:22   Kirk Douglas hits on Anne Hathaway
This is where you will getall the lowdownon this year's Oscars
07:21   Kirk Douglas hits on Anne Hathaway
Kirk Douglas walks on the stage and promptly starts hitting on Anne Hathaway... asks where she was when he was making movies. He is here to announce the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress.
07:18   Inception wins for Cinematography
Tom Hanks announces the Oscar for bestCinematography. Goes to Wally Pfister for Inception.
07:15   Alice in Wonderland wins for Art direction
Alice in Wonderland wins for Art Direction
07:12   Tom Hanks at 83rd Academy Awards
Tom Hanks takes centre-stage the 83rd Academy Awards to announce awards for art direction. The montage of Titanic that is running in the backdrop takes me back in time. #notetoself must watch it
07:08   Anne-Franco at 83rd Academy Awards
Hathaway's mother and James Franco's grandmother's here. And both the ladies are exceptionally funny! And cute!
07:07   Anne-Franco at 83rd Academy Awards
Anne Hathaway doing a Ricky Gervais? 'It used to be, you get naked you get nominated. But not any more!'

07:05   Anne-Franco at 83rd Academy Awards
Seems like the Academy Awards have got it right with the hosts this year Anne Hathaway is spectacularly funny as is James Franco. AND a very intelligent opening montage! The awards have officially begun!
07:03   83rd Academy Awards
The 83rd Academy Awards are now live! An amazingly funny opening montage featuring hostsAnne Hathaway and James Franco walking coolly intoscenes offilms nominated this year!
06:57   83rd Academy Awards
Came acrossthis extremely funny piecein The Guardian last week about The King's Speech set now being rented for a gay porn flick. *snigger snigger*
06:52   Red carpet: 83rd Academy Awards
The action now moves inside the stunning Kodak Theatre. A little while ago, Russel Brand announced his support for 'Cccccolin Firth'.
06:44   Red carpet: 83rd Academy Awards
BTW here's a picture ofMallika Sherawat looking stunningand making heads turn for all the right reasons
06:41   83rd Academy Awards
Geoffrey Rush looks drastically different with his shaved head, talking to Indian journalist Rajeev Masand who is hosting it for Star Movies.
06:29   83rd Academy Awards
Geoffrey Rush looks drastically different with his shaved head, talking to Indian journalist Rajeev Masand who is hosting it for Star Movies.
06:26   LIVE: 83rd Academy Awards
My heart personally goes out to 'Bertie' andLionel in The King's Speech.
For those who came in late, the movie is aboutKing George VI who struggledwith his stutterfor most of his life and his rather unconventional therapistLionel Logue.

06:21   LIVE: 83rd Academy Awards
There is a lot of excitement in the air as some of the best movies of the year will compete with each other for the most coveted prize. Social Network and The King's Speech are the front runners in the race and pretty much represent the two ends of the spectrum -- one a young film about today's world and the other, complete with old world charm, a stellar cast and belting out perhaps their career-best performances.
06:15   LIVE: 83rd Academy Awards
Much action unfolding on the red carpet with Mallika Sherawat, actually wearing something red-carpet worthy, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her husband Abhishek walking in hand-in-hand and Ashutosh Gowariker ditching his wife for his son.
06:09   83rd Academy Awards
Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the83rd Academy Awards that are being held at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. This is Abhishek Mande and I will be taking you through the awards ceremony for the few hours.