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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » First look: Leonardo DiCaprio's Inception

First look: Leonardo DiCaprio's Inception

December 16, 2009 17:51 IST

Fans of Leonardo DiCaprio will be pleased to know that the actor is all set for a action thriller titled Inception.

The plot of the sci-fi movie directed by Christopher Nolan (of The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Memento, The Prestige fame) is about entering peoples' minds/dreams through an injection. DiCaprio plays a CEO-type whose team work to enter the minds of other characters in order to retrieve/plant information.

Inception also stars Marion Cotillard as DiCaprio's wife, Juno's Ellen Page as a young college grad student named Ariadne, who is also DiCaprio's sidekick, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Arthur, an associate working for DiCaprio.

Ken Watanabe will play the film's villain, a man named Saito, who is blackmailing Leonardo DiCaprio's character while Tom Hardy plays Eames, a member of DiCaprio's team. Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine complete the cast.

The film will release on July 16, 2010.