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Big B suffers stomach pain, cancels travel

July 08, 2009 16:22 IST

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has developed a pain in the stomach much like the one he got on his last birthday.

The Big B, who was in London, arrived home a day ago, said the pain happened when he was getting set to leave from there.

"I drove straight to my doctor on arrival late last night, and after some external physical examinations, I was subjected to CT scans this morning. The results do not show anything, but the trouble exists, albeit in a much smaller scale than the last time," Bachchan wrote on his latest blogpost.

He said he was scheduled to travel out of the city today but has postponed his travel until there is a fix on the problem and a possible line of treatment. Bachchan has been advised some more tests today.

"I would not want to get moving again and land up in unknown territory and end up in hospital. Its disturbing to be
in such state. Frustrating that despite extreme care, a repetition of this problem keeps occurring. So medications and
rest have been the order of the day with a prayer that there be no further complications," he wrote.

Bachchan said he does not thinkĀ  that there is a need for alarm, but he did not want to take chances and want to give
the doctors sufficient time for their opinion and diagnosis and future treatment.

He said he has been confined to bed and watched the memorial service for Michael Jackson on television last night.