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Kavya's Diary is engrossing

Last updated on: June 08, 2009 13:21 IST

Watching Kavya's Diary gives a feeling that one is watching an English film and more so since it's hugely inspired by The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

The revenge story about a woman who loses her husband and child and enters the house of the person responsible to wreak vengeance, is made suitable for the Telugu audience.

Kavya's Diary has in fact the same commercial template as far as Telugu movies go yet it stands out for its entertainment quotient, its perfect blend of various elements like songs, some action, a somewhat 'whodunit' aspect and a build-up of suspense which kind of grips the audience. It does provide some family entertainment without being the too chilling. Malayalam director V Karuna Prakash makes a good debut in Telugu.

Raj (Indrajith) and Pooja (Manjula) move into a new house with their daughter Amulya and infant son. Pooja is fond of gardening and has a green house too here. She has a helper in the form of Athidhi (Satyam Rajesh). In this happy family enters Kavya (Charmee) who is appointed as a nanny. She has a past which is unfolded as the film progresses. Her husband, a gynaecologist misbehaved with Pooja when she was pregnant. Pooja and a few women complain against him which is flashed on TV. Unable to think of life ahead of him on account of the ignominy, he gets hit by a car as he carelessly strays off the road. His wife Kavya, who is pregnant, sees him being killed, falls down and undergoes an emergency operation whereby she loses her child. So she hatches a plan of revenge against Pooja.

She does this by pretending to save Amulya's life. Pooja employs her to look after her infant son. But slowly Kavya develops psychopathic tendencies which Pooja does not notice. Kavya kills Raj's brother (Shashank) who falls in love with her. She aims to finish off Pooja and realises she is asthmatic. She lays a trap in the green house for her but unfortunately Raj's friend Nikhita (who knows Kavya's truth and actually comes to the house to tell Pooja that) falls prey and dies. Will Kavya accomplish her mission or will Pooja be able to save her family?

Although the film is largely a remake of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, it's still gripping due to the story (albeit stereotypical) and good cinematography.

The director Karuna Prakash has done a good job of ensuring that the pace of the film is maintained. Technically the film is good. Karuna Prakash is able to induce some fear without really frightening the audience. He makes the movie looks mostly believable and rather real. Good performances from the cast too helps.

Manjula does a competent job as the wife who is caught unawares trying to keep the family intact. Charmee suits the role to a t. She has done a good job as the vengeful woman. Indrajith is fairly okay. Shashank has a rather small role.

Manu Rameshan's music certainly has a new sound.

Kavya's Diary is a movie mostly for the multiplex audience and it is worth a watch as it certainly offers the viewer something different in the mainstream genre.

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Radhika Rajamani