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Avatar: Wait for the DVD

By Nithya Ramani
Last updated on: August 27, 2010 19:14 IST
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A scene from Avatar

Nithya Ramani reviews Avatar 3D, special edition

As if the $ 2 billion profit and its three out of nine Oscars weren't enough, James Cameron re-released his 2009 blockbuster Avatar this Friday to rake in some more millions.

The film has added on 10 minutes, and this special edition will run in theatres for two weeks only.

In addition to that, the DVD and blu-ray versions will have about 45 minutes of deleted material, and will release in November.

Except for the technical brilliance, Cameron's imagination of the Pandora and the world of Na'Vi, and the cinematography, I wasn't too impressed with the original or the re-release. And even though the new version was out only in 3D, there weren't any new scenes with great effects.

We've all seen the original, and read the review. Now, let's take a look at some of the add-ons:

* Jake Sully's (Sam Worthington) team leaves him behind in Na'Vi after he jumps off a cliff into the falls because he was chased by a creature. Jake encounters other creatures that night and tries to save himself. This scene was extended by a few minutes before Neytiri saves him.

* The much-talked about lovemaking scene between Jake and Neytiri wasn't extended much after all. They go to Eywa to mate and their intimacy lasts a few extra seconds before they are awoken by the bulldozers the next morning.

* The climax forms the major chunk of the added eight minutes. Right from when the Sky People realise that Jake has gotten too close to the Omaticaya clan and wants to help them protect the Hometree, till when Jake gives his last video log in his camp and goes back to the Tree of Souls where his soul is permanately transferred from his body to his Avatar.

On the whole, the few extra minutes don't make much difference to the film. But like I said earlier, this new version is released just to rake in a few extra millions.

For those who are wondering whether to make the trip to the theatres or just wait for the DVD or Blu-ray versions, the latter seems a better option.

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