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Want to watch Iron Man 2? See this first

By Arthur J Pais
Last updated on: May 07, 2010 14:42 IST
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The new fantasy adventure movie Iron Man 2 is having a great time worldwide.

Having grossed over $125 million in just 5 days in most of the world last week, the movie is now showing on more than 4000 screens in America and Canada. Come Sunday evening, the film would have grossed an awesome $130 million in the North American theatres, box office pundits say.

The new movie has been panned by major critics but the complete 1994 animated TV series Iron Man which has been released on DVD just the other day was a big hit with the audiences and critics.

Watching this TV series provide many insights that will enhance the pleasure of seeing Iron Man on the big screen. You will learn more about the characters in the film by watching the TV shows.

Now, for the first time a 3-Disc DVD offers in the comfort of one's home brilliantly shot episodes including the climactic battle. The market this week has an overflow of DVDs and Blu-ray discs including the Blu-ray version of the movie classic Dr Zhivago, a wonderful buy. But Iron Man DVD is also a pulse-raising and engaging show.

Starting with the first move by billionaire inventor Tony Stark wearing his invincible suit to the growing number of his foes and his final battle for good people. But the series were more than a celebration of heroism. They also showed the inner demons trying to destroy the Iron Man.

Buena Vista, which distributes the Iron Man TV series and X-Men: Volume 5 could have a very joyful week in home entertainment.

A scene from Iron Man 2Though not as exciting as Iron Man, X-Men: Volume 5 offer plenty of drama and tension. You will appreciate this two-disc DVD more if you watch it on a day you are not watching any other animated film.

The Volume 5 completes the home edition of the immensely popular TV series. Even if you haven't watched the previous titles, this volume with its 14 episodes can be a stand alone watch. But if you have watched the other volumes or read the comics, you will appreciate this volume has some of the most thrilling episodes in the series. You will also appreciate the complex stories and a thousand emotions that have preceded the final volume.

The main theme of the final volume: X-Men have to win over their foe Magneto so that the life of Professor Xavier is saved. One of the most intriguing and colourful of American comic book characters, Xavier is also very complex. To fully understand his relationship with Magneto, watching the previous four volumes is, then, a must.

Among the more thrilling episodes in the final volume is Old Soldiers where Wolverine and Cap fight off the Red Skull, offering many minutes of continuous thrills.

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