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Beware this South Indian gunslinger!

Last updated on: August 25, 2009 

Image: A scene from Quick Gun Murugun
Syed Firdaus Ashraf

After 200 plus films down South, this modern day gunslinger is finally making an entry into Hindi films, so mind it all you Bollywood heroes, here comes Quick Gun Murugun aka Rajendra Prasad.

Rajendra's movie also titled Quick Gun Murugun, which releases on August 28, is already creating a buzz through its hilarious promos.

A relative of legendary Telugu actor, N T Rama Rao, Rajendra looks very young and energetic though he is 50 plus.

Ask him how he maintains his fit and fine physique, Rajendra says, "I always tell everyone not to think badly of anybody and automatically, your face will be fresh. I always say good things and do good deeds."

'I speak broken Hindi which suits the film'

Image: A scene from Quick Gun Murugun

So what took the actor so long to enter Bollywood?

"Actually, I was not ready till this project happened. In 1986, when I gave a hit film called Ladies Tailor in Telugu, veteran producer S Ramanathan asked me whether I would do a Hindi film. But I said no," Rajendra said.

Asked if that is the same Ramanathan who gave a break to Amitabh Bachchan as a hero in Bombay To Goa and Rajendra replied, "Yes. I told him, 'with all due respect to you sir, I want to tell you that I am not comfortable in Hindi and my acts won't be natural. So it is better that I don't do a Hindi film for now."'

So has he learnt enough Hindi now? "I am not that good and speak broken Hindi. But that suits the film. Watch the film, you will like it," he added.

'Quick Gun wants to save cows and helpless ladies'

Image: Nasser as Rice Plate Reddy in a scene from Quick Gun Murugun

So what is Quick Gun Murugun all about?

"Quick Gun is ambitious. He wants to save cows and helpless ladies. He always travels with guns and therefore his name -- Quick Gun Murugan," the actor says.

So who is he pitted against in the movie? "One is 'Rice Plate Reddy', a man converting vegetarian hotels into non-vegetarian ones while another bad fellow is 'Gun Powder' who misbehaves with women," he said.

'Quick Gun likes Mango Dolly because she is the girlfriend of Rice Plate Reddy'

Image: Rambha as Mango Dolly in a scene from Quick Gun Murugun

And what about Quick Gun's love interests? "Two women cross Quick Gun's life. The first one is the locket girl who is no more. He wears her locket all the time," Rajendra said. "The second is Mango Dolly. He likes Mango Dolly because she is the girlfriend of Rice Plate Reddy."

Finally, does he feel that audiences will be able to bear his antics for two hours on the screen? "Once you take a bite out of a sweet, you want to finish the whole piece. It's the same thing with this movie. You would want to see the whole film after you have enjoyed the promos," was Quick Gun Murugun's reply.

Catch Quick Gun Murugun in theatres on August 28.