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Tanaaz Irani gets candid with her fans

Last updated on: December 3, 2009 19:29 IST

Image: Tanaaz Irani

Being on Bigg Boss house is not easy, a fact Tanaaz Irani knows very well. The actress along with her husband Bhakhtyar had entered the third season of the reality show.

While Tanaaz was eliminated recently, her husband is still trying his luck in the house.

In a candid chat with her fans on Friday, Tanaaz revealed just who her friends and enemies are from the show and why she can't wait to teach one of them a lesson.

Tanaaz Irani says, Hi everyone! It's Tanaaz. I'm really happy to be here chatting with you. It feels good that I'm out of the house now and that I really know what everybody was all about. Yes, if I do get a chance, I would love to. Because this time I would play it very differently! The smartest player right now, according to me, is Poonamji, because she never got nominated even once. But now her desperation to win is kind of showing.

sanju asked, hi tanaz how is ur small baby? how u feel being with him? i like ur acting skill since childhood. god bless , is it really something wrong between u & ur husband?
Tanaaz Irani answers, Everything is fine between Bakhatyar and me. Our son is doing very well and it's just a show, where we're put in very difficult situations. So, obviously different people react differently. So it's not something we're going to be carrying home.

Nawale.amit asked, Hows the life after Big Boss?? What other then ur hubby r u missing from Big Boss House..???
Tanaaz Irani answers, I'm not missing anyone at all, except for Bee. I have made two lovely friends -- Aditi [Govarikar] and Shamita [Shetty] -- who I am going to keep in touch with and be good friends with.

gcp asked, hi tanaaz, who u feel a good human being vindoo or pravesh
Tanaaz Irani answers, I think both Pravesh [Rana] and Vindoo [Singh] are okay human beings. They are just at different stages of life. Pravesh has just entered the industry, and this is his time in the sun. He has nothing to lose, and so being diplomatic for him was not a criterion. And he saved us all the torture of doing the dirty work of telling Vindoo exactly where he is coming from. Vindoo is a good guy at heart, but totally brainless, and therefore puts us all in a tizzy with his stupid way of thinking.

Tusgar asked, You did great at the big bosses house. Its time for Bakhtiyar to play his magic, this time he deserves to win. If you enter the big bosses house again, please do not disturb his game, as he is playing intelligently.
Tanaaz Irani answers, I think you're right, and I would love him to win this game. Just keep voting for him when he needs it. And thank you so much for liking us!

ankur asked, hi tanu...u were the only gal in this big boss whom i n my family realy liked...v realy miss u a lot.. plz cum back in any cost..
Tanaaz Irani answers, Thank you so much! And I hope you will support us when we need it.

helloworld asked, did you met/spoke to rohit after his exit from bigg boss ?
Tanaaz Irani answers, I have not spoken to Rohit at length. I have just exchanged cordial notes, because his mom and sister had called me to apologise on his behalf. And I found it my duty to forgive him, as they had requested me. But beyond that, I have not, repeat NOT, gone out for dinner with him, as he claims to tell everyone. As I definitely do not want to be associated with somebody who lies so much about his own family. He did not even bother to turn around and escort his mother off the stage. Mr Bachchan had to do the needful, and that was totally a put off for me and my fans. And I got a lot of feedback on that. I will never let my fans and the people who supported me down by going out socially with a person like this.

'I would love to also host a show like Oprah Winfrey'

Image: Bhakhtyar and Tanaaz
nitin17_may06 asked, In this week's task where everyone is playing Prime Minister in the home and everyone is trying to pull the other person down. When u see that happened between Baktiyar and Aditi also...seeing that how do u feel?
Tanaaz Irani answers, I am sure you wouldn't be asking this question if you understood the task in the first place. It was to keep somebody secure, right till the end. And I don't think that's fair, because they've all been working very hard and they all deserve a fair chance to be till the end.

drg asked, hey .. dont u think Vindu is genuine and misunderstood ? Talking about language, even Bakhtiyaar and Pravesh use foul words a lot.
Tanaaz Irani answers, They all use foul words in the house, which is totally not approved by me. But having said that, Vindoo uses it as an adjective to describe a person and Bee and Pee use it just as syntax. So there's a big difference. And they definitely don't use obscene gestures on women either.

vins asked, hi tanaz... do you feel that bakhtiyar is doing better in bigg boss after you are evicted?
Tanaaz Irani answers, I think Bee is doing very well after I've left. I guess he's got time alone now to think clearly and focus on the game instead of focusing all his anger and frustration on me. He's taken to reading the Bible, which according to me is a good thing. And I'm sure once he gets out of the BB house I will be getting a better and more patient husband. Yes I am missing him a lot. But I am using this time very fruitfully to shop and do all the things that he finds a big waste of time.

minkyg asked, Hi Tanaz DISAPPEAR DISAPPEAR DISAPPEAR is a famous punchline now. How does it feel to be its originator
Tanaaz Irani answers, It feels great. And I never thought I would say this, because this was said by my school teacher, every time we got our answers wrong. And it suddenly came to my mind after all these years.

amzy asked, Hi Tanaaz, The way Bakhtiar got a little carried away by Parvesh's tactics yesterday shows that he is a kid at heart and gets swayed by anybody.. and he naturally accepts people as they are.. I would like to compliment you that you are such a supportive partner to him. You are a far more mature and stable human. Your demenour in the show was appreciable.. for sure.. I hope both of you have a lovely life together. How is your daughter doing? and your little son?
Tanaaz Irani answers, Yes, you have totally understood him. And I wish more people were like you. Thanks, and do support him when the time comes. My daughter is 17 and she's in the eleventh, and my son is going to play school. And both are doing very well, thank you.

ghazzz asked, i have not married yet but after seeing biss boss and baktiyaar i wish to get marry soon and i hopefully get a wife like u who can help me and understand me bakiyaar is very lucky. may god bless u and ur family
Tanaaz Irani answers, I hope so too! And you also better be a damn good husband. All the best.

MD asked, Hi Tanaaz! whats next for you after Bigg Boss? How has the show changed you as a person?
Tanaaz Irani answers, More reality shows. And I would love to also host a show like Oprah Winfrey. The show has changed me as a person, in a way that I now do believe that really disgusting sick people do exist. I never thought this was possible. But now that I've seen this with my own eyes: money does change the intentions of even the good people.

'Aditi and I thoroughly enjoyed what we did to Raju'

Image: Bhakhtyar and Tanaaz
ab123 asked, How is the life inside big boss house.
Tanaaz Irani answers, It's much, much more than you get to see. There are lots of trials and tribulations and arguments and little things start really affecting you. There is also a lot more work than you get to see. For example, sweeping, swabbing, cleaning toilets, cutting a lot of vegetables, keeping dishes clean, washing the kitchen, and finding rats in a rat trap! It really tests your nerves. And that's why you don't have enough to deal with stupid human beings around you.

carakesh22 asked, Have you tried to pull anyone down in Big Boss
Tanaaz Irani answers, No.

Shivakant asked, Hi Tanaaz, Does Bakhtiyar realize that he is extremely abusive even when he is having a normal chat with people? Like in yesterday's episode he mentioned to Pravesh, which of course was beeped off?
Tanaaz Irani answers, All Parsis are like that. It can't be helped.

kaustubh asked, hi tanaz, i remeber u from V3 days of yours from EL TV.. u 3 guys really were very comic..can u share something regarding V3?
Tanaaz Irani answers, That is so funny that you should mention it. Because we three our still very good friends. And I loved all my days of shooting with them.

rocky asked, don't you feel bigboss decides the image of a person and show us only related parts ?
Tanaaz Irani answers, I guess in a way you're right. It's not that they decide your image, but they definitely do decide what you see. So maybe when you see us crying or getting overexcited about something which you feel is a very small situation, that's not true. Because you don't get to see the whole day.

lively asked, People still are hurt and will be wondering about how both parents left their small kid for a show. Any answer to that.
Tanaaz Irani answers, On the contrary, I think everyone was very supportive. Not that I really need to answer anybody. But, if you're really concerned, I have my in-laws, my parents and a completely efficient staff taking care of my child. If I was a doctor on call, I would be doing exactly the same thing, except you wouldn't be knowing it, because the media wouldn't be telling you.

sumi asked, Hi Tanaaz, i really liked your overall composure during the show & the way you handled Bakhtiyar...My question is what kept u going in the house??
Tanaaz Irani answers, The only thing that really kept me going in the house, without doubt, was that I had dedicated this entire serial to my seventeen-year-old daughter, Zianne. And did not give myself the luxury of making even one mistake, because I do believe that a parent always leads by example.

raahul asked, dont u think that pravesh has come with a very set game plan after observing from outside and executing the same inside the house? there was no need for him to get so dirty with rohit nor was there a need for him to get so personal with vindoo?
Tanaaz Irani answers, I think Pravesh is doing a very good job. In fact, I voted for him when he was nominated this week. I think anyone who has the gumption to stand up for what he feels irrespective of how it's going to look in the game, has got to have a lot of guts. And needs to be applauded.

manishaben asked, didn't u feel even a bit akward after u & aditi pulled down raju's swmming trunks, u gals were seen giggling shamelessly, r u a prankster like that in real life 2?
Tanaaz Irani answers, Yes, I am a prankster. And Aditi and I thoroughly enjoyed what we did. We did not expect his pajamas to be so loose. And we didn't think that he wouldn't be wearing anything inside! But he was a really good sport and didn't mention it at all and didn't even use it against us on a Sunday when he could have nominated us out.

'Rohit is a big fat liar'

Image: Tanaaz and Zianne
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar
jolly asked, Do you think that you dominate Bakhtiyar
Tanaaz Irani answers, I do not dominate Bee. If you're really interested, you can ask Bee when he gets out.

Tanaaz Irani answers, I am very much in touch with her. We speak almost every day.

raman asked, Another thing i want to mention tanaz that dont u think vindoo is the best person in the house. he may be rude at times but he is the only macho in the house who speaks what he feels. also, have u forgiven rohit verma after his apology.
Tanaaz Irani answers, Since when has calling people 'kutee' and 'kaminee' become macho, I wonder. I have not forgiven nor forgotten what Rohit has done, because he did that with full knowledge and with his best intentions of ruining it for someone. There is no truth in when he says that even we used to backbite, because there is no proof of that.

PesiShroff asked, Hi Tanaaz Dikri, Why did you not teach vindoo a lesson for speaking so much rubbish?
Tanaaz Irani answers, I will definitely teach him a lesson when he comes out. asked, Are you in touch with Rhit for whim you got out of the house?
Tanaaz Irani answers, No I am absolutely not in touch with Rohit. I have nothing in common with him. And he's a big fat liar, so there's really nothing that we could talk about. And there's really nothing I would trust him with.

anushree asked, how was ur interaction with the biggest name in the industry , the bigg b , the real bigg boss
Tanaaz Irani answers, In totality, that was the best experience of Bigg Boss, for me. it was a dream come true because I had made up my mind that the day I meet Mr B he would know who I was and would know my name, and that I would not just be a normal fan.

Asif asked, Hi Tanaaz, Do you see Aditi to be Potential threat as a SAUTAN, considering the fact she is so close to Bakhtiyar? If yes whom do you blame? was it not you who brought them close while you were in the house?? Comment please!!
Tanaaz Irani answers, No, definitely not, as she's a wonderful human being, and I would love such nice people to be close to Bakhtiyar, instead of stupid people.

SomaPradhan asked, Hi Tanaz...Your Son is very sweet. What is the meaning of Zeus.. You played with grace and dignity in BIGG BOSS 3. And Bakhiyaar is playing great too. Hope he wins BIGG BOSS Season 3.
Tanaaz Irani answers, Zeus is the name of a Greek god. Thank you so much for your love and support.

riaz asked, hey Tanaaz whatr are chances of going back into the house as a wild card entry .. pls dont evade this question and i am a really a big fan of urs and bee .....
Tanaaz Irani answers, I really don't know if I will be going back or not. I know there's a lot of speculation about that, but as soon as I get to know, I will announce it, and this time my strategy will be completely different. I have seen everything, am completely refreshed also, and now I will attack them like KALI MAA.

Tanaaz Irani says, Thank you for the lovely chat. Rediff Rocks! I really had a good time. To all my fans, I got a lot of insight into your thoughts and ideas! Bye!