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Himesh Reshammiya gets candid with fans

Last updated on: December 16, 2009 13:15 IST

'The cost of Radio has been recovered by music only'


Himesh Reshammiya caused quite a stir when he came to the office on Tuesday for a chat with his fans.

And he seemed to have a nice time, as he answered all kinds of questions and even performed live! He also met Rediff contest winner Hitesh (in the picture), and shared a few words with him.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

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Himesh Reshammiya says, Hi, everybody this is Himesh here. Looking forward to chat with you.

tanish asked, i really like ur music can u release some provate albums we really miss ur songs
Himesh Reshammiya answers, Since five of my films are releasing this year, about 40 songs of mine will be coming in the market. So an album will be possible only next year.

Himesh Reshammiya answers, Kajra Re is magnum opus love story set in Jordan, Dubai and eighth wonder of the world, Petra. Pooja Bhatt has shot the film passionately and Mahesh Bhatt has written a fantastic script.

baba asked, I wanted to speak with you
Himesh Reshammiya answers, You can connect with me through
My Fan Page on

harishgubbi asked, Himesh, I was in your bangalore concert few years ago and i had instantly become your fan. do you have plans to sing in south indian movies?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, I did sing for Dasavatharam [a Tamil film] and I enjoyed the experience of working with Kamal Haasan. And you will be happy to know that it has been applied for nomination for the National Awards also. As far as South Indian movies are concerned, I will do them only of something interesting comes up.

moly asked, what are you future projects ?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, Pooja Bhatt's Kajra Re, John Mathew Mathan's A New Love Isshtory. And Studio 18's Ishq Unplugged. Three more films which have been announced are ready to start.

Image: Himesh Reshammiya poses with Rediff contest winner Hitesh
Photographs: Rajesh Karkera

'Radio has been appreciated by the top reviewers of the country'

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shanx asked, Himesh bhai.... congratulations for refreshingly different music of RADIO.... you should keep on trying new generes...
Himesh Reshammiya answers, Thank you very much. I do also believe that reinventing is very important. And I will keep doing again and again. Initially the cost of Radio was to be recovered by satellite, video and music rights. But thanks to fans like you, the cost of Radio has been recovered by music only.

hima asked, did you have any burning desire to be an actor or did you feel like acting now ?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, It has been a learning experience after getting success in my videos. I felt that I could do roles that suit me. And try different characters. I am happy my performance in Radio has been appreciated by the top reviewers of the country.

VANIT asked, Hi Himesh Bhaiya, I am huge , not huge , I am biggest fan of yours. I do not have much time to express my respect towards you but i respect you a lot and i am also a great fond of singing but due to professional carrier i could not ful fill my dream but i love your singing. i like to sing like you. i wish you a very good luck for your carrier for your all films in which you are going to do act or giving music or your voice...
Himesh Reshammiya answers, Thank you brother and God bless you.

kunal asked, your song janeman from radio movie is a full on copy of Ronan Keating song. what u think indian people dont hear hollywood songs
Himesh Reshammiya answers, Jaaneman song is an absolutely original composition. Only the picturisation might be similar for which you will have to ask the choreographer. As far as I am concerned, the song and the music are absolutely original.

Image: A scene from Radio

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'I have two distinct voices'

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Vineet asked, HI Himesh.. why did u operated ur nasal surgery?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, For my nasal surgery, I can only tell you, 'NO COMMENTS'. It is absolutely true that I have two distinct voices which sound different from each other. That you have heard in Radio.

Maumita asked, Hi Himesh, i really appreciate the way you take your stand in saregamapa. There are only a few who can crate a view point, you have given people the formula of winning saregamapa, u have given people a identity of their own voice.
Himesh Reshammiya answers, I always like to believe that new talent should be given encouragement. I too was a newcomer once upon a time.

manoj asked, You look good as an actor. But why you have taken a decision that you will sing only on your movies. I miss ur singing
Himesh Reshammiya answers, For any actor or music director it is important that he is not over exposed. And I am doing four to five films a year which is enough for me. So working outside does not make sense.

Alikhan asked, Hi Himesh, greetings from Toronto, Canada! I would like to ask - what has been your most rewarding role and film to date? Keep rocking!
Himesh Reshammiya answers, My character in John Mathew Mathan's film, A New Love Isshtory is completely pathbreaking for me. And from the films I have watched, I loved Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Image: Himesh Reshammiya
Photographs: Rajesh Karkera
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'I only sing, act and do music for myself'

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Renjith asked, Hi Himesh , why have u denied the offer of singing for A.R.Rahman?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, As a policy decision, I only sing, act and do music for myself. I would have loved if Rahmansahib would have composed in a film where I was a singer and an actor. So I could not do that film.

sharath asked, Hi himesh !!! am a big fan of yours ! i wish you all the very best, god bless !!
Himesh Reshammiya answers, Thank you very much and God bless you.

Suman Dutta asked, Hey Himesh we cant hear the magic of Ashique banaya aapne type music again...bring some that kind of stuff
Himesh Reshammiya answers, You will surely hear better than that in Kajra Re. Watch out for Rabba Luck Barsa song in the film.

sunny asked, hi hamesh sir meri koi girlfriend nahi kya karu sir pls help me
Himesh Reshammiya answers, So please go and find that girl who is waiting for you and has been made for you by God. Because the eternal rule is: For every man there is a woman.

ssooraj asked, how was working with Mr. John Mathan
Himesh Reshammiya answers, John Matthew Mathan is a legend. I have learnt a lot from him as an actor. And I think A New Love Isshtory will take me 10 steps ahead as an actor.

Image: Himesh Reshammiya

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'I will be using my caps in Kajra Re for one scene'

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sahil asked, plz come back to cap style
Himesh Reshammiya answers, I will be using my caps in Kajra Re for one scene.

Himesh Reshammiya answers, Wait for Kajra Re promotions. The music will be out soon. Please wait.

Dan asked, You are a better composer and singer than actor. In future what are you going to focus on?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, I am only three-films-old as an actor and 100-films-old as a music director. By the time I reach my 10th film you will change your verdict and say I am a better actor.

rahuljaiswal asked, plz come once to chandigarh
Himesh Reshammiya answers, I will be performing soon in Chandigarh.

nattu asked, which is the best moledy of yours
Himesh Reshammiya answers, According to me my best is Tere Naam. And now I am looking forward to Kajra Re.

ravivaishnav asked, Hi Himesh ! Who gave u first chance as a singer or a music Director.& how did u do this ?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, As a music director, Salman Khan for Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya and as a singer, Aditya Dutt for Aashiq Banaya Aapne.

bhai asked, whats the scope for singer/actor in the industry?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, I think if the voice is unconventional and he gets lucky with a good composition only then the chances are bright for a singer to arrive. Same is the case with acting.

Akash asked, when will the first promo of kajrare release...?
Himesh Reshammiya answers, I think in a month's time

Himesh Reshammiya says, Goodbye everyone. Thanks for chatting with me and if you want more details about me, stay tuned to My Page on

Image: A scene from Kajra Re

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