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Best of Bollwood boogie-woogie 2009

Last updated on: December 22, 2009 11:02 IST
Image: Baawre, Luck By Chance
Sukanya Verma in Mumbai

Bollywood choreography is not what it used to be. With style taking precedence over substance and a fixed idea of 'cool' failing to expire, almost every second song looks like another's clone. The year 2009 didn't see too many magnificent moves either.

Even then, some of our best movers and shakers ensured there'd be something to rave about.

So here goes, Top Bollywood Dances of 2009

Agree to disagree? Send in your picks.

Baawre, Luck By Chance

He's easily the best thing to have happened to a dance floor in a long, long time. In Zoya Akhtar's Luck By Chance, Hrithik Roshan lives up to his reputation delivering a sensational performance in Baawre, along with the lithe danseuse Isha Sharvani in tow.

Considering the film revolves around the grandeur, glamour and grind of show-business, it's only natural to highlight this larger-than-life quality through its eternal language of song and dance. It's an applause-worthy sight as Hrithik swirls energetically in the company of a psychedelic circus troupe whilst Isha does her bit on the trapeze.

Dhan Ta Nan from Kaminey

Image: Dhan Ta Nan,Kaminey

Shahid Kapoor breaks a leg. And how! The Kaminey star and his stoned pal, Chandan Roy Sanyal indulge in some high jinks camaraderie and dirty dancing in the wickedly wolfish club anthem, Dhan te nan.

The mad duo bang their heads, jive feverishly and swivel their body and spirit as Vishal Bhardwaj sets the stage for unabashed movement and self-style legwork in his snazzy underworld caper.

Technically, this isn't a step-friendly ditty but the sheer spontaneity with which Kapuoor goes about, you can't help but join the party.

Bhangra Bistar from Dil bole hadippa

Image: Bhangra Bistar, Dil bole hadippa

As per the movie's bouncy title, Rani Mukerji and Rakhi Sawant bring the house down as they indulge in some old-style nautanki. And so you have Rakhi doing her best set of jhatkas while Rani slips into the skin of a swaggering Punjab da sher in the mood for some bhangra and beer.

Mind you, it's not just her get-up, replete with a cute moustache that we appreciate. Ms Mukerji works doubly hard on a boy's body language reminding us why she's an actress of muscle.

Touted as the film that will turn the tide for the actress, Dil Bole Hadippa misses the bus but its dazzling choreography and the unlikely chemistry between these two ladies ensures Bhangra lights up the proceedings in an otherwise humdrum movie.

Thoda thoda pyaar from Love Aaj Kal

Image: Thoda thoda pyaar, Love Aaj Kal

The set 'n' scene template might be straight out of the peppy Nagada from Imtiaz Ali's hit romance, Jab We Met. Thoda thoda pyaar from his latest Love Aaj Kal, however, scores purely on the account of Brazilian new-find Giselle Monteiro.

The pristine beauty radiates the demure aura and enigmatic reserve associated with the time period she belongs to in the film. With pleasant colours doing their play and old world traditionalism in its choreography, this vibrant sangeet number is at once foot-tapping.

Main tera dhadkhan teri from Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Image: Main tera dhadkhan teri, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Okay, so it's a typical video song. Then again the freshest pair of 2009 -- Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif render it an air of novelty with some genuine Gen Z attitude and chutzpah.

The fast-paced, catchy track by Pritam for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani starts out with Ranbir doing a Jim Carreysque brand of jumping Jack, only to follow it up with a cool version of the same in its second coming. He's nimble. She has an effective sway.

Together they are a super synced, hot-stepping combo. What makes boogie woogie a real treat is just how much Ranbir and Katrina appear to have had a real ball shooting it, no?