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Vindu Dara Singh: I never cry in real life

Last updated on: December 31, 2009 15:00 IST

Image: Vindu Dara Singh
Photographs: Matthew Schneeberger

Ever since Vindu Dara Singh won the third season of Bigg Boss, he cannot stop smiling. When he chatted with Rediff readers yesterday, he continued to be in a really good mood, and gave some really interesting insights into his life and Bigg Boss.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

Vindu Dara Singh says, Hi everyone. Thanks for logging on. Would love to chat with you guys!

raj asked, Hi Vindu I am in Germany but I never really missed watching your performance. It was straight from the heart and original. nothing fake. You are a simple person but eventually you proved simply the best. How did you manage so much of patience and tolerance even even when all other people in the house were against you all the time?

Vindu Dara Singh answers,  I am happy that you understood the kind of person that I am. And it was Poonam, another housemate, who made me patient, when the whole house was against me. God and my family were always on my mind.

naveed asked, what was your strategy that worked for you? plotting or no plotting against your fellow housemates?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I never plotted, ever. And the video you guys saw was Raju asking me who I was irritated with. I never lie, so I would tell him that the dirty guys have to go. And that was a time when Bhaktiyar was the dirtiest.

gaurav asked, hello vindu...we simply love u becaus of your honesty.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, It's very easy to be honest, and very difficult to lie. Because a lie will make you lie a thousand times. But an honest answer, you'll never have to justify it. So please never lie.

Harsh Vadalia asked, who was ur best friend from the Bigg Boss house? Raju or Poonam?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Both, but I loved Ismail and Vinod.

Shruti asked, A big congrats to desh ka jaat :) - We all love u and Poonam - Wish u all the best in ur carrer further, wld like to see u more. My say to u is - "Dont share ur prize money with fake selfish people like Aditi, Tanaaz who dont know the respect being given to a such a senior lady age wise and potentially too - and then telling about what cultural values are - Be friends with Poonam

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I just spoke to Poonamji and have a party planned for tomorrow. I shall invite all the Bigg Boss contestants, and for the last time meet some of them. Because I promised them a party while I was in the house.

koushik asked, Do u cry that much in real life or it was on screen drama to gather more vote?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I never cry in real life. But that House made me cry like a baby. And the love that I'm getting from all of you is still not letting me stop. I thought that my last tear was shed when I left that house, but the country's love is making me cry out of happiness. When I'm angry, my fists work.

drockdrock asked, if u r asked to go to house again either with Pravesh or Verma, whom will you choose?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Verma.

pankaj asked, Hi Vindu, Congratulation to u , first time I voted in any of reality show is for u, don't you think one need not to tell that he/she is a good person (which definitely you are ) and should be left for others to make decision?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I would never boast, but in that house they made me feel I was the worst guy on Earth. And I don't believe that, so I had to let everyone know that I was better than all of them.

chats 54@rediffmail. com asked, Hello sir! i am sure ur father must b proud to see u winning the game n m glad to see ur emotional side as well! Sir now after wining this hude money what r ur plan to contribute to India

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I love my country and have already told many people that whenever they need me for any good cause, I shall be there for free.

pom asked, hi Vindu do you think if bakhtiyar had stayed in the house he could have defeated you because Amitji said that he got the maximum votes whenever he was nominated?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Not in this lifetime. Amitji kept his heart and didn't want to hurt him. That's all.

koushik asked, Did you (along with all other Bigg Boss participants) get daily allowance or some contract amount for staying in Bigg Boss house?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Yes. Weekly payments. So if you stayed for three weeks, you were paid accordingly. The prize money was only for the winner. And guess who that was!

vaibhav asked, vindhu ...1 question I always wanted to ask are much stronger than Parvesh ...then why didnt you bash him when he was doing all that rubush stuff ... he even humiliated the food didnt u tell him that he is an absolute idiot

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Amitabh Bachchan made me promise that I will not hit anybody in there. And I will die before I break a promise to the great man. And I did tell him that he was an idiot, when he spoke in front of the kids.

biggb asked, hi vindu... how does it feel to be back with the family after such a long time

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Feels great! I missed my family like crazy, and it's always good to be with people you can trust blindly.

'I had to speak with a psychologist for one hour'

Image: Vindu Dara Singh

Neha Pahuja asked, Dear Vindu...I liked you very much in the were the only person who showed your real self..... believe me, every girl must have voted for you just like me.....I voted for u some 20 times.....

Vindu Dara Singh answers, You are one of the good girls. Because I thought Pravesh was 'Mr India'. Love you. And thanks a lot!

mehul asked, hi vindoo, how was it staying in the Bigg Boss house with not so good people for 84 days?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, It was an experience of a lifetime, and there were good people too, like Ismail, Raju, Vinod and Poonamji. So it wasn't that bad. But I have earned your love. So I think it was great!

avadhesh asked, hii vindu..I personally feel you were quite a person true from heart but do you think you over explained things and what made you think you will win?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I never lie, and try to help everybody. That's what I did in the house, and that's what made me win.

agent4004 asked, How do you rate Parvesh as a human being? Did you meet him after the show.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, He was responsible for fifty people in some company. He thought he was still that employee and tried to manipulate us. But he made a mistake. And his brain went in the wrong direction. I hope he repents it all his life, but moves ahead and gets lots of work.

banjara asked, Vindu, prahwa kinda hai? aish kitti Bigg Boss vich. Whats new project you are coming with next. Please dont join any laughter shows like Rahul Mahajan. Apne Bollywood wale hai.

Vindu Dara Singh answersHouse Full with Akshay Kumar, the King of My Life. Singh is King!

daraS asked, is your name VINDU or BINDU? what made you stick to this name? sounds very funny....!!!

Vindu Dara Singh answers, My actual name is Virender, but everybody called me 'Vindu' as a pet name at home. And it just stuck. Have had many funny incidents with that because of 'Bindu'. She's still gets my fan mail, and I get hers.

tcsunjay asked, Why was Pravesh not thrown out of the house when he threw food in the swimming pool?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, The only way a contestant can be thrown out is if he raises his hand. And that food was worse than that, and made him hated. But he regrets it.

classic asked, Hi Vindu, I have a strong feeling this show was rigged.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Not one second of the show was rigged. It was the most dangerous show ever. I had to speak with a psychologist for one hour, or I would have gone mad in the first three weeks. So did Rohit and Raju.

rajasen asked, Can you give some money to charity?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Of course I'm going to give lots of money to charity. That first charity shall be the three kids' home who came into the Bigg Boss house.

BINU asked, HI Vindu, There was a change in the life of people who spent their time inside the Bigg Boss. Would you like to share any of the changes of your life, other than the money part?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, It's the love of the people that is the main reason I entered the house. And I got it. I have developed much better patience, and now I like to listen to people, and not speak all the time. Every housemate has benefitted from this experience, and become a better person.

naved asked, You probably may not be aware the kind of adulation that you got when your viewers watched you inside the house. how does it feel getting so much affection at this stage of life.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I thought I had shed my last tear when I left the house, but the adulation from the whole of India on television, in the news channels and on the street is just keeping the tap open.

gujjupunter asked, Who do you think played the dirtiest of all the housemates.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Bhaktiyar, Rohit, and Pravesh.

praveshkaana asked, Dont you think Aditi was very reserved personality?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, She is a good person, but not for the Bigg Boss House. Every question that I asked her, she wanted to reply outside the house.

rimmie asked, Hi Vindu, why are you against Tanaaz, Bakthytar and Aditi? They never did any wrong to you. And if you say bitching and plotting was wrong, you did the same thing!

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I am not against Aditi, and was shocked when every time she voted me she would come and cry on my shoulders, along with Shamita. They were my friends before I went into the house and I fail to understand why they couldn't understand me while I was in there. Tanaaz and Bhaktiyar knew that would never win if I was there, and kept troubling me all the time.

ajaybene asked, Bigg Boss hamey bhi reply karoon yaar?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Ajay, love you.

Santu asked, I think you manupulated a lot, it was clearly visible how you plotted as i am the person who watched each and every episode. I know you wont reply as you wont like if anybody criticises you.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I have never plotted or planned till Rohit showed up, and that's what he does for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I would love criticism if it was real, not the way Pravesh made it out to be. All lies!

'I am shooting a show with Pravesh and Abhishek Bachchan called Bingo'

Image: Vindu Dara Singh and Claudia Ciesla

JAKWA asked, Hi vindhu. One question? Are you still friends with KRK?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Yes. He is in hospital and unwell. I think I might just go and see him once. That's it though.

gudduu asked, Does this money metter to you? Secondly Pravesh came here with the support of one event company whom he promise to pay some part of his income. Whats your comment on Pravesh's entry and later on his reach to the finale.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I have never earned this much in one go. Money always matters. And Pravesh is very lucky to have reached the final, because the house people usually throw out anyone who comes in the middle of the game.

poonamji asked, Dont you think Poonam was also a deserving winner?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Absolutely.

vindooisgreat asked, Hi Vindoo, I liked you on the Bigg Boss show. Are you genuinely the person you depicted on the show. Would you care anytime to meet up your supporters in person, unlike other celebrities who just make tall claims and do nothing.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I have been speaking to people from all over the world on my Facebook fan page -- Vindu Dara Singh -- and have given a number on it where I am getting calls from all over India and all over the world.

mikej asked, Hi Vindu, I watched Bigg Boss only for you and I stay in China so every night use to watch your show and then sleep. But you really connected very well with us and I like your habit of communicating in front of the camera. You were the true winner since beginning we knew you were the best. I have a request, would like to see dangal real one between you and parvesh if you can, I really hated parvesh for being so irritating.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, The war is over. And I think I have buried everything in that house. Pravesh is just starting his career, and I would like all of you to forgive him. I am shooting with him and Abhishek Bachchan on the 3rd for a new show called Bingo. I hope he has actually changed into a better human being.

ricky_28123@rediffmail. com asked, Hi Vindhu, My wife is a big fan of yours. She liked your truthfulness & natural humane nature. How you do it?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, It is very easy. Try it! Just love her more.

rksingh0104 asked, Vindu, when Raju was out, what were your feelings?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Very sad, because I was sure that Pravesh would be the one leaving the house. Raju made my stay very easy, for seven weeks at least. We just laughed all day. He is a great human being.

daraS asked, If you are so good at heart and so "BADE DIL WAALA", why did you have a divorce?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Divorce has nothing to do with the heart. If you are not happy, you can be friends with that person and get a divorce. Farah is and always will be a part of my life, and a friend.

jainpuneet asked, What was your most terrible moment in Bigg Boss house?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, When I left the house to meet Amitji after the house nominated me. I thought I should have challenged that later, because I was a Desh Ka Adesh man.

praveshrana asked, Cheating se voting hua?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I won by around 70 lakh votes. That's a lot of cheating.

Chat123 asked, Hi Vindoo, I enjoyed watching Bigg Boss-3 and I have to admitt its just because of you. But I have a question - are you the same person in your real life too like short tempered and full of emotions and second I felt that when you where in last week of the show you both (Poonamji) were trying to convince the audience that Bakhtyar and Pravesh are not good people. Is it true?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I am the same person, but not so emotional or short-tempered. There was no doubt that Poonamji is maybe a better person than me. And those two stink.

praveshkaana asked, Tell us something about your wife actress Farah. Was she happy to know that you have won?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, She and my son, Fateh, wished me from Bangkok, where they are on a holiday.

LALOOOJI asked, Vindhuji Dara you are great! What are your future plans?

Vindu Dara Singh answersDesh Ka Adesh! I got a call from Sajid Khan and David Dhawan that 'roles are being written with you in mind', so hopefully you will see a lot of me in the future.

Nimish asked, Finally you won... my favourite... so which are the next movies you are signing in... congrats.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I think I will end up doing a show, as a judge, on Colors. So, you know it will be a fair judgement. And the next movie is House Full with Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta. And the next, I shall let you know.

'Anybody who speaks bad about my father is stupid'

Image: Poonam Dhillon and Vindu Dara Singh

kishor asked, Vindu bhai aap itne enthusiastic kaise ho?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Secret of life: Be Happy. Don't Worry! Enjoy every moment. Kal ho na ho.

shivanikarwal asked, Hello Vindu!! Did you expect that Poonamji would come in 3rd place? Do u think Rs 1crore is good enough as prize for surviving in the house for 3 months?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I expected her to come second. And 1 crore is a big amount. Just that it is unfair that only one person gets it. It should be shared by the first three. 70-20-10.

priyanka asked, Hi Vinduji, what according to you is the reason for your winning despite all odds?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Because I was in there to win the hearts of people, and never thought about the prize money, till I won.

nayyar asked, How you rate KRK?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, A publicity hungry freak. But a good human being at home.

amet asked, Hello Vindu.. I have become your fan after the show. Hats off to your modesty. You were best human being in the family.. wish you good luck for future

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Always stay modest. After I won, the one advice I got from Akshay Kumar was to keep my feet on the ground. And I respect that great man, and shall never, ever fly high. I am aam admi, the actual kind.

rachit asked, Why didn't your son Fateh come? Is it because he is not allowed to meet you?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, He meets me every weekend, and loves his sister, Amelia. But he was in Bangkok.

Kumud asked, Hi Vindu, I am currently working in Europe. I have watched almost all shows of Bigg Boss. I congratulate you for wining the prestigious TV show. I wonder that you didn't reply Pravesh when he was attacking just after his First nomination. He was such a arrogant player of Bigg Boss who directly attacked on your father. I really felt sorry that you didn't reply him properly.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Anybody who speaks bad about my father is stupid, because my father is a MUCH better person than me, and the whole of India loves and respects him.

subh asked, Who was real competitor?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Raju.

singhisking asked, Hi Vindoo......tell me what was the best activity given by Bigg Boss in the Bigg Boss house....

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Satta. That showed the politics, the true colors of the all the greedy people, and I promised that I would not take part, unless everyone was in jail.

DaraaSingh asked, When Sherlyn was evicted you showed her your middle finger. If you are good at heart, as every body says, you shouldn't have done that. Can you explain?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I was not there to act. I am how I am. And in that house, there was a rule, that if anyone asked for the grenade, we were supposed to give it to him. Raju was begging for the grenade, and I told Sherlyn that I didn't want it. But she still gave it to me! And in the heat of the moment, I made the only mistake in that house. I apologised to each and every woman separately and 1000 times to Sherlyn.

nautankiindu asked, I was 100% sure u were scared to take Pravesh head on.Bcoz he had the guts. I know his behavior in the last week was not correct. He was the right man to win the show. Young,ambitious,confident and moreover the right attitude and zeal to win the show like a true showman. what do you feel about it?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, He has been just a joker and guts is something that is required when you are speaking the truth. He has sent me a message that if I want, whenever I want, that's his number to call, if I have forgiven him. I actually have, but I don't think I need to call. He lied and manipulated all the time, and tried to get me and Raju nominated from the day he entered the house. And the Bigg Boss show should be won by somebody who stays 84 days in that house. But I still wanted the best man to win.

sameersingh asked, Hi, is it the begining of new chapter in your life?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I can feel the love of the people and many people are offering me various kinds of roles, already. Thank you for all this love!

ajaiswal asked, Apne dad ko paise diye ya nahi?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I came and gave him the money, and he gave it back! We are fighting now, on who wants it! I really didn't go in that house for the money.

Raghib asked, Did you talk to sherlyn after Bigg Boss?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I hugged her after the show, and hope she meets the same psychologist I did. It will help her.

ashutoshhegde asked, Vinduji... duniya chaahe kuuch bhi kahe I liked your honesty....and I really found it sweet when you said to Amitji Pravesh ek number ka cheater aadmi hain...I like the term cheater AB se koi mera dost mujhe backstab karta hain ya fir koi bhi bandhaa BAD intentions rakhta hain...I just say that guy is a cheater. Congrats for winning.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Thank you. He is not so bad. Forgive him.

AaruC asked, Vinduji, I think you manipulated and that's why Raju who was most strong competitor, got out and that's how you won. Otherwise Raju would have won.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I don't think anybody except me or Poonamji deserved to win Bigg Boss, not even Raju.

'Maybe people had sex in Bigg Boss 2'

Image: Wife Dina and Vindhu Dara Singh

harjitbrar asked, Hello Vindu remember me? Remember St.George's Mussoorie? I voted for you through out the game. Congrats on winning!!

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Hi, I loved my one year there. And thank you!

praveshkaana asked, Vindhoo -you are the next superstar of Indian film industry. Watch my words. But be down to earth man!

Vindu Dara Singh answers, No way man. I'm just a struggling actor. But you guys have made my struggle much easier.

jasbir19 asked, Sat shri akal ji mera naam preet hai pehla mare hubby naal ta tusi gal kite nhi main kiya shaid mare naal gal karo tusi main ih puchna chande se ki sindh ta hunde hi king ne tuhanu big boss da king bann ke kida da lag riha hai ji.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Wadiya. Sat Shri Akal.

ashyneel asked, Which Vindu is real first half or second half of show?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Second half of show. I went crazy in the first show, after I got the task to rob that coin.

ALI asked, Hi Vindhu. First congrats! I just want to know about the reaction of your family after winning the competition specially your great father Dara Singhji.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, He thought the show was manipulated and scripted! I felt sad and realised that in his time, these kind of shows would never have taken place. But if he was to go into the Bigg Boss House, he would have won. Hands down!

PREMNATH asked, Vindhuji,  do you think Amitabhji is God?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I mean he is like God, in that house. Amitji is just a great human being, and it does not mean that he is God, but when you are stuck with people you don't trust and you see a great person every Friday, it's like a Novina in that house.

geetanjali asked, Vindu I really admire your body (healthwise). I'm a female but ur daily workout really impress me and my husband a lot. Your daily workout has impressed many health concious people. So my request is why don't you write a book about fitness which will really help many people to keep them firt and as well as to loose their weight and stay healthy.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Guys I shall try. But just be happy and believe in yourself. Ask your brain for the kind of body you need. And then do it!

deepali asked, I just love you Vindoo. Be always the way you are.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I will. Thank you!

patil asked, How tough was it?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Very tough. It was the worst experience of my life. But got the best results in my life.

KKmenon asked, Hi Vindu, Sorry I didnt vote for you but honestly prayed for you to be a winner. Anyway congrats BIG BOSS. Love you.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, That's enough. It's not your vote. It's your love that I've gone in there for.

praveshkaana asked, Vindhoo please answer my question - who was the winner of BB1 and BB2?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, 1 was a great guy, Rahul Roy, but he could not capitalise on that fame. And the second was a guy of the Pravesh category, called Ashutosh, and he is nowhere.

praveshbabu asked, Who all are the smokers in the Big Boss 3

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Sherlyn, Vinod and Pravesh. But Pravesh left smoking once Claudia saved him and got him to the final.

pe73 asked, How is the car CRUZE?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I'm taking it next year so that the model is 2010. Please buy it, becaues I think I would have bought it anyway.

Asker asked, Did anyone ever had sex with anyone inside the Bigg Boss House?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I don't think it happened this time, but may be in season 2 it did.

Yo1234 asked, Hi Vindu, hows life after winning BB3?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Absolutely great. I am getting so much love from the whole world, not just India. I hope I really deserve this!

pratik asked, It seems you love indian people a lot and they love you for the same?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, Absolutely. I could die for my country.

praveshkaana asked, A personal question again - you have 2 kids - one from Farah and a daughter from your Russian wife. Where you two meet? Tell us more.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, She was a model, and I met her the day she landed. And thank god I met her!

realone asked, Congrats Vindhuji....I have never seen anyone crying like you...So all of your tears were fake or real?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, I need glycerine for fake tears in the movies. And I didn't have that in the Bigg Boss House.

sachin001 asked, Hi Vinduji, was big boss scripted?

Vindu Dara Singh answers, In a way, because whenever Bigg Boss wanted, we would all end up fighting or crying or laughing. They knew each and every weak and strong point of each and every participant.

vindudada asked, Hi Vindhu. I liked your acting your acting and everything that you have done in the show. You really are a kind hearted gentleman. But why do you become very hard on people when they least expect it. Please reply.

Vindu Dara Singh answers, You just saw forty minutes a day, while I saw the entire 24 hours. So you wouldn't understand why that crescendo was reached and I never got angry without valid reasons. But if someone pushes you against the wall, you retaliate.

razi asked, Peopel say you are not a good guy but I believe what you did there was just to win. When everyone there had come to win then why talk about betrayel, lies. What u did was correct. You just played to win. Congrats to you

Vindu Dara Singh answers, The only person who did not come to win was Kamal. All the rest came to win. But Ismail told me on the third day of that house that the entire house including him put together have smaller hearts than me alone! But that is the reason that I kept saying I will win this game, when a co-contestant tells you so.

Vindu Dara Singh says, Guys, I'm overwhelmed by all these questions. But I have an MTV interview and would like to thank ya'll - all of India who voted for me, I love and trust. Everybody who didn't, I still love them. But the main people who matter were the 250 people who worked for Bigg Boss 24 hours a day, and they are the ones who told me, 'We like you from day one, and have actually voted for you.' The Bigg Boss himself has never met any contestant but gave me a hug and said, "Bigg Boss chatee hain ki Vindoo Dara Singh Bigg Boss bane!' That was more priceless than anything, because they even heard us fart! Bye everyone. Thanks -- Vindoo