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The comedians Arshad Warsi loves

Last updated on: July 6, 2009 

Image: Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi is a laugh riot on screen. And he promises to be just as funny in his upcoming film, Short Kut-The Con is On, releasing this Friday.

As we wait for the film to hit theatres, we met up with the actor to find out who makes him laugh. "It is not easy to name them," Arshad told us, but he named them anyway.

"I cannot name greats like Johnny Walker or Mehmood because they are legends. Let's not talk about them. But I will surely say which ones I really like," added Arshad.

'Akshay has his own way of doing comedy'

Image: Akshay Kumar

"He has evolved and has his own way of doing comedy," says Arshad of Akshay Kumar.

"He is very funny. It is hard to describe what he does in a film. I feel Akshay has started understanding his character so well that he does it with ease.

"He is not worried about his appearance. He does it wholeheartedly and I think that's why his comedy works."

'Randhir has an inborn humour'

Image: Randhir Kapoor

"Randhir Kapoor is very funny and has an inborn humour," Arshad says, adding, "He performs so many antics that he really impresses you as an actor."

'Salman's 10 Ka Dum is hilarious'

Image: Salman Khan

Of Saman, this is what Arshad has to say, "Salman has a great sense of humour. His improvisation is very good. His show 10 Ka Dum on Sony TV is hilarious. He is a very funny guy."

'Amitji was too good in Sholay'

Image: A scene from Sholay

Amitabh Bachchan also features on Arshad's list of funny actors. 

"Amitabh is very funny in his own way," Arshad says. "In Sholay, Amitji was too good especially in the scene where he talks to Basanti's mausi. The way he praises his friend Veeru is unbelievable too. His dialogue -- Kya karoon mausi, mera toh dil hi kuch aisa hai -- was too good. And he does all this with a straight face."

'Govinda is dharti ka laal'

Image: Govinda

Govinda rounds off Arshad's list.

"He is a hardcore comedy guy. He knows the pulse of the audience and the timing when he has to make them laugh. He is dharti ka laal and a very local guy. You can relate to him," Arshad concludes.