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'There was always an oomph side to me'

Last updated on: July 8, 2009 

Image: Amrita Rao

After playing a village belle in Vivah and Welcome To Sajjanpur, Amrita Rao has gone in for a complete image change, and come out looking very sexy.

Her new film Short Kut: The Con Is On sees her as a glamorous actress caught between Akshaye Khanna and Arshad Warsi.

Syed Firdaus Ashraf spoke to Amrita, and asked her about her sexy new turn.

Your look in Short Kut has become the talk of town. What asked for this sexy makeover?

There was always an oomph side to me. It was only waiting to be discovered. I think for an actor, the role makes all the difference to the way she can present herself. It is the role in Short Kut that has given me the scope [to look sexy]. I play an actress, and that's why you see that new oomphy look.

'My role in Welcome to Sajjanpur was the most difficult'

Image: Amrita Rao

What has the feedback been like?

I'm getting new feedback everyday, lots of messages from people. You come to know that your look is good when a lot of SMSes start doing the rounds. And that is happening with this new look. It's very encouraging.

Did you have any apprehensions before you went for an image makeover?

I have always done roles that I'm comfortable with. I have never compromised in life. With the grace of God, I have a career and have done different kinds of roles. Mansi's role in Short Kut was not difficult because I am an actress, and that's what I'm playing in the film. So it was easy.

But my role Kamla in Welcome to Sajjanpur was the most difficult because I was playing a simple village girl. I had to learn how to make earthen pots and that was a huge challenge. In comparision to that, Short Kut is relatively easier though it had other kinds of challenges.


'Every girl wants to be thin'

Image: Amrita Rao

What did you do to get this sexy makeover?

I didn't have to go nutty about deciding my look for Short Kut. It was taken care of by Manish Malhotra. He is the best in the film industry. He has known me over the years and is a true visionary when it comes to designing. He could see so much more to my persona, and that's what he showcased.

Earlier, Indian heroines were slightly plump and did not expose. Their beauty was in their eyes. But today heroines have lost weight and wear skimpy outfits. Do you think this new look is sexier?

It does not matter whether you are plump or have a perfect 10 bod. What matters is that you look good and healthy. You cannot look malnourished and expect to look like a sexy diva.

A lot of people go to extreme levels.

In the West, they want a 24 inch waist line and in India, we are trying to get there. Every girl wants to be thin and look like a Bollywood actress. But I feel as long as you have professional guidance, you will always look healthy.

'I know I will be the best actress in Bollywood'

Image: Amrita Rao

Any regrets in life?

No. To come from a non-filmi background and sustain in the industry is a big achievement. I am still young. I know my generation is low on patience.

I remember Shah Rukh Khan telling me that he did so many films and so many performances to become a superstar. There is so much to prove and I am just 12 films old. I know I will be the best actress in Bollywood and I am going to get there.

Do you think your Ishq Vishk and Vivah co-star Shahid Kapur will become a superstar after Kaminey?

I always felt he will go there. I saw the promos of Kaminey and he is looking good.