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'I'm okay with skin show'

Last updated on: July 8, 2009 
Shahana Goswami

She's only 23 years old but comes across as a very matured young lady. Shahana Goswami, the promising actress who played Arjun Rampal's level-headed wife in Rock On!!, has won over many fans. Some of them got a chance to chat with her on Tuesday on Rediff Chat.

For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

sk asked, Hi Shahana, you are a rocking performer with sexy looks. Like your acting in Firaaq a lot. Hope you land up with more substantial roles in future. Keep going!
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you very much sk. That is really very sweet of you. I hope your hope for me comes true! =)

sabir asked, whats the meaning of SHAHANA
Shahana Goswami answers, Shahana means royal, but it's also a name of a Hindustani classical raga which my father really likes. Hence my name!

PaagalAaadmeee asked, shahana, Your acting in Rock On is really commendable.In my opinion you are far better actress than your contemporary lead actresses. Wish you all the best and would like to see some more power packed performace of yours soon.
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you thank you thank you. It really is very reassuring to hear this from all of you. I am really very touched!

prashsri asked, hi shahana,,which r the other movies u r working now?
Shahana Goswami answers, Hi Prashsri. I have Jashnn coming out on July 17. PLEASE GO WATCH IT EVERYONE!!! =) And then I have Tera Kya Hoga Johnny with Neil Nitin Mukesh and Kay Kay Menon, and Mirch directed by Vinay Shukla which will come out by end of September. asked, how was ur experience in Rock on,
Shahana Goswami answers, Rock On has been a very important milestone in my life. I had a blast while working. It never felt like work. The team was great and completely in sync. It is definitely the most crucial landmark in my film career for me.

Niraj Kumar asked, Hello Shahana I know its very Boring question i m asking... Would u like to be my heroin in some movie any time.......
Shahana Goswami answers, Hahaha. Never a boring question for an actor. I am interested in anything that is gripping, new, refreshing and well put together! So sure, why not!

Kaustubh asked, hi shahana.. how did you get ur 1st break, in movies or any add films u might have done?
Shahana Goswami answers, I actually wanted to act since I was a kid. I moved to Bombay from Delhi for my college. During college I happened to meet this friend of mine Shanoo Sharma who was casting for films and she sent me in for the audition for Yun Hota To Kya Hota and I got it. And then everything else happened soon after! =)

Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you Laajojee!

'I have not had to experience the casting couch'

Last updated on: July 8, 2009 
Shahana Goswami

Mirza asked, What gene does Tera Kya Hoga Johny belong? Noir, Drama, Triller.
Shahana Goswami answers, Tera Kya Hoga Johnny is a slice of life. It's a drama about Bombay seen through the eyes of a young boy called Johnny.

Clement asked, Hi hope you are doing good,,,,,,,,,, my wife is celebrating her birthday this week end would it be possible for you and milind to call her and wish her
Sahana Goswami answers, Hi clement. Do wish your wife from my side and Milind's side. We are out of town. Leave your number and I will definitely try to call. Also what date?

heerji asked, Hi Shahana, first of all my best wishes for you. You were good in Rock On & Firaaq but I believe your best is yet to come. What do you think the best of an actor comes in comedy or in serious roles??
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you for your really sweet comments. I think an actor's prowess is seen in being able to do different kinds of roles but doing all of them convincingly. So comedy is as important as drama!

nayak_pc9 asked, Do you have any competition with Bipasha Basu
Shahana Goswami answers, I only compete with myself. But everyone else around including Bipasha Basu is inspirational as you have something good to take from everyone that is around you.

jojo asked, Hi..did you experience any casting couch? heard its very much there in Bollywood
Shahana Goswami answers, It may be there. I can't say with certainty that it isn't. But I have not had to experience it at all. Like I said I have always auditioned for my films or it's been based on previous performances.

laddapavan asked, hellloo mam how r u what r u doing for ur fitness
Shahana Goswami answers, I haven't been very regular with my fitness but I plan to be now. I understand that it is an important part of our industry so hopefully you'll see me in much better shape soon enough!

nramanathan asked, shahana, what is your opinion about tamil films?
Shahana Goswami answers, I think Tamil films are great. We are now constantly remaking Tamil films. I think there's a lot of great cinema that comes from the south and I would love to be a part of it.

Nakshatra asked, Hi shahana,I like your movies specially ROCK ON & RU-BA-RU, U REALLY LOOK SUPERB WITH ARJUN, But With which actor u desperately want to work with in movies in future
Sahana Goswami answers, There are many actors I want to work with. Irrfan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Imran Khan, Ranbir [Kapoor] lots and I want to act with Milind :)

dipu asked, Many of big actress like Kareena is going for a skin show in bollywood. Are you open to this.What is your view on this.
Shahana Goswami answers, Everything in life I feel each to his own. Skin show is fine as long as it's fine by you. I'm okay with it but I don't want to do it for myself really -- as in there should be a context to it. Not just for the sake of showing skin.

'Marriage is far off'

Last updated on: July 8, 2009 
Shahana Goswami

vikas asked, what is your favourate food? how do you maintain such a good figure?
Shahana Goswami answers, YOU THINK I HAVE A GOOD FIGURE?! Wow! No. I LOVE food of all kinds. But I try to balance it out at some point with some exercise and some constraint on the quantities I eat!

depu asked, shahana is ur real name or a film ind. name ?
Shahana Goswami answers, Shahana Goswami is my real name. My name on the passport. My name from birth. I do have a pet name which no one knows. Vrinda

dulu d asked, what you expect in life?
Shahana Goswami answers, In life I expect honesty, warmth, good natured people, fairness, happiness for all!

Rajeev asked, Hi Shahana, this is Rajeev from Bangalore. Do you remember me? Rajeev, Appu, Bangalore. Tell no?
Shahana Goswami answers, Rajeev!

nayak_pc9 asked, Are you doing any Bengali Film, since lot of well known directors are from Bengal
Shahana Goswami answers, I would love to do a good Bengali film with the likes of Aparna Sen, Rituporno Ghosh and many others actually. Its a great industry. Ask them to cast me, na!

impulsive asked, Hi Shahana,congrats for Rock on. Will u marry a guy from Film Industry or a non Industry man will be your choice?
Shahana Goswami answers, Marriage is far off and there's no such decision that I've made. Marriage will be for love and companionship. Wherever and with whomsoever I find it with!

rahul007 asked, Hi Shahana.. i m your bigggg fan... you are an awesome actor... i really like ur acting and of course ur beautiful eyes... in which movies u r currently working on? How long i will have to wait for your next movie?? :)
Shahana Goswami answers, You don't have to wait long at all! Jashnn on July 17. Go watch it!

temp1937 asked, How do you select script?
Shahana Goswami answers, Script selection is instinctive. It should be well written, good story, nice dialogues and good characterization. Yup, something on those lines!

'Yes, I am dating Milind Soman'

Last updated on: July 8, 2009 
Shahana Goswami

dada asked, what is the utility of your nice face and fame for our nation?what do u do?
Shahana Goswami answers, what utility can I put myself to? Please do tell:)

sonu asked, If not marriage, then are you dating?
Shahana Goswami answers, Yes, I am dating Milind Soman.

niraj . asked, Shahana i m 27 years old i wanted to be an Actor.... Can still i think for it.... As i dont have any contact in Bollywood.... wat will u suggest... shall i try for it...
Shahana Goswami answers, Of course you can, Niraj. You need to get some regular good pictures clicked of yourself. You can send them to production houses and casting directors. In the meantime keep working on your acting. Record yourself. See what it's like. Send that out as a show reel if it's good.

Shahana Goswami answers, Laajolee, aam to kamal hain! I think they are both nice looking men, no?

dekciw asked, Hey shahana im your big fan...i have the trailer of Jashnn and your role looks very powerful and promising...are u playing the sister of the main protagonist?
Shahana Goswami answers, Yes I am. Of course Adhyayan [Suman] is the main character and then there are two main female characters -- his sister and his girlfriend. Please go watch it. It's a really heartfelt film!

Nakshatra asked, Hi shahana, I like ur performance in ROCK ON and RUBARU, but i saw u in IIFA awards ceremony on TV...u hav gain some weight.....wats the reason.. is it because of any movie or success of ROCK ON increased ur wt.
Shahana Goswami answers, It's because I am indisciplined! But I am working on it. Hopefully you will see me in MUCH better shape soon!

Ayan asked, Hi Shahana...r u bengali? then plz say few words in bengali..plz..
Shahana Goswami answers, Ki bolbo baulo? Aami khoob bhaalo kore bangla bolte paari. Baari te shaubaar shaathe baangla e kautha boli to!

sandy asked, hi shahana...u were looking gorgeous in the IIFA awards. And i really appreciate ur wrk in Rock On and looking forward to see you in ur next movie.
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you Sandy!

brindag asked, i saw many of ur plays years back
Shahana Goswami answers, Really? Which plays? And you have the same name as me!

andykrishh asked, What do u think u want to become in life Shahana ? Have u set any targets for yourself?
Shahana Goswami answers, I want to be a good person who is happy with her conduct and makes others around her happy. I also hope my acting career last forever because it gives me great joy!

Mallu4 asked, hi Shahana, which is ur next film?
Shahana Goswami answers, Jashnn on July 17! Go, Go, Go!

'I am more than willing to do masala films'

Last updated on: July 8, 2009 
Shahana Goswami

Yogesh asked, Hi Shabana, Your name appears to be Muslim, but you are a Hindu and the character you portrayed was of a Christian.
Shahana Goswami answers, Shahana, not Shabana. It is an Arabic name yes, but what does religion have to do with all this?

sudipto asked, Shahana ...My wife and I are big fans of yours..u loved ur awesome performance at Rock On!!.. when are we expecting something close to that..and hey whats all that comradrie between you and milind??
Shahana Goswami answers, Haha. Thank you, Sudipto. There is Jashnn coming on July 17 and Milind and I are seeing each other! :)

brindag asked, i used to see you in khan market ages ago
Shahana Goswami answers, Really? Tell me more.

niel asked, hi r u.i just love ur figure than that of Kareena just be like that only..
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you, Neil!

Vikrant asked, Why were you not there for Rock on Promotions? Why were you not there on Farhan Akhtar Show ? Do you have a fight with the producers? Did they not pay you well?
Shahana Goswami answers, I was not in town. But no, no fallout at all. I'm very close to them even now.

Joe asked, Well I dont say obvious things thats why I didnt take a praise stand on your performances -- It was awesome -- You made the role beautiful
Shahana Goswami answers, That is very sweetly put Joe. Thank you!

Tumbin asked, Hi Sahana, I saw ur two films till now, First one is Rock on and the other one is Gullal, I like ur character in Rock on as it comprises of both of a young girl and responsible wife and the Gullal character i liked the most. That one is an award winning performance. Can u tell me what will be your upcoming ventures.
Shahana Goswami answers, Gulal wasn't me but thank you for the compliment on Rock On!

abed asked, shahana wat is ur date of birth?
Shahana Goswami answers, May 6 1986.

saikat asked, what r ur weak points??
Shahana Goswami answers, Many! Lazy, eat too much, indisciplined!

Rockkkkon asked, Hi Shahana... you have some appeal I must say... who ever saw your film, noticed you without an eye blink... Are you goan...??
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you! No I am not Goan. I'm Bengali!

tomtom asked, Hey, Shahana. Were u expecting an award @ the IIFA? Ur expression did suggest that after the annoucement. U clung to Milind Soman (if i am right). Why do u think it wasnt given to u? U surely desrved it.
Shahana Goswami answers, I think there was very good competition at the IIFA. The people voted for us and Kangana [Ranaut] did a great job.

vikask asked, How do u rate Milind as an actor?
Shahana Goswami answers, He is actually a very good actor but he's not done the most interesting films. Hopefully soon you will see him in something more interesting and then you will know.

hkanal77 asked, Hi Shahana, promise me one thing... whenever you meet farhan akhtar tell him that Rock On has been the best movie i have ever seen till date,it is a beautiful movie and you people have done a gr8 job, thanks for making such a movie and please make such movies in future too..... ;-)
Shahana Goswami answers, :) I will do that.

billu asked, How u have prepared for role in firaq? It was too good.....
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you. Actually Nandita [Das] helped in everything including the diction and dialogue delivery. She is a great coach and tutor!

shanky asked, frm where u did ur schooling?
Shahana Goswami answers, I did my schooling from Sardar Patel Vidyalaya in Delhi

jeet asked, Your stellar performance in Rock On was mindblowing. You really secured your credits in the film despite its wonderful music and other good performances. Way to go Vrinda. Do meaningful roles again and again though in between you can act in some masala movies also :)
Shahana Goswami answers, I am more than willing to do masala films. Please tell the producers to take me, na!

'Jashnn is a very different kind of Bhatt film'

Last updated on: July 8, 2009 
Shahana Goswami

vcvc asked, anurag basu said you are the actor to look out for in near future wht u think?
Shahana Goswami answers, I think that is really very nice of him. I am touched!

tomtom asked, how did u meet soman?
Shahana Goswami answers, We have known each other for years now but met recently through a common friend.

nush53 asked, one very basic question - when you actors go for these awards -- like u went for the IIFA awards -- do u guys pay from your own pockets or does IIFA sponsor the same
Shahana Goswami answers, :) Hahaha. The sponsor does!

A... asked, SO Sahana, you are quite cunning. You are only taking questions which are praising you performances? too scared to answer the tough ones eh ? ;)
Shahana Goswami answers, No, not at all. Please ask me and I will reply.

Asgar asked, Hi shahana hows life u was sitting next to milind soman any plans to do a movie with him?
Shahana Goswami answers, I would love to! Get me one!

nush53 asked, the dress that u wore for IIFA awards was amazing - who designed the same ?????
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you. It was designed by Falguni and Shane Peacock

tes asked, hi sahana, hope u r having good time with chatting all of us and not getting bugged :-).. Well, am eagerly waiting for JASHN as i already saw promos being aired on TV...seems a great movie... whats your recomendation for this?....which song you like most of the film...??
Shahana Goswami answers, I think it is a film that is made with a lot of feelings and genuine emotions. The song I like the best is Nazare Karam.

adam asked, rem the rides in pv2?
Shahana Goswami answers, YES! Wow! Who are you, Adam?

harsha asked, hi shahana..i just lost my learners license and it hurts as i got it after a long time..plsz say something to lift me
Shahana Goswami answers, Oho! I'm sorry! But I'm sure you can enjoy the lovely weather. Watch a good movie and a big, big hug from me!

Asshole asked, Hi Sahana, why would you date someone like Milind Somand who looks a hundred years older than you. and pls tell him that the long hair and beard look is so not cool :) you are too pretty for him ;)
Shahana Goswami answers, I think he is much more than his god like looks that he is famous for! And older people have more wisdom to impart and more patience to deal with you! :)

hiii asked, rock on was such a lame movie... u ppl dont knw wat rock is .. u copied most of the songs n copied stage too frm Pink Floyd. how do u have guts to work in such lame movies?
Shahana Goswami answers, I actually had a great time working on a movie that you rightly for your reasons find lame!!

Asshole asked, Hi sahana... thank you for answering my question.. i have been trying this with a lot of people and no one replies... you replied meant u are not afraid of the tough questions :) you were amazing in rock on and may all the luck be with you for your blossoming career :)
Shahana Goswami answers, Thank you!

jeet asked, Jashnn being a Bhatt film.. did you have to do some steamy scenes??
Shahana Goswami answers, No, not at all! It's a very different kind of Bhatt film. Go watch!

krishna asked, *guy its me who is answering all your questions, from the beginning i hacked in to the TOI system and staying thr to make you all FOOL* Cant you see the pattern i am not answering my self =p
Shahana Goswami answers, Nice one! Hats off to you, Krishna!

Loveyouall asked, Shahana Very Honestly Speaking I was not knowing who are you before this IIFA.... I was watching IIFA with My Wify... so i asked who is this gal wid milind.. Than only i came to know that u r Shahana.
Shahana Goswami answers, See. Milind is good for me!

mohitvarma14 asked, anything deliciously edible in Vegetarian......u like
Shahana Goswami answers, BAINGAN! in any form!

Shahana Goswami answers, Haha..

Shahana Goswami says, I am off now! Sorry I have to rush. But I am really overwhelmed by so many of you being here including those who hate me and Rock On!:) It is always nice to see a balanced platform! Thank you and sorry to all those I couldn't reply to! Lots and lots of love to all those who want it! :)