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Celebrities on what they like about the rains

Last updated on: July 14, 2009 

Image: Sunidhi Chauhan
Nithya Ramani

Sunidhi Chauhan, Singer

I love getting wet in the rain. I love going for a long drive to Marine Drive and stopping by to have a vada pav. I enjoy singing in the rain. I also listen to music in the car when it is raining. Where I drive to is immaterial because I love driving.

My movie for a rainy day:

You can cuddle up at home and watch films. I would recommend Music and Lyrics.

'I like the rains on and off'

Image: Akshaye Khanna

Akshaye Khanna, Actor

I enjoy the rains on and off. I like it today, I may not like it tomorrow. There is nothing specific I would like to do during the rains. I like driving so I might go for a drive.

Movie for a rainy day

Any time of the year, I would recommend Taare Zameen Par. I just love the film.

'The rains remind me of my childhood'

Image: Monica Bedi

Monica Bedi, Actor

I loved to get wet in the rains when I was a child. My parents would yell at me because I would catch a cold. Now I don't do all that stuff but I get reminded of all those childhood memories when it rains and miss my childhood friends.

Of course one must not forget to eat hot pakodas. That is the best you can do to enjoy the rains!

'Love long bike rides'

Image: Earl Edgar

Earl Edgar, Singer-Sound Engineer

I like the monsoon because I like going on long bike rides. The best place to go for a ride would be on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. I would love to do that.

Movie for a rainy day:

I don't know about films. But the best I would recommend would be the series of Friends. Get your popcorn, coke, snuggle up and watch Friends and I am sure you will enjoy it.

'Watching horror films in the rains is fun'

Image: Eric Pillai

Eric Pillai, Programmer-Sound Engineer

I remember while working on the film Chachi 420, there were heavy rains and water entered our studio in Juhu, Mumbai. I had to go to Santa Cruz for some work and I was in neck deep water. Wading through that water was fun and frightening at the same time.

Everyone was out getting wet and no one cared about anything. I loved that moment. Also during the 2007 floods, there was a stream of water passing by outside my studio in Four Bungalows and it felt like I was in two different places at the same time. I miss those days.

Movie for a rainy day:

I am a lover of horror films and I think that is the best genre of film to watch during the monsoon. My recommendation would be Excorcism of Emily Rose, you will actually want to cuddle somebody and watch it, out of fright or love!

You can also watch Love Aaj Kal, Kambakkht Ishq, and the forthcoming Tum Mile.

'The rains remind me of my hometown'

Image: Shilpa Rao

Shilpa Rao, Singer

I love the rains. I love to go out with friends and have bhajjias. My hometown Jamshedpur looks beautiful in the rains and I miss being there during the monsoon. During college days, in Mumbai, we used to often go to Marine Drive and walk that whole stretch.

There was one time when I was coming back home from school. It was just ten minutes away but I was in a great mood to enjoy the rains and reached home an hour late.

Movie for a rainy day:

I would recommend Only You. I remember it because it was during the monsoon that I watched it on television and loved it.

'The Pune-Mumbai drive is amazing'

Image: Monali Thakur

Monali Thakur, Singer

A very recent memory is when I was returning from Pune to Mumbai. I guess the monsoon was just approaching Mumbai and the drive was amazing. It felt like I was in some foreign land and since I was with friends it was wonderful.

Movie for a rainy day:

If you are with friends watch cool movies like Dil Chahta Hai, Definitely May be, 17 Again. Don't watch serious films, it can depress you and in the monsoon it will surely upset you.

'I would enjoy the rains if the roads were better'

Image: Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur, Rapper

I love the monsoon apart from the fact that it is the best time for mosquito breeding. I would enjoy the rains if the roads are developed properly. With such bad roads it becomes very difficult to enjoy the rains.

Movie for a rainy day:

I would recommend people to watch all the old films like Ejaazat, and refresh your memories. You can also watch Strange Wilderness. That is the funniest film I have ever watched.