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Kangna: The New Age Audrey Hepburn?

May 7, 2009 13:40 IST

Image: Audrey Hepburn, left, and Kangna Ranaut
Kangna Ranaut as Audrey Hepburn?

Don't scoff yet. The actress, who will be seen next in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, is doing a lot of research on her character in the film, which is apparently based on 1970s smuggler Haji Mastan's girlfriend, Sona.

Directed by Milan Luthria, the film also stars Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi.

To get into the skin of the character, Kangna decided to study yesteryear actresses from both Bollywood and Hollywood like Asha Parekh, Sophia Loren and Sadhana.

Her favourite is clearly Audrey Hepburn whose classy dress sense inspired Kangna to stock up on high-waisted, narrow trousers and scarves.

It helps that Kangna bears a resemblance to the Hollywood legend.

Make-up plays a crucial part here and Kangna plans to go with long eyelashes and heavy eye make-up.

Will Kangna pass off for Ms Hepburn? With designer Uday Kuckian's help we decided to do a makeover from some of Hepburn's classic movies. Keep clicking for the results.

Kangna: The New Age Audrey Hepburn?

Image: A poster of My Fair Lady
The pretty lady in the eye-catching hat from the poster of the 1964 musical My Fair Lady is Kangna Ranaut, superimposed on Hepburn's image.

Kangna's fine bone structure is similar to Hepburn's, making Uday's task that much easier.

Kangna: The New Age Audrey Hepburn?

Image: A scene from Breakfast at Tiffiany's
We think Kangna can pull off Hepburn's role in Breakfast at Tiffany's with aplomb. For starters, she already looks the part.

Hepburn played Holly Golightly, a naive and eccentric socialite in the 1961 film. The actress's most memorable role was said to be one of Hepburn's most challenging, which we think Kangna -- with her penchant for eccentric roles herself -- can do with her eyes closed.

Kangna: The New Age Audrey Hepburn?

Image: A scene from Roman Holiday
Roman Holiday, co-starring Gregory Peck, won Hepburn an Oscar. She played a royal princess who steps out for a bit of fun, only to fall in love with a journo.

Her restrained performance and vulnerability in the movie is right up Kangna's alley. After all, who better to play the damsel in distress than Kangna?

Kangna: The New Age Audrey Hepburn?

Image: A scene from Wait Until Dark
Hepburn played a blind housewife, who is attacked by three thugs in search of heroin hidden in a doll in Wait Until Dark.

What do you think of Kangna's wide-eyed expression, reminding us so much of Hepburn's in the film?

Kangna: The New Age Audrey Hepburn?

Image: A scene from Two For The Road
This scene between Albert Finney and his wife (played by Hepburn) was taken from Two For The Road, a 1967 movie about a 12-year relationship between an architect and his wife.

Here Kangna's picture has been morphed into Hepburn's in such a way that those who didn't know better would have easily been fooled.