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Dino Morea: I'm not gay

Last updated on: October 5, 2009 15:23 IST

'I'm not gay'



Dino Morea is back and all set to charm you in his upcoming stylish film Acid Factory, releasing on October 9. The film is directed by Suparn Verma.

The actor is sharing screen space with Fardeen Khan, Dia Mirza, Irrfan Khan, Danny Denzongpa, Manoj Bajpai and Aftab Shivdasani in the Sanjay Gupta production.

He chats with fans about the film, and more during a chat last week. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

Dino Morea says, Hi guys its Dino Morea. Thank you all for being present.

kunal asked, abe kya karaha hai tu answer de
Dino Morea answersMain is waqt tera jawab de raha hoon! Tu kya kar raha hai?

Him asked, Hey wishes for your movie Acidfactory....hope it will rock :)
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. I am sure it will rock.

Dinoo asked, Hii Dino, you must be having lots of money,i suppose. do you do any charity ?
Dino Morea answers, Firstly, I wish I was that rich. Yes I do charity in my own little way.

acid asked, Is it true that you are gay and have been victim of casting couch?
Dino Morea answers, I am not gay and I have not been a victim of the casting couch. Are you gay?

akj asked, when it is been release
Dino Morea answers, I am assuming you're talking about Acid Factory. It releases on October 9.

avi asked, what you think about avi
Dino Morea answers, Who's Avi?

manoj asked, what u think about john ?
Dino Morea answers, He's a cool guy.

mama asked, why dont u promote acid factory more aggressively on TV ?
Dino Morea answers, We're trying our best. The rest is left to the presenter.

shukla asked, hi how r u ?
Dino Morea answers, Hi you can follow me on Twitter @dinomorea9

preeti asked, what are views on Divorce?
Dino Morea answers, Its sad but it happens. Sometimes I guess it's for the better.

Image: Dino Morea


'I'm not dating anyone'

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hidino asked, ur next file name?
Dino Morea answers, The film is called Acid Factory and it releases on October 9.

Poorvi asked, Hi Dino, how u doing? Glad to c u here. I am one of your twitter follower :)
Dino Morea answers, Excellent! Thank you Poorvi for being here. How are you doing?

ajay asked, Hi D...How r u... I m Ajay one of u r fan
Dino Morea answers, Hey Ajay, thank you so much. How are you doing hope all's well.

Dino Morea answers, When I do work out its an hour to hour and a half. But its not always at the gym. I play a lot of sports.

vincent asked, Hi Dino, If you would be given a chance to sleep one of the hottest bollywood guy whom u will select?
Dino Morea answers, Sorry. No chance. Not in this lifetime.

sauryabhattacharya asked, What are your views on marriage?
Dino Morea answers, It's a nice institution if you can stick with it and be happy.

sauryabhattacharya asked, Who among the young crop of heroes and heroines do you think will be the next HUGE star in the industry...say like an SRK or a Hrithik?
Dino Morea answers, Zac Effron.

sauryabhattacharya asked, do you do regional language films? what do you think about bengali movies? have you seen any?
Dino Morea answers, I love Bengali films especially Satyajit Ray. If given an opportunity I would act in regional films.

anoo asked, hi dino , i am office , i just want to tell that my cousins say i look like you.
Dino Morea answers, Your cousins are very lucky persons.

srinivas asked, hi, why dont you act under good directors? that will addup to your career.
Dino Morea answers, Waiting for the right time and the right opportunity. I know what it will do for my career.

Sukhpal asked, What is ur present love ? Are u still dating Bipasha  Are u working in any bollywood project, what is name?
Dino Morea answers, Not dating anyone. Film is Acid Factory.

mama asked, is acid factory a thriller?
Dino Morea answers, It is!

Image: A scene from Acid Factory

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'I have no marriage plans'

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Ram asked, Hello dino my q. was i would like to look you & also have a body like you i am 29 years old, can i get the same after joining fitness centre
Dino Morea answers, I dunno what you look like and what your body type is. But I play a lot of sports and that keeps me fit.

Dino Morea answers, The businesses are very good. Cool Maal, the new venture is rocking. Check out The Crepe Stations are doing very well.

eashwar asked, hi dino have you had your lunch
Dino Morea answers, Yeah, I just did. Thank you.

r.1788 asked, my best film raaz
Dino Morea answers, Yes! One of my favourites.

purpleglitters asked, there is still time for him to come people..
Dino Morea answers, Hey! guess what? I am here!

varghese asked, hey Dino, would you prefer a life of anonymity to fame now that you have plenty of fame?
Dino Morea answers, Well I do enjoy my life pretty much right now and I don't want to change it to anything.

Omkar asked, Hey Dino, I'm Omkar Dutta.. I follow you on Twitter and I personally feel that your tweets are quite interesting :) Do you think that tweeting will help actors to promote their movies?
Dino Morea answers, Thank you for following me on Twitter. I think it is a great marketting tool and a good way for me to reach out to my fans. If you go and watch Acid Factory, that means it works.

aahaan asked, Dino you are best i like u as a good friend. u r charming
Dino Morea answers, Thank you, Aahan. that's very sweet of you. I am sure you're charming too :-)

rizwan asked, hi dinu, have u worked in kannada monvie,
Dino Morea answers, Yes I did a special appearance in a film called Julie.

ratna asked, Hey,, what is about your marriage planning ? you look so hot in RAJ.
Dino Morea answers, No marriage plans as of now. Thanks for the compliments.

KNAjit asked, Hi Dino...You know me from Twitter. How ya doing buddy?
Dino Morea answers, Hey I am good. Thanks for being here too. Spread the word that I am dinomorea9. Need to reach 20k fans.

sonalilovesneil asked, hi dino.well i would like to get some tips on how to become an actress?is it necessary to have a back
Dino Morea answers, A back?

Pratik 485 asked, Hi. Dino... I like your role in the film Raaz
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. There are other nice films that you can go and watch too. Like Holiday, Aksar, Tom Dick and Harry.

Rock asked, Hello Dino ji. How are you? My question is do you like to participate in Any Reality shows? whats your idea about it?
Dino Morea answers, The only reality show I'd probably take part in would be The Amazing Race. Reality shows are fun to watch. Very tiring for the participants.

nandu asked, hey dino, tell me your exercise routine and body stats............
Dino Morea answers, Exercise routine is I play a lot of basketball and football. Sometimes I go to the gym. Body stats: Lean mean! :-)

Vidit asked, nice snaps on twitter dino
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much.

ramesh asked, hi dino wht abt ur upcoming films.
Dino Morea answers, I got Acid Factory and Pyaar Impossible.

Image: Dino Morea in a scene from Acid Factory

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'I play a bit of a bad guy in Acid Factory'

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Tarun asked, hi.. how r u dino. whats the combination of passion between acting and food
Dino Morea answers, Love them both -- love to eat and perform.

ashraf asked, Dino dude......i m ashraf........i want to became like you....... i dont have life goal.............Din what should i do now......Help me dude i m from rajasthan jodhpur city
Dino Morea answers, Well, buddy. It's about what you want to do with life. And make a goal. Only you can help yourself. Not God.

getsmochi asked, I am big fan of yours from Japan! Wishing for the great success in "Acid factory". with love!
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. How's life in Japan?

gupta_rohit70 asked, HEY HIII..CUD U PLZ TELL ME D MEANING OF UR NAME i.e. DINO???
Dino Morea answers, It's an Italian name and it means strong and powerful.

Sid asked, Hi Dino...recently I saw the international Ad with BIPASHA, both of u rocked man
Dino Morea answers, Which ad are you talking about?

uvrAAz asked, hii,,,me UV from ahmedabad... tell something abt ur ACID FACTORY..
Dino Morea answers, Its releasing on October 9. Meanwhile you can follow me on Twitter.

jin asked, Dino likes his Jhonny Deep look..!
Dino Morea answers, I love the look, it's quite cool.

x asked, Do you think that flims will be your long term carrier
Dino Morea answers, I intend for films to be a long term career because I love acting and am very passionate about my career.

Sid asked, Hi Dino Best of Luck for Acid Factory
Dino Morea answers, Thank you. You can also follow me on Twitter.

purpleglitters asked, hey Dino..... whats up... Acid Factory looks good... whats your favorite place/city in the world ?? and are you really dating Nandita Mahtani ??
Dino Morea answers, Hey thanks buddy. It is a nice film indeed... besides Mumbai I love New York...Single at the moment and very happy.

asad asked, hiii dino . hws u .. hw u .. see ur next film Acid Factory . .. will it going to make any difference .. in ur sinking carrier..
Dino Morea answers, Yes I think it will make a big difference. And my career is not sinking yet.

sidhu asked, Hi Dino, I am one of your biggest fan from ur modelling days. I feel that you hav the best physique in the industry today. I really like ur acting in Aksar nd other thriller movies u hav done. I have also met you once in chennai open 07. wat are ur forthcoming movies ?
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. I appreciate you being a loyal fan. Upcoming film is Acid Factory releasing October 9. I am doing a special appearance in Pyar Impossible. And you can follow me on Twitter.

Surya asked, Hey where is Dino . . .. . no answers!!!!!!!
Dino Morea answers, He's right here. Giving you your answers. What's the question?

uvrAAz asked, plz tell me abt ur roll in acid factory ...
Dino Morea answers, I play a bit of a bad guy...someone who masterminds the entire plan and how things go wrong.

jin asked, Post some good questions with the number for that questions so that Dino can reply accordingly...! Something like this .. 1/// Dino what are your views about Acid Factory??
Dino Morea answers, Thank you, Jin.

kartik asked, Hi,dino, do u love lara dutta and get married ?
Dino Morea answers, No no marriage plans. Nothing happening.

Image: A scene from Acid Factory

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'Bipasha and I are still very good friends'

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Vishal asked, hey man what happned between u & bipasha u guys were having good chemistry then what suddenly what went wron ?? I know its a personal question ?? Will u share this with us
Dino Morea answers, We split up! Like most couples do. There were indifferences. But we still are very good friends.

john abrahim asked, Hai Dino...want to see u in a complete action movie
Dino Morea answers, Yeah! So am I. I am just waiting for the right opportunity.

arwind asked, Hey dino i would love to see u performing real stunts in acid factory
Dino Morea answers, You'll see one of the best bike races indian cinema has ever seen and of which I am a part.

mr asked, I am from Singapore
Dino Morea answers, Excellent! I am happy for you. I am on Twitter.

anisha asked, dino why you broke with hot lara??
Dino Morea answers, Sorry but no comments. But I am on Twitter.

Shafi asked, hi, best of luck for the upcoming movie, I am Shafi(Compuer Tech if u remeber I visited to ur res. before release of RAAZ)
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. You're most welcome. You can drop by again.

purpleglitters asked, Hey Dino...whats your favorite movie till date ??
Dino Morea answers, If its English it'll be Scarface, Godfather, Notting Hill, Ghost. In Hindi it's Deewar, Lawaris, Agneepath, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

bindu asked, hiii hw r u im ur big big fan i lik u chooooooooo much more then my bf
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. I like you too.

benny asked, hey dino. Always wondered what your name meant? Are you of Italian origin?
Dino Morea answers, Yes, my father is Italian. My mother is Indian.

sami asked, hey dino u were in hyd yesterday i tweeted u billion times asking where in hyd but u din't reply that was really dissapointed
Dino Morea answers, I am sorry. I just had a hectic day. I am back in Mumbai now.

jin asked, Hey Dino... how are the promotions for Acid Factory going on?? Any plan to visit Ahmedabad??
Dino Morea answers, Promotions are great. There is a plan. but it's not confirmed yet.

Dino Morea answers, Love both of them.

aksh asked, hey dino..........u dont know avi???its Abhisek Bachhan buddhu
Dino Morea answers, Ooh! got it.

Omkar asked, Hey Dino, why you werent there in Raaz - The mystery continues? The first RAAZ was much better.. If you would have been there in 2nd RAAZ, it would have been smashit
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. Love your comments. But the producers wanted a new cast.

purplestar asked, Hello DINO .... atleast say hi !! Im your twitter follower btw...whats you favorite city in the world ??
Dino Morea answers, HI! Thanks for following me on Twitter. Tell all your friends to follow me too. Favourite citites would be NY, LA, London, Paris.

veena asked, hii my names veena ,im 15 and im from kerala..wats ur role in the nxt mvie?
Dino Morea answers, I play a rascal in the next movie. Its called Acid Factory. And it releases on October 9

Mathew asked, Dino how much do you value ur spiritual life?
Dino Morea answers, I am a very spiritual person. I value it a lot. I have a lot of faith.

Vidit asked, have u entered modelling through GLADRAGS?
Dino Morea answers, No. I used to model on my own too. Gladrags was the competition I won after I became a model.

Renuk asked, Hey Dino, being very popular why cant you start with some social awareness programs........whatever we do..people dont listen to us........but it a celebrity says the same thing....people will follow.........things like following traffic rules...not spitting on roads..........
Dino Morea answers, I already have a social initiative with Go Green. Plant a tree, don't poach... go green.

gandoski asked, Hey Dino,I am Gay too...don't worry we will be fine
Dino Morea answers, Fantastic! I am happy!

Sherry asked, I love ur song "Zara Muskurade" u rock!!!!
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. I love it too.

dam asked, wat is the budget of the acid factory
Dino Morea answers, It's an expensive film.

sunehri asked, Don't you think that talented good looking actors like you lose out to people like Tushar Kapoor and Uday Chopra, just because they come from film families? Their families spend crores shoving them down the throats of the viewers when they could sign people of higher calibre?
Dino Morea answers, In some cases its true. In some you can't stop talent.

Samira asked, Do u ever regret doin a movie of ur past?
Dino Morea answers, I don't regret. The mistakes I made were all learning experiences to make better choices now.

Dino Morea says, Thank you all for being here. If you want to know more about me follow me on Twitter. I am dinomorea9

Image: Dino Morea

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