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The Dil Tittli girl who stole Saif's heart

Last updated on: October 9, 2009 10:55 IST

The Dil Tittli girl who stole Saif's heart



She was the one Saif Ali Khan was looking for before he got sidetracked by Kareena Kapoor.

Meet Sarah-Jane Dias, the former Miss India World (2007) who recently appeared in an Airtel advertisement along with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

The model-cum-veejay is making her acting debut in a Tamil romantic comedy titled Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai opposite Vishal Krishna. She got to chat with her fans about the ad, films and much more during a Rediff chat on Wednesday. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

Sarah-Jane says, Hello everyone, this is Sarah-Jane.

varun asked, why havent indian women been doing well at the beauty pageants lately? the ones that enter the miss india contest now aren't half as smart as Lara dutta or Priyanka chopra. your opinion?
Sarah-Jane answers,  Well I think that it's not really the fault of Indian women :) it's a universal pageant and all countries have to win at some point in time and if you look into the history, you'll find that each continent has it's turn in good time. I've been fortunate to meet almost all the recent title holders and I can tell you with full honesty that they are more than adequate as Miss Worlds or Universes :) And thank you ever so much for all the good wishes and regards.

mohit asked, hi sarah how are u is really dil titally for whom
Sarah-Jane answers, I'm not entirely certain what Dil Tittli even means. Care to clarify :) ?

tushar asked, swati says, hi sarah...wish you all the best for your career &yuor
Sarah-Jane answers, Thank you so very much for the regards.

aditya asked, hi sarah ...........its me adi
Sarah-Jane answers, Hi r u doing??

ravi asked, You are beautiful
Sarah-Jane answers, Thank you so much.

dhiraj asked, no answers yet .. she is not here
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey please send me your question.

maxi asked, Hi Sarah, you look very pretty in airtel ad, even much better than kareena. All the best for your first breakup in the cinema world
Sarah-Jane answers, That's such an unbelievable compliment. Thank you.

P Roy asked, Sarah, You skin is tanned. Are you getting offers from Hollywood.
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there. To answer your questions, I speak fluent Hindi and English and I know bits of Arabic, French, German and Spanish. And yes my skin is tanned but no, no offers from Hollywood yet :) unless you know something I don't.

tintin asked, Sarah, where are u from? and when did you start modeling?
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there, I'm from India. I was born here and brought up in Muscat. I started modelling about 8 years ago.

Image: Sarah-Jane Dias

'After I won Miss India I underwent surgery on my right knee'

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vips1977 asked, Hi Sarah, I am Vipul. First of all, I must give you a compliment, you are too pretty. I am following you since you appeared in Reliance coloured mobile advertisement, after that you became Miss India and then appeared in Dil Titali ad of Airtel. When we can see your debut in Bollywood? Do you have any future plans for that?
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there, thank you for the compliment.I can't believe you remember me from that commercial cause I was barely in it for 2 seconds! I do plan on doing Bollywood so keep your fingers crossed for me.

mohitaga asked, sarah dil titalli means any boy friend
Sarah-Jane answers, Well...yes. :)

fahd asked, Hi Sara. I liked you when you won miss india, but why did you gain so much weight and not focus on your body and prepare for Miss World pageant. We felt u were totally out of shape compared to latino girls also ur wardrobe selection and hairdo were horrendous. Don't u regret about not performing in Miss World thereby being unplaced that year?
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there. After I won Miss India I underwent surgery on my right knee to fully re-construct my ACL ligament (google it) that was torn by a hit-and-run driver hence putting me in bed for 3 months. And we all know how much mamma's khanna can make us put on weight. I lost 6kgs before I went to the Miss World so please do your research before you ask mundane questions.

vaun asked, vaun says, Hey been a avid fan of urs from the freedom express days.I had predicted to my friends that one day u sure will make it big.I felt sorry when u missed out, but then i think theres something bigger in store for u , what say!
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there, I'm very grateful to you for your support and I hope your predictions come true :)

rythm asked, Hello there, is it difficult to create a impact in a advertisement given that the time span is short and public memory even shorter. Between i thought the real star besides the product was you in the Airtel ad, here is wishing u a great success in th film world also.
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there. That was very well put and I'm incredibly flattered to know that the subject of your observation in me, thank you again.

vinay asked, hey.. are you into some hindi film projects too??
Sarah-Jane answers, Not yet but hopefully soon... :)

sdf asked, Hi, Sarah wishing to you happy diwali 2009 in advance.
Sarah-Jane answers, Thank you and same to you.

Image: Sarah-Jane Dias

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'I lost 6kgs before I left for the Miss World pageant'

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Adarsh asked, hi, this is Adarsh, how do u maintain your health?
Sarah-Jane answers, By eating everything I want to in reasonable portions and working out as often as my work permits.

rangit asked, where are u form dear sara
Sarah-Jane answers, I'm from Mumbai, Rangit.

koolebuddy asked, hi sarah i would like 2 say that u r very beautiful and all the best 4 ur new movie i think u have a brite future
Sarah-Jane answers, Thank you very, very much.

abhiram asked, hi sarah.. you look nice in airtel lost some weight i think right?
Sarah-Jane answers, Yes,.thank you for noticing.

vinay asked, will you be making a comeback as VJ on MTV?? you were very good as a VJ..
Sarah-Jane answers, I was a Vj with Channel V, my friend and thank you :)

fahed asked, Hi Sarah. Sorry to hear that you had met with an accident, but knowing that you were bed ridden and out of shape, we pageant fans believe that you should have handed over the title to someone else and should have thought about India and some1 fitter and better to represent us. Sorry but i am only expressing angry indian fans' opinion. You can visit worldwide fans opinions at missosology dot org forums
Sarah-Jane answers, Wow! It's nice to know there are people out there who pay so much importance to details of this value to our society. Please refresh my last message. But in case you can't, I reiterate, I lost 6kgs before I left for the Miss World pageant.

srinivas asked, do u really wanted to become a model or it happened unfortunatly
Sarah-Jane answers, Yes, it did just happen but I was very, very FORTUNATE.

sullu asked, are u a good dancer?
Sarah-Jane answers, Yes, I'd like to think so.

bin asked, u look soooooo different now. any new projects in line?
Sarah-Jane answers, Thank you, I've really worked on my look. I do have a couple of projects coming up so wait and see :)

Image: Sarah-Jane Dias
Photographs: Punit Paranjpe/Reuters
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'For directors Miss India winners are the cream of the crop'

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mumbaikar asked, Hi Sarah... if my observation is right there are plenty of miss india, world, universe etc. who want to be successfull in movies.. so can we say that those titles are harbinger as most of you want to do movies.. secondly if acting is/was first love then why not earlier.. wish you great success.
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there. Yes it is a stepping stone to films but paegant winners who are from the modelling background find that it is a natural progression to do a film hence reaching the mass audience. I know Miss Indias who come from medical backgrounds, who have gone back to their studies and are now successful doctors. Also for directors Miss India winners are the cream of the crop.

SmittenAboutSarah asked, Are you for real? Like the real "you make my heart melt" Sarah-Jane on TV? Or is Rediff pulling wool?
Sarah-Jane answers, Yes, I am and tomorrow you shall see photographic proof :)

binod asked, hi How's your journey so far being a model to an actress? Please this time do reply ..please
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there. The journey has been long, bumpy and difficult but that's why I value it today and above all it's been fun because I'm blessed to be able to do what I love doing the most.

nisha asked, Hello when's you birthday?
Sarah-Jane answers, December 3.

srinivas asked, you have got beautiful eyes and I like your hair style also
Sarah-Jane answers, Thank you, thank you.

siddharth asked, hey sarah what kinda music do u like listenin to?
Sarah-Jane answers, Soul, R n B and Hip-Hop

Image: Sarah-Jane Dias
Photographs: Punit Paranjpe/Reuters
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'I really do miss Channel V'

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rajuchiefmanager asked, You asked, are you like to participate in BIGBOSS like Tv SHOW in future.?
Sarah-Jane answers, No plans as of now...

tataria asked, I'm surprised you managed to become Miss World. I've dated women more attractive than you! You must be an inspiration to millions of girls who must think 'If Sarah Jane can be Miss World, there's hope for all of us!'
Sarah-Jane answers, I must say, you are a GENIUS! That's exactly what I wanted!

alijey asked, Looks like sarah jane only answers those qns where she is praised and glorified? when will people learn to take criticism in in the same vein as praise?
Sarah-Jane answers, When criticism is based on the unbiased truth.

vikas asked, do u miss channel V because we definately miss u there...
Sarah-Jane answers, I do, I really do :(

romeo asked, sara if god give u 3 wish what it will be.
Sarah-Jane answers, Hey there... I'd wish for an island, a spaceship and three more wishes.

prashant asked, sara your beauty will vanish one day but my question will remain as it is so you decide whether to ans or not.
Sarah-Jane answers, How melodramactic of you!

ROHITU asked, What is your advise to prospective models & aspirants of beauty competitions.
Sarah-Jane answers, To stick to their dreams and never give up.

Sarah-Jane says, That's it from me everyone! Thank you for all the questions, advice and compliments. I had a blast! Take care and God bless.

Image: Sarah-Jane Dias

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