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'All The Best brought back memories of No Entry'

Last updated on: October 14, 2009 19:23 IST
Bipasha Basu

Get ready to celebrate Diwali with the gorgeous Bipasha Basu, as she descends on the marquee with All The Best. A comedy co-starring Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Fardeen Khan and Mughda Godse, All The Best is directed by Rohit Shetty, son of yesteryear stunt director Shetty (remember him on Don?).

Bipasha talks to Patcy N about the fun she had shooting with 'the boys.'

What made you sign up for All The Best?

If I like the film, I do it. I enjoyed the experience because I knew everyone involved. I was a part of Rohit Shetty's earlier film Zameen (starring Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan). The narration was so entertaining that it brought back memories of my film No Entry. I had really enjoyed No Entry. That's why I thought I must do this film because I thought if on a narrative level, it was such fun, what would it be on big screen!

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'Boys can't party without girls!'

Last updated on: October 14, 2009 19:23 IST
Bipasha Basu

All The Best looks like a guy film. So how much fun did the girls have?

Boys can't party without girls! And they definitely cannot bully us! You will see that when you watch the film. Girls are a very integral part of the film.

This film has situational comedy, so each character is important.

All The Best is about lies and mistaken identities. So you will see that Mugdha and I had our share of fun. We were one big gang hanging out together, shooting, working out and going out too.

'I was not Ajay Devgn's victim'

Last updated on: October 14, 2009 19:23 IST
Bipsaha Basu

Was Ajay Devgn as much as a prankster on the sets as he is known for?

Yes. He looks so serious -- he's got this lethal look -- but still, he is always playing pranks on people. But he was nice to me, so I'm happy. I was not the victim. There were other victims.

What kind of film is All The Best?

All The Best is a kind of a film that will entertain everybody, especially the youth. It is a family film.

'While we worked out, Fardeen would sleep on the treadmill'

Last updated on: October 14, 2009 19:23 IST
Bipasha Basu

Any fun anecdotes you can tell us?

I remember Fardeen's sleeping and eating stories! While all of us worked out (in the gym), Fardeen would sleep on the treadmill. He would actually lie down on it.

Fardeen will get very upset if I tell you all this.

'I want to change my hairstyle again'

Last updated on: October 14, 2009 19:23 IST
Bipasha Basu

How come you're looking slimmer and slimmer everyday?

I don't know. But my weight has not changed -- it's been between 57 and 59 kilos in the last five years. I am five feet eight inches tall so I think the weight is normal. I don't think I am getting any slimmer but yes, I am getting fitter.

What's the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

I want to change my hairstyle again. I get bored of hairstyles quickly, so I am looking forward to another change.