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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Ayesha Takia: Wanted is a rocking film

Ayesha Takia: Wanted is a rocking film

Last updated on: September 11, 2009 

Image: Ayesha Takia Azmi

She's cute, bubbly and very much married. But the last bit doesn't make Ayesha Takia Azmi any less 'Wanted' by her fans.

The actress, whose latest release is Wanted opposite Salman Khan, got to find out how much her fans adore her in a rediff chat on Thursday. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired:

Ayesha Takia says, Hi everybody, it is great to be here chatting to all of you today.

deepak asked, u r lookin so beutiful in ur upcoming movie
Ayesha Takia answers, Deepak, thank you so much!

jjjjj asked, how you have plan to pusue both carrier and marriage life
Ayesha Takia answers, Ya. I am going to pursue both career and marriage.

pooja asked, Tell something abt prabhu deva
Ayesha Takia answers, He actually seems like a quiet person at first but he is someone who jokes and smiles all the time. It was a pleasure working with him on this film as a director.

santanu asked, hi what is the release date of the movie 'Wanted'
Ayesha Takia answers, Wanted is releasing on September 18. Go and watch. It is a fun film.

Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you very much.

jimmy asked, Why you got married so early because your career just started?
Ayesha Takia answers, Career and marriage don't have to do anything with each other. In 2009 people can do both successfully.

ayushi asked, What do you like to do for fun ??
Ayesha Takia answers, I watch lots of movies, both English and Hindi. I love going through fashion magazines, love to read -- Paulo Coelho is my favourite author. I love going on long drives with either my mom or sister, and Farhan.

Rotts asked, Wanted promos rock...the dialogue promos look awesome...never expected u & Salman to have such a great this is so cool...waiting for Sep 18
Ayesha Takia answers, Thanks for your support with the promos of Wanted. I promise you it is a rocking film.

'Wanted is the most commercial movie I've ever done'

Image: Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia Azmi in Wanted

rawal asked, ayesha, wat would u like to prefer- socha na tha or Dor?
Ayesha Takia answers, Both are my favourite films. They cannot be compared because one was the film I was started with. Socha Na Tha is the closest to my heart and no other film can compare with Dor.

Kalyan asked, Why did you stop doing telugu movies?
Ayesha Takia answers, I love doing Telugu films. If I am offered a good movie or a story of substance, I will do it.

ZYX asked, Hi Ayesha.. Hw has WANTED shaped up? Have u watched the tamil version of it? Did u like the same?
Ayesha Takia answers, Yes, I have seen the Tamil and Telugu version and I loved both of them. And you will love the Hindi version too!

aziz asked, is it a tuff dicision for u to come back to films after marriage?
Ayesha Takia answers, I never left it in the first place to make a comeback.

Abhiwaan asked, Hey Ayesh r u going to star in revati's next ?? or u have opted out ?? apart from Wanted which r the other movies of urs coming ?
Ayesha Takia answers, As of now I am doing Revathy's film. Revathy is in hospital, she has been operated on her knees. When she is okay we will start.

mmpatels asked, Hi Ayesha u hv been fantastic in all ur movies but in Dor you were outstanding of all ... would we be seeing you in such kind of challenging roles in future .... which do u think is ur best role till date
Ayesha Takia answers, I agree Dor is a fabulous film.

prajwal asked, How did the promos of WANTED came out?? Hope you have given an awsome performance. Is it different from your previous roles
Ayesha Takia answers, It is the most commercial masala Hindi movie that I have ever done. So I am sure you'll enjoy it. There is a lot of scope for acting as well so it is a nice blend of both.

'I'm not pregnant'

Image: Ayesha Takia Azmi
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

Rosh asked, Hey Ayesha, First of all hearty congratulations for your wedding; it's the most beautiful thing in the world. Wish you all the best for your life and keep smiling as you always do!
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much. It is very kind of you.

Bamboat asked, So what made you do Dor? the script or your role?
Ayesha Takia answers, Both. The minute Nagesh [Kukunoor] narrated the script to me, I knew I wanted to do the film. It is based on a true story so it was the greatest thing playing the role.

tabrez asked, asalam-alaikaum ayesha jii..You and mr Azmi looks too good... Rab Ne Bana De Jodi
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you very much.

Ramesh asked, do you do any romantic movies like "Socha na tha".. in future?
Ayesha Takia answers, Romantic movies are one of my favourites and I really really hope and pray that someone makes another movie like Socha Na Tha in future.

Ayesha_gr8fan asked, Hi Ayesha , Very Nice to know tat u r here. U r such a bubbly person. First of all congratulations for ur marriage. Have you felt lesser or more pressure in ur life after ur marriage? How many movies u have in ur bucket?
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much. I feel exactly the same as I said earlier. Paatshala is ready to release, it has me and Shahid [Kapoor] and a lot of cute kids and also Revathy's film.

apurva asked, Hi ayesha how are u? Have u ever thought of doing a hollywood movie?
Ayesha Takia answers, Not really, right now. For me the language, the country or the kind of film doesn't matter. If something is offered to me that really excites, you never know, I might do it.

sheena asked, 2day DNA paper reported that ur it true?
Ayesha Takia answers, No it is not true at all.

Kanchi asked, Hi Ayesha....................plz tht i can believe that i m chatting wid REAL Ayesha Takia:-)
Ayesha Takia answers, Hi Kanchi. Thank you for coming on chat.

docsri asked, u r probably the most beautiful girl to b on screen today !!!
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much. That is very sweet of you.

bigfansonu asked, i am big fan of yours...always
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much.

Siya asked, Hiiii... Ayesha Which is ur favourite Hindi Song ?
Ayesha Takia answers, One of my favourites has to be Yeh Hosla from the film Dor.

'I would love to do more negative roles'

Image: Ayesha Takia Azmi

fish asked, Hi Ayesha, How is life after marriage?
Ayesha Takia answers, Life is great but it feels exactly the same. Farhan is my best friend so life is great.

shakir asked, I have to say I loved your role in DOR, I wish you did more films of that sort.All the best!
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much. I really want to do films like that and looking forward to do films like that.

phani asked, hi ayesha h r u what is ur experience on working in the movie Wanted?
Ayesha Takia answers, It was great fun because Prabhu Deva was shooting the songs so it was very memorable. We went to beautiful locations and trained under Prabhu Deva. We went to Greece, Bangkok, Hyderabad and Bombay.

Manjeet asked, loved ur movie socha na tha....
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much. That is one of my favourite films too.

gaumzi asked, hi iam gaumzi from Dubai......
Ayesha Takia answers, Hi, I love Dubai. It is my favourite place to shop.

Suresh asked, Hi Ayesha..I saw in Super movie in telugu and Dor in Hindi..Both are quite contrasting roles and u performed well in both of them..I have seen wanted in telugu and tamil..u wud fit in this role 100%..All the best for the blockbuster hit in advance..So what to expect from u post marriage in terms if movies??
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you. You must go and watch Wanted. It is a very good film, lots of song and dance, great action.

avbot asked, Ayesha, you had a negative role in tasveer 8x10. does you like such roles.
Ayesha Takia answers, I thoroughly enjoyed it because it is so not me. I would love to do more negative roles. asked, hi aayesha. i m your biggerst fan. i want to ask you one question u r so beautiful & also having great talent in acting why your movie didnt it bcoz of bad choice or anything else.
Ayesha Takia answers, I chose films according to the story and the fate of the movie is something that is unpredictable. But like all actors I hope my movies do well and would love them to be big hits.

avbot asked, Ayesha somthing personal. Do you want your sister Natasha to come in film line or adopt something else.
Ayesha Takia answers, I want her to do whatever makes her happy because it is her life. She wants to act so I will support her and I hope you'll do too.

'I did my first film when I was 15'

Image: Ayesha Takia Azmi

champak asked, Hello mam I have written you few letters for your autographs but I didnt get any reply
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I was out of the country so that is why I think I didn't reply.

Ayesha Takia answers, That was me in the ad. I did my first ad when I was four-years-old. I am doing Paatshala with Shahid.

max asked, what is your fitness formula
Ayesha Takia answers, Recently I have become very serious about my fitness. I do one hour of toning and cardio everyday and whenever I can, I fit in some Yoga. Also giving up on most things that taste good should work.

Abhiwaan asked, hey Ayesha,what is the USP of WANTED ?
Ayesha Takia answers, I think there is a lot because it is Prabhu Deva's first Hindi movie. Boney Kapoor is a lavish producer so the locations will be gorgeous and of course there is Salman Khan and...I am also there.

loveUAyesha asked, Which is your favourite actor u want to work with
Ayesha Takia answers, My all-time favourite has to be Shah Rukh Khan. I would like to work with him. And Sridevi is someone I have always looked up to. asked, hi ayesha.. just wanted to say that i've seen u right from ur ads to music vids to movies.. n ur just so talented n beautiful.. hope to see more of u always..
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed my music vidoes, ads and movies. As long as you guys want to watch me I will still be around.

santhosh asked, Will u act in a telugu movie again? people loved u in super?
Ayesha Takia answers, I would love to. I thoroughly enjoyed working in Super with Jagannath Puri. So I would love to do lots more. asked, Ayesha, if you weren't an actress then you would be ?
Ayesha Takia answers, If I weren't an actress I would probably be an artist because I love painting and sketching or a travel host and talk about all the beautiful places in the world because I love travelling.

shefali asked, Hi ayesha u r wonderful as an actress..! but u had done only non commercial films due to which u couldnt get much attention than actually u could have got..! why never did much of commercial cinema ?
Ayesha Takia answers, I have always chosen films that I feel will make me happy and be a pleasant experience. And I have always made off-beat decisions in my life whether personally or professionally.

meher asked, Hi Congrats on your wedding! How was it working with Salman? I suppose you worked first time with him?
Ayesha Takia answers, We had a great working relationship.

bakwaas asked, Hi Ayesha, I am from your same college
Ayesha Takia answers, I didn't go to college. I did my first film when I was 15.

'I am very active on Twitter'

Image: Ayesha Takia Azmi
Photographs: A Ganesh Nadar

Face asked, Ayesha, are you active on twitter or facebook? Do you like social networking sites?
Ayesha Takia answers, I am very active on Twitter. I really enjoy so I can clear the rubbish written about me and also speak to you all personally. Thank you so much for your response. I am not on Facebook and I have heard there are several fake Ayesha Takias. You can follow me on Twitter on

bakwaas asked, Aap telugu bhi bol leti hain?
Ayesha Takia answers, Unfortunately nahi it sounds really difficult. I am sure that if I practice I will be able to speak.

aksharma16571 asked, hi, good afternoon which is your favourite film?
Ayesha Takia answers, Very funnily there is a film that I have watched countlessly and that is Dil starring Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit. That is my favourite film.

jayrehan asked, Where do you see yourself, let's say after 5 years from now?
Ayesha Takia answers, I take my life one day at a time so it is very hard for me to predict where I will be. But I am sure I will be happy and living life on my terms.

bakwaas asked, Any plan to do any parallel cinema?
Ayesha Takia answers, As I said I really want to concentrate on very good roles this year. From now on I will be doing very few movies this year but something that really challenges me, and hopefully you guys will really enjoy watching as well.

pkandpal asked, i always feel you haven't done enough films? Why so ?
Ayesha Takia answers, I think it's important the kind of films I do and not how many. And I always work with people who I enjoy working with. I don't pick up every film that comes to me.

jais asked, what are you like in real life? as bubbly as you are on screen? or are you a good actor of it too?
Ayesha Takia answers, I guess so. This is how I am on and off screen.

atanusarkar asked, hi ayesha ..grt to see u in a long time...Which is ur fav holiday destination? Where did u spend ur honeymoon?
Ayesha Takia answers, My favourite holiday destination would have to be London it is my all-time favourite place. Also because I love the cold and I love the shopping there.

msdhoni asked, i think you have a great smile . ms dhobi is your greatest fan
Ayesha Takia answers, Thank you so much, I appreciate it.

bigfansonu asked, will you continue to work in films..after marriage also?
Ayesha Takia answers, Yes I will but I will be doing very selective films.

Rajanchopra asked, Hi Ayesha I am Rajan chopra from Ludhiana Punjab. Would u prefer do a Punjab Film if you have a chance to do
Ayesha Takia answers, I have never been offered one. Language is not a barrier for acting so if I am offered one I will consider if the role is exciting.

farhan_Azmi asked, do u look your career in singing too
Ayesha Takia answers, I am such a terrible singer... for all your sakes I will never sing.

oudin asked, do you enjoy dancing? or is it a no-no for you?
Ayesha Takia answers, I absolutely enjoy dancing. In fact it is one of the things that I want to learn because it was one of the things I want to do.

santhosh asked, Ayesha, i would like to see u in a double role like seeta n geeta.i think u have the grace to handle both charactors.wht do u say?
Ayesha Takia answers, I would really love to do it but it would depend on the kind of script. I would really love to do a double role.

Ayesha Takia says, Thank you so much for your time and support and love. I really appreciate it. It has been great fun chatting with you all. Sorry I could not answer all your questions but you can always catch me on Twitter. Please do watch Wanted and get back to me...Cheers