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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'Reptiles in Khatron are nicer than Bigg Boss inmates'

'Reptiles in Khatron are nicer than Bigg Boss inmates'

Last updated on: September 16, 2009 

'Reptiles in Khatron are much nicer than Bigg Boss inmates'



If Rupali Ganguly had any doubts at all of her fan base, she was reassured on Tuesday during a Rediff Chat with her fans.

The television actress of Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai and Bigg Boss fame, answered questions about her participation in Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2, and much more.

For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired:

rohan asked, hello loved u in big boss! are coming in seson 3
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Nahi nahi would love to be observed by my favourite, the original Bigg Boss Mr Bachchan but don't have the guts to go back in there. Maybe after some more tears you would see me there again!

kishor asked, hi rupali r u their at Cape town
RUPALI GANGULY answers, We finished shooting Khatron Ke Khiladi some time back so am here in Mumbai.

PagalAadmee asked,  Hi Rupali, can you please tell us who is the winner of KHATRIN KA KHILADI season 2?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Please keep watching Khatron Ke Khiladi for the answer that you want. Hahaha ... This I'm not telling.

Sauravganguly asked, hi, r u scared abt what u are doing?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Very, very, very scared. I'm petrified. But what a great experience. It's that good fear you feel. I'm loving this khatra!

snwahal asked, why you have stoped coming in serails now?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Is that how it looks? Well honestly I love working in serials but am not getting the kind of roles that I want to do. So till I get something super like all my previous roles I would be lying low. But do keep praying for me for sure.

ravi asked, madam how this show is different from big boss
RUPALI GANGULY answers, There is absolutely no comparison. This is more of your physical capabilities and your presence of mind but Bigg Boss is all about your emotional strength and your mental strength. And I swear to God the reptiles and the dangers in KKK-2 are much nicer than most of the inmates with me in Bigg Boss.

Image: Rupali Ganguly
Photographs: Rajul Hegde

'Sadly, I did not reach the top 3 of Khatron'

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Rajeet asked, Hi Rupali y do u cry always
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Can't help it! I'm like this only! Some people are physically or mentally challenged. I'm emotionally challenged!

ambrish asked, hello rupa....r u planning to come back in SVS...we r waiting for u and deven bhojani!
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Of course, I love SVS and I hope they have me in season 2. I'm really too much like Monisha and I really pray that our genius Satish Kapadia starts writing SVS soon so that it comes back soon. Will definitely pass your message to Deven bhai my director!

pd asked, Hi rupali, pleasee answer did you manage to reach atleast top 3 and waht about jesse
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Jesse [Randhawa] is a rock star I would love to see her win the show. And no sadly, I did not reach the top 3.

hamzah asked, rupali ur very sweet.say something plz.
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Thanks dear. It's sweet of you to say that.

RUPALI GANGULY answers, Haha...You're sweet to say I'm daring so I like you and I don't want to fight with nice people.

pam1976 asked, i like ur acting in the past serial kggk
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Thank you.

kirankurane asked, hi mrs sarabhai actully your looking/attitude& dumpness is very sweet in that serial. miss your sarabhai Vs sarabhai
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Haila! Thank you so much ji!

devrana asked, rupali jee kya aapne kabhi love kya hai........
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Of course. I'm in love right now!

RUPALI GANGULY answers, Its my biggest dream. I always wanted to open an old peoples home and an animal shelter. Am working towards it. Please pray my dream comes true really soon.

Image: Rupali Ganguly
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar
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'I'm being called a haseena for the first time'

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ritu asked, Hi rupali apni kemon achen?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Aami bhaalo aacchi re, Ritu. asked, Hi Rupali, which show you like Big Boss or Khatron ke Khiladi? and why? What happened to you in the tear gas stunt? Hope you are fine now.
RUPALI GANGULY answers, I love both the shows they taught me lot about myself. But Khatron Ke Khiladi I would love to be on every year but Bigg Boss maybe once in 5 years. Haha.

m_k asked, how was the experience in K3
RUPALI GANGULY answers, For me it was the experience of a lifetime! I still can't believe that a bhehenji like me is a part of this awesome show, and also for the first time I'm being called a haseena.

Dharshan asked, hi rupali.. nice to see you doing stunts on KKK 2. Being as asthma patient, you passed the gas room stunt. great going...
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Thanks and yes I didn't get out in that stunt. I still don't believe it re!

joyjeetdan asked, Hi rupali...... how is your feelings about the tasks which you have performed in khatron ki khiladi 2????
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Every task makes me feel proud about myself. KKK2 has changed me as a person. I feel more confident now.

savita asked, Hi Rupali, u were gr8 in Sarabhai...What was going on in ur mind when u got this offer of Khatron Ke Khiladi?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, I jumped at it in spite of not being physically capable to be there. Only a fool would pass up a chance to be on a show like this. I'm so thankful that I got a chance to be on this show.

Image: Rupali Ganguly

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'It's nice to see that stardom hasn't changed Akshay'

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dudeja asked, r u very beatifull.
RUPALI GANGULY answers, God's every creation is beautiful. So in that way ummmm... But I guess you have seen me umpteen times without make up. You decide.

puneet asked, who is ur best friend on the sets of khatron ke khildai
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Shared a room with Carol [Gracias] but Mandira [Bedi] was the best. She is a sweetheart and I have new found respect for Jesse. I like everyone.

katrina asked, hey tell me about ur experience with akshay kumar ....u must have enjoyed working with him isn't it ?????
RUPALI GANGULY answers, I've known him for the last 15 years. He worked in my dad's film Dil Ki Baazi. I tied a raakhi on him then so he is a big brother to me and he always keeps pulling my leg. But it's nice to see that stardom hasn't changed him -- he is still the same. I love him!

nir asked, helllllllllooooooooooo please say hi

Mohammed asked, Hello Rupali, you looks extraordinary in sarabhai vs sarabhai
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Thanks.

k asked, Hi rupali, Any plans for marriage?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, I would love to get married ASAP.

pallav asked, hello rupali are u really there or isit just another hoax
RUPALI GANGULY answers, It's me sacchi mucchi!

czar asked, hi rupali...y we dont c u much in movies..u must b gettin offers as u luk ravishing..
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Offers have to be really interesting for me to take them up either in movies or TV. And thanks for the compliment. You made my day.

NANGA asked, rupali, you plzzz RETIRE..y waste time.we PEOPLE BORED OF YOU...v all pay for CABLE?? just to watch you??yackk
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Unfortunately you're the one sounding boring here. If I was so boring then why are you even here? Your desperate need for cheap thrills and excitement comes across from the name you have kept for yourself. Good bye and God bless.

kashyap asked, i not received your answare
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Sorry Kashyap, am trying hard to answer as many questions but the connection and my typing is real slow.

hans asked, rupali who is your role model
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Every person has taught me something in life good or bad big or small. Everyone is my teacher. But I really look up to my dad and that one very special person in my life.

Image: Rupali Ganguly
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar
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'Monisha is a better version of me'

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antrikhs asked, you are a very good actress and sarabhai vs sarabhai is a treat to watch all of you, now you have tried something more difficult how was akki's behaviour after the shoot
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Thanks for the compliment. Akki was the same in front and behind the camera. He is truly a superstar.

pramod asked, Hi Rupali. U look so nice. Nice to see you in colors.
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Thanks Pramod. asked, hiiiiiiiiii rupali i am a huge fan of u wat r u doing right now?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Chatting with you, Vinay. And thanks for liking my work.

bobb asked, hello rupali u look v sexy in KOK
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Thanks Bob. Am wearing these clothes for the first time in my life so am damn nervous but it was the requirement of the show. And I'm glad for your words of support.

Sameer asked, Hi Rupali, Can you shed some light on your future plans. Like in next 5 years where you want to be?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, I want to be married with one kid and have my own production house and still play Monisha Sarabhai in the 3rd or 4th season of SVS.

Shyamal asked, are you like Monisha in real life ?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Totally. Monisha is a better version of me.

RUPALI GANGULY answers, Immature yes but untrue no. In fact, I always get in trouble for speaking the truth. I wish you didn't pass judgements on people without really knowing them because it really hurts and it's not nice.

jeev5883 asked, hi rupali how are you? I want To Know How's your Experince In Zara Nachke Dikha
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Super experience. I got to know I can actually dance. I loved it.

urlovebabe asked, Rupali, Dont u starting any swaynwar like that I can try for u?
RUPALI GANGULY answers, I really wish I can have a Rupali Ka Swayamvar hahaha... In this we will have real parents and real brother and real friends. Your question is so sweet. Thanks.

raghavan asked, I have seen you in Doordarshan from mon to wed you look so nice what is the secret
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Eyes are the mirror to one's soul and the face reflects the state of mind. I'm a happy person and I try not to be or do bad. That's what you see and thanks for the compliment.

obaid asked, hey rupali.. we like u in swim suites.. why dont u expose urself much? after all u have such a sexy figure!
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Hey Bhagwaan, I'm fat! Iss show mein toh pehen na pada phir kabhi nahi obaid but thanks for the compliment. And no I'm not comfortable for so called exposing.

subhasish asked, Rupu you are not ANSHWERING ME??? We miss you in serials. As per you who is going to win the show? Rupali say something for me in Bengali. Rupali ...what is after KKK-2?? RUPALI PL. TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT THE HOST. I AM A BIG FAN OF AKI. Rupu .... tell me how different is Level 2 from Level 1. Rupu .... tell me how different is Level 2 from Level 1. Rupu you are the most beautiful woman in the show. I really wanted to see you winning the show. I will stop seeing the show if you are confirming that you are not in top 3.
RUPALI GANGULY answers, Please, please don't stop watching the show. It's a great show and I'm happy wherever I reached on the show. Subhashish Mittha kotha bolbe na, tumi akshayer jonno kkk dekhbe aami jaani...aar tumi aamake rupu bolecho aamake khup khup bhaalo legeche... Akshay is a super teacher and a super person. Thanks for calling me beautiful... heehee.

RUPALI GANGULY answers, Thanks everyone for chatting with me. Thanks for all your compliments and encouragements. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to all your questions. Lets hope we meet again soon. Take care and God bless :)

Image: Rupali Ganguly

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