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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'Telugu films gave me name and fame'

'Telugu films gave me name and fame'

Last updated on: September 23, 2009 

Image: Sheela

Telugu actress Sheela got a taste of her popularity during a rediff chat with readers last week.

The actress, who got her big break in the film Parugu, chatted with her fans about her films -- including her first Kannada film Prem Kahani. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

piyush asked, i am from bareilly. i want meet with u.
Sheela answers, Definitely I am also looking forward to meet you.

viswanadh asked, I like your role in parugu. That well suited to you.
Sheela answers, Thank you, I would like to take your suggestion and act in roles which suit me.

viswanadh asked, I saw your Films Parugu, Maska in acted well in that roles
Sheela answers, Zillion thanks to you. Your response is encouraging for an artist like me.

viswanadh asked, hi sheela
Sheela answers, Hi, how are you?

bhaskar asked, Hi Sheela How r u?
Sheela answers, I am fine. Keeping busy acting in films which is a big passion to me.

lll asked, sheela, what is ur last name
Sheela answers, No last name, I am Sheela, Sheela and Sheela always.

kalyan asked, any hollywood plans?
Sheela answers, Let me achieve greater things in the Indian film industry in general and South Indian film industry in particular. Let me think of Hollywood after I achieve something here.

hii asked, wat is ur Professional back groud ??? did u ever taught of coming to Movies???
Sheela answers, I was basically a child artist. Acting has been my profession and passion to me from my childhood.

Rani asked, Any plans for Bollywood?
Sheela answers, Maybe. I may work in Hindi film industry this year end or in the beginning of next year. Two exciting projects are now under discussion. I have not yet finalised these projects yet.

Siddharth asked, hi sheela this is siddharth from Los Angeles USA
Sheela answers, Hi, Siddharth, Wishing you all the best.

nani asked, Hi Sheela, your action is so good in parugu the role suits your face well. May I know your future projects in telugu.
Sheela answers, Thanks for the compliment. I am doing Adoors with NTR under the direction of VV Vinayak. I have just finished two song sequences with NTR. One was shot in Italy and other was on the sets. I really enjoyed the schedule in Italy. It is tough to match steps with NTR.

bfuw23 asked, why did you think of getting into acting?
Sheela answers, I have answered this quesiton. I have worked as a child artist in around twenty films, most of which were Tamil and Telugu films.

surya asked, Hi r u? Which r ur current films ? R u doing any film in tamil ? pls reply abt ur future plans.
Sheela answers, Right now I am not doing any film in Tamil. Look at my answers to other questions earlier.

'I have not thought of marriage'

Image: Sheela

manju asked, HOW ARE YOU SHEELA?
Sheela answers, Doing well. Looking forward for working in many good projects.

malya asked, hi shella i am frm hyd ur acting is good
Sheela answers, Thank you. I love your city which has given my life. I think Hyderabad Biryani. I hang out in Hyderabad city more compared to other metros down south.

aswin123 asked, yu r so cute. I love you sheela...will you marry me?
Sheela answers, I have not thought of marriage. Thanks for your concern.

lll asked, whos ur fave actor
Sheela answers, I would not like to be diplomatic. Frankly I am a huge Aamir Khan fan.

Rani asked, You look very beautiful?
Sheela answers, Thanks.

Rani asked, Hi sheela how was it working in Prem Kahani?
Sheela answers, I enjoyed working in my first Kannada film Prem Kahani. It had a good story, producers were very good and the whole team worked hard to make this film. Now, I am happy for the people's response.

hu asked, Why haven't we seen you in Bollywood?
Sheela answers, You will see me shortly in Hindi films. I am eager to be part of the whole Indian film industry.

ramesh asked, do u ever come to goa we can meet i wil take u around in goa
Sheela answers, I have gone to Goa many times as a tourist. I have not yet shot for a film in Goa. I would love to do it in the coming days.

chaitu asked, Hello Premistara.... How is ur Journey going in Tollywood. How can you changed from Simple Next Door Girl to Sexy Girl in Maska. I like ur Bubbly acting in Parugu
Sheela answers, An actor should be versatile to do different type of films. I did not want be slotted in a particular image. That is precisely the reason why I accepted Maska. Thank you for your appreciation.

ajay asked, Sheela how was your experience in Kannada prem kahani? do you think kannada industry is sober?
Sheela answers, Working in Kannada films is a good experience for any artist. People are pretty serious about work.

shaila asked, which Kannada film are you working
Sheela answers, I have heard a couple of scripts, but I am yet to accept any new Kannada film offer.

kittu asked, hey I heard you are into real estate even before you started acting movies.Is this real?
Sheela answers, No, No. I don't know who spreads such rumours.

ksreenibe asked, Hi Sheela.. How r u? Hope u doing great in the Films!!! you are looking so sexy.. what is secret of that... Hope i see u in many more films in the coming future.. right!!! All the best for ur future projects.
Sheela answers, Thank you so much.

'I wanted to move away from the homely girl image soon'

Image: Sheela

kirankurane asked, hi sheela which is your fav hindi movie.
Sheela answers, Lots of them. I can tell you about Ghajini which has impressed me very much in recent times.

visky asked, who is your fav telugu start and actresses.. like ur idol i mean
Sheela answers, Chiranjeevi sir remains my all time favourite. Now, I like Tarak and Bunny who have been my co-stars.

PagalAadmee asked, Dear Sheela, a personal question please dont mind, do you like Men with Mustach or cleanshaved? and please specify why? I am waiting for your answer you gorgeous.
Sheela answers, I would not like to reveal anything about it. I would like to keep it as a secret.

basham asked, sheela where r u
Sheela answers, Now in Bangalore answering the rediff chat. I am also promoting my Kannada film Prem Kahani.

durga asked, Hi Sheela, you have done a great job in parugu. we are looking forward for your current film with NTR.
Sheela answers, Thanks. I promise you that my future project with Tarak NTR would be a real treat.

sameersingh asked, Hi Sheela this is sameer here , i saw you in couple of movies one in telugu and another in tamil... you were pretty good in telugu movie Parugu making your opponents(Allu Arjun & Prakash Rai) run for their money..Keep good work.
Sheela answers, Thanks, Thanks.

kalllyan asked, hi sheela, i am kalyan from mahesh, about two days back i watched kannada movie prem kahani, and it was quite good.
Sheela answers, Thanks. Prem Kahani is running well because of support from people like you.

SOMSATSHAIL asked, hi.hope u r doing fine.i wish u all the best in your future selection of films dear..........ALL THE VERY BEST.......U ROCK .
Sheela answers, Thank you.

DVSK asked, Hi Sheela, You were so sexy in the Maska film. How did this change over has happenned from Parugu to Maska
Sheela answers, I have already answered this question. I wanted to move away from the homely girl image very fast. MS Raju sir offered me Maska which was a good opportunity. I accepted.

Romeo asked, Hi Sheela.... want to know what languages you speak...
Sheela answers, Tamil, Telugu and a bit of Kannada.

'I got huge response for my role in Maska'

Image: Sheela

cddu asked, hi sheela, on which basis you will choose glarmor.... etc
Sheela answers, I would like to focus on the strength of my character.

praveen asked, hi sheela how did you come to tollywood? that how did u got first chance to act in telegu movies?
Sheela answers, Seethakoka Chilaka was my first Telugu film. Rajarajan, the director of the film was from Chennai who had seen my photo in a Tamil magazine. He selected me for my first Telugu film.

varun asked, hey sheela r u a malayali
Sheela answers, I am a Tamilian settled in Chennai.

Pavan asked, Hi Sheethal!!! Good Morning... I have seen Maska and indeed you did well. Good urban culture oriented roles suits you pretty well as they have the potential to depict an independent, novel and bold characters. But of course I am not meaning that other roles are not your cup of tea.
Sheela answers, Thanks for your observation.

phanendra asked, Hi sheela, this is phanendra from mumbai. After parugu why did u take up maska which has a little scope to ur role?
Sheela answers, I don't think so. I got huge response for my role in Maska. If the role had very little scope, I would not have accepted the film at all.

aswin123 asked, hey..i like your role in Nandha...i worked as assnt cameraman in that movie. you remember me?
Sheela answers, I acted as a child artist in the film. Thanks for working with me in that film.

ramesh 73 asked, in seethakoka chiluka u did very sexy and innocent role. for u only i saw that movie thrice.keepit up
Sheela answers, Thanks. Hope you will see all my future films as well.

Tilasmi asked, Hi sheela, being a tamil, isn't it difficult for you to work in tollywood ?
Sheela answers, No, I loved working in Telugu films which have given me name and fame.

reddy asked, One of your movie which you would love to see agian and again?
Sheela answers, Parugu in Telugu and Prem Kahani in Kannada.

yusuf asked, you r so beautiful sheela natural beauty comes from u if u want to do bollywood film with which actor u will like ur opposite?
Sheela answers, Definitely Aamir Khan.

Sheela answers, I am deeply religious.

'I am looking forward to acting in good Tamil films'

Image: Sheela

Rajan asked, Sheela are you from Chennai? Or from Besant Nagar or Adayar? I have seen you in Chennai, please clarify.
Sheela answers, I am from T Nagar.

Raj3375 asked, Hello Sheela..nice to meet you here
Sheela answers, Thanks.

Venu asked, how many movies did u act in your childhood time?
Sheela answers, Almost 20 films.

Siddu asked, What is your opinion about kannada film industry.
Sheela answers, It is very good working in Kannada films.

Surender asked, Hello Sheela...I really liked your role in Maska and the way you acted.I only felt the comparison with Amitab's role in Sholay.And as you are well aware it was Amitab who later went on to became the Superstar !!!. I Wish you all the great success for you not only in Tolly,Kolly woods but also equally in Bolloywood too.
Sheela answers, Thanks, cho chweet of you

kumaryk asked, Hi sheela.. which is your latest movie in telugu
Sheela answers, Adurs with Tarak.

chiru asked, , how is ur favourite starin telugu favourite holiday spot farourite dish favourite film dateofbirth?
Sheela answers, Favourite holiday spot: Goa. Favourite Dish: Any thing in Chinese.

Tamilan asked, Dear Sheela, Do you plan to act in Tamil movies? It would be a gift for tamilnadu fans
Sheela answers, I am looking forward to acting in good Tamil films. After all Tamil is my mother tongue.

nemi asked, your movie song kogile in Prem Kahani Kannada is fantastic. I love to watch it again and again. thanks for such a nice song
Sheela answers, I have also liked this song very much. Thanks to Ilayaraja sir for composing such a beautiful song.

Sheela says, Thanks for participating in this chat. I look forward for more chats like this. Thanks rediff and all you people who interacted with me.