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Mallika Sherawat: I would never go topless

Last updated on: August 2, 2010 13:52 IST

'I would never go topless'



A quick update on what the stars are saying in 140 characters.

No one knows better than Mallika Sherawat on how to whip up a storm.

The actor, who supposedly posted a nude picture of hers on Facebook, and tweeted the link, created a furore over the last few days! 

Frankly, we think it's not her pictures but her comments that were more provocative! Coz she promptly tweeted in her defense, "oh c'mon, media! its hardly "topless" lol. Maybe i'm livin in US too long, 'cause this is nothing! chillax, people;) i'm wearing a skin-colored bodysuit underneath:) i wud never go topless!"

Her responses to her fans are funny though! In response to a question, "so is it wrong for a married man to follow u on twitter?" she replied, "not as long u get permission;-) and really, I'm harmleSss xoMS"

And when someone asked for her topless picture, she replied in jest, "its not topless!!! egads! but i'm sure sum1 can find the link for u lol"

To another fan comment, "Study finds men can add upto 5 yrs 2 their lives by starin @ b**bs,"  she replied cheekily, "then my "topless" pic shud giv eternal life"

She's already forewarned her fans who tweeted, "If 1 picture has created such a Hype,wonder wot the release of HiSss would do?" She replied, "It'll be Hisssteria! Ppl will be Hisssterical! Lol"

Now, this gurl knowssss how to create hysteria, doesn't she?


Image: Mallika Sherawat


Getting Tweety with PC!

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That Priyanka Chopra is a hard working girl is obvious from her tweets. She seems to be under the weather a lot -- but her sense of humour is still intact.

She tweeted earlier this week, "Hey guys had a hammering day.head hurts I'm yawning.But gym beckons!!Trainer waits.Kya karein.aur bolo Mummy mummy mujhe heroine banna hai!"

The day prior to that she messaged, "Hey world!Woke up with a cold!Boo hoo!but gotta do what I gotta do.Off to work.blaring some Edward maya in da car,coffee in my hand,im set"

And then, "At a shoot for sunsilk.. Sar dard is happenning!! Listening to maula from Delhi 6.. Hoping for some divine intervention!! Hehe!!"

So go on twitterworld, send her some love!

Image: Priyanka Chopra

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Thinking aloud!

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Actors and their tweets can be so telling. Sample this:

Shah Rukh Khan tweets on the occasion of Friendship Day, "didnt realise till i got msgs that today was friendship day. my kids laugh at me cos i have such few friends."

Shahid Kapoor tweets over the last two weeks, "Took my brother n sis out for dinner they were lecturing me on what kind of girl is right for me... was confused thought i was the oldest . Sometimes seeing old pics can bring so much back .. Lost in nostalgia mode .. Although pics are from the last 2 yrs."

Anoushka Sharma shares her thoughts, "Heading for my week long vacation. Finally it's arrived and I dont feel like leavin home.hate the fear of unknown in me.but I need this:o) All u need is LOVE !!! ..... Big, fat , freakin doses of it! If ur actions are not hurting anybody then do whatever works to keep u happy !!! ...... Ripped it off woody allen's 'whatever works' ;o)"

And Sanjay Dutt talks about his next year as he celebrated his birthday last week, "Another fleeting year just rolls on..all set to step in2 another year of my life. looking 4ward 4 good work, happiness n d 2 little ones."

Image: Anushka Sharma

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Recco of the week!

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After expressing his desire to see I Hate Luv Storys, Salman Khan seems enthusiastic about Aisha! The actor tweeted pictures of him with Anil Kapoor and their goatees!

His other Khan friend, Aamir tweeted, "In LA today. By the way the new album of Indian Ocean is out. 1st song is available on FREE FREE FREE!!!"

Even Lara Dutta is clear of what she's waiting for. She tweets, "Things I'm looking 4wrd 2 in the coming months. Peepli Live, SLB's Guzaarish, god childs holy communion, seeing my parents and going 2 NYC!"

Karan Johar contemplating his next film tweeted, "Hearing awesome things about "ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI"!!! Dying to see it!!! Well done ekta!!"

Kunal Kapoor seems totally excited about Aishwarya Rai and Rajnikanth's new movie! He tweeted, "Rajnikanth's punch dialogue in the upcoming film Endhiran "Buddy. if I beat you, even Google won't be able to find you" !! Haha.. Love the dialogue.. Go Rajni sir go!!!"

Image: Aamir Khan

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Getting clicky with it!

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When he's not behind a moving camera, Karan Johar seems quite a pro behind the still camera too. 

His tweet pictures are most the glamourous, exclusive, interestingly captioned and capture the who's who of Bollywood. Off late, SRK and the glowing Kareena Kapoor are recurring subjects!

This week, he's posted a ton of pictures from his continuing sojourn in London and the sets of RA 1.

The glam couple: Kareena and Saif Ali Khan strike a pose

King Khan captured!

Another Dostana in the making? Saif, SRK and Karan

Designer Manish Malhotra and his muse Kareena

Image: Saif Ali Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor

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Tweet pictures of the week

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SRK posts from the sets of RA 1.

Sonam Kapoor gets all gurly!

Deepika Padukone and Imran Khanon the sets of Break Ke Baad 

Shahid's plane in Mausam

Blast from the past with Shatrughan Sinha


Image: Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone

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