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Enrique bares it all for Spain

Last updated on: August 6, 2010 16:06 IST

Enrique bares it all for Spain



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Enrique Iglesias is a man of his words -- he made good on his bet that he would ski naked if Spain won the World Cup.

And he did. acquired footage of a naked Enrique shredding up the coast of Miami.

According to the website, Enrique did the naked run just a few days ago... "at the end of July" ...telling us the singer wanted to do it because, "A bet is a bet."

'We do not manage Enrique's personal time schedule but we do know he was in Miami the last week of July,' TMZ quoted the sources as saying.

Image: Enrique Iglesias


Robbie Williams to marry lover Ayda Field

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Robbie Williams is all set to tie the knot with his American sweetheart Ayda Field.

The couple has planned an intimate ceremony on a romantic island off Los Angeles. The singer (36) -- newly back with the band Take That -- and actress Ayda (31), are to marry on the island of Santa Catalina, 20 miles off the California coast and a favourite spot for honeymooners.

Robbie and his bride-to-be told family and close friends of the date only last week. The other members of the reformed Take That are all believed to be on long-standing holidays and so will not be attending.

'Robbie and Ayda have been deeply in love for a long time now. They spend almost every waking minute of every day together and are completely inseparable,' the Sun quoted a source as saying.

'They have tried to keep the guest list for the wedding as small as possible and have revealed only scant detail of the ceremony to the lucky few who are invited,' the source added.

The couple will have a two-week honeymoon before Williams arrives in the UK to promote new Take That single Shame, which is out in October.

Image: Robbie Williams and Ayda Field
Photographs: Thomas Peter/ Reuters
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Justin Timberlake to play gay in a cartoon comedy

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Justin Timberlake is all set to voice a gay character in a cartoon comedy. During Comic-Con in San Diego, show creator Rich Appel said that in an episode of Fox's cartoon comedy The Cleveland Show, Timberlake would play gay.

'Terry [voiced by Jason Sudeikis] falls in love with a guy voiced by Justin,' quoted Appel as saying.

'Justin is just hysterical!' added Appel. Timberlake's episode will be aired in February.

Image: Justin Timberlake

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Drunken Amy Winehouse insults King of Zulus

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A drunk Amy Winehouse insulted the King of Zulus when her partner Reg Traviss took her to a royal dinner.

Winehouse attended the launch of an African-themed restaurant, drunk and with her bangers out before insulting the King of Zulus Goodwill Zwelthini, who was there as a special guest.

The pair arrived late, with Winehouse heavily drunk, before taking their seats at the head table.

While the rest of the 200 diners gave the king a standing ovation when he entered the room, Reg was dragging Amy on to her feet in a bid to show some respect.

The king then made a 15-minute speech which Amy ignored as she dozed off on Reg's lap in full view of the king.

'It was embarrassing. Amy was in a state. People were cringing. Before the king arrived she was downing glasses of wine and snogging the face off Reg. She completely insulted the king during his speech. Amy showed no respect,' The Sun quoted a source as saying.

At one point, 26-year-old Winehouse was talking to people on her table with her boob hanging out of her dress and Reg had to keep tucking it in.

Reg's arm was permanently wrapped around her and he kept kissing her on the cheek while attempting to control her antics.

Later he escorted the Rehab singer through the Shaka Zulu Restaurant in Camden to the back door, where he put her in a cab.

Image: Amy Winehouse
Photographs: Toby Melville/ Reuters
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Source: ANI