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Hollywood snippets

Last updated on: August 9, 2010 16:28 IST

Jennifer Aniston is game for Arrested Development



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Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she would be interested to do a role in still-not-yet-confirmed Arrested Development movie.

'I love it. I actually think I might have asked (Bateman) if that was possible,' the Herald Sun quoted Aniston as telling, responding to the comments made by Jason Bateman he would like to cast her in the long delayed film.
'Anything to work with Jason,' she added.

Bateman has previously said, 'There's a real good part for her in the Arrested Development movie.' But he said he was unsure whether Jen's schedule would allow her to join the cast.

'She's busy. She's pretty famous,' Bateman said. Mitch Hurwitz, series creator, is still writing the screenplay for the big-screen follow-up to the sitcom, which ended in 2006.

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Image: Jennifer Aniston


Carla Bruni offered role in CSI

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Carla Bruni-Sarkozy may soon appear in CSI after she was offered a part in the hit US crime series.

Producers have asked the French First Lady to accept a role after she wrote to Hollywood executives telling them she was a fan of the show. Carol Mendolson, a producer from the show, said she was preparing to make a two-hour long CSI television movie set in Paris.

'Carla Bruni wrote to us to say she absolutely adored our show,' the Telegraph quoted her as saying France's Pure People. 'So we would be delighted to offer her a part in our CSI film set in France.'

She may live to regret the offer however after it emerged Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy recently took 35 takes to get a scene right in a walk-on role in Woody Allen's latest film Midnight in Paris.

Image: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

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Racist Hollywood only wants Asians to play terrorists or cabbies: Dev Patel

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Dev Patel thinks that Hollywood is institutionally racist, as it only wants Asian actors for the roles of terrorists, taxi drivers or geeks.

The Slumdog Millionaire star, 20, from Harrow, north-west London, is frustrated by the lack of decent roles on offer and is currently jobless.

'Because Slumdog was such a big hit, there was a lot of pressure in terms of what I did next. For my second film, I wanted a role that would stretch me but all I was getting offered were stereotypical parts like the goofy Indian sidekick,' the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

'Asian actors tend not to be sent Hollywood scripts that are substantial or challenging. I'm likely to be offered the roles of a terrorist, cab driver and smart geek I want to show that I have versatility. You have to remember that, before Slumdog, the last film about India that went big at the Oscars was Gandhi, as played by Ben Kingsley. The fact that me and Freida have any kind of platform in Hollywood is a big step forward.'

Patel said he was hoping to overcome prejudice. 'I'm buzzing with adrenaline and raring to go, but I have to be realistic. Being an Asian actor, it's never going to be easy. Hopefully, the industry is changing and the casting directors will be less focused on colour so that people like me can get through the door,' he added.

Image: Dev Patel

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Emma Thompson honoured with Hollywood Walk of Fame star

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British actress Emma Thompson has been honoured with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star outside the historic Pig 'n' Whistle pub on Hollywood Boulevard.

Thompson, 51, was presented the star two weeks ahead of the August 20 US release of her latest film, Nanny McPhee Returns, the Daily Express reported.

Present at the event were co-stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and House star Hugh Laurie, along with a baby pig, who posed for photos with Thompson on her new star.

The Academy Award winning actress also had a pint of beer on her new piece of pavement property.

Image: Emma Thompson

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Love scenes freaked Kate out, says Leo

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Leonardo DiCaprio says best friend Kate Winslet was "freaked out" over their love scenes in Revolutionary Road, directed by estranged husband Sam Mendes.

Winslet, who starred with DiCaprio in cult romance Titanic in 1997, found it difficult that Mendes was not troubled at all while directing some of the most intimate scenes in the movie, about an American couple whose marriage is on the brinks of collapse.

The couple recently announced their split and DiCaprio admits that Mendes wasn't bothered by Winslet's intimate moments on set with him. In fact, he was so relaxed about the issue that Winslet "freaked out," Daily Mail reported.

The 35-year-old star worked with Winslet, 34, and her director husband on Revolutionary Road in 2008. And when asked if the filming had marked the beginning of the end of their marriage, DiCaprio said, "It was certainly a difficult time. She was really worried that Sam wasn't bothered by the fact that his wife was making out with another guy right in front of her."

"I told her it was only acting, but she kept on saying, 'This is really weird'. When Sam started telling her exactly how to have sex with me she didn't like it at all. She was freaking out because she was supposed to be having sex with her best friend -- me -- while her husband directed," the actor said, adding, "I didn't find it weird at all. It didn't bother me, because that's part of acting.

Winslet and Mendes, 45, have never given a reason for ending their marriage. They wed in a secret in the Caribbean in May, 2003 and their son Joe was born that December. The Oscar-winning actress also has a nine-year-old daughter Mia by her first husband Jim Threapleton.

DiCaprio, who has been friends with the actress since they starred in Titanic, feels that Hollywood is not the place for happy marriages.

"She loved being a wife. Some people are meant to be married and I think Kate's one of them, but Hollywood and this movie business can be a killer for marriages."

The actor, who has been dating Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli off and on since 2006, is so disgruntled with bad marriages in Hollywood that he is not sure whether he will tie the knot in near future.

"I don't know whether I'll ever get married. I've seen too many supposedly happy marriages go down," he told Reveal magazine.

Image: A scene from Revolutionary Road

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