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'I wanted to get to know the real Rahul Mahajan'

Last updated on: February 17, 2010 14:40 IST

'I wanted to get to know the real Rahul Mahajan'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Rahul Mahajan's Swayamvara is on in full swing on national television, and he has already eliminated 10 girls from the race.

One of the first girls to be eliminated was Rashmi Rawani, a 21-year-old from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

A television news anchor by profession, Rashmi hoped to be Rahul's bride on the show, and was quite disappointed to leave so early.

She tells us how life has changed since the show.

How has life changed for you post the show, Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayegaa?

Life has changed for me. I get recognised everywhere I go. People come and talk to me. Some praise me for representing Lucknow while others feel disheartened that I was eliminated at the very initial stages.

But overall, my near and dear ones are proud of me. Now, I am like a star in my colony.

There had been many youngsters from smaller towns, who became overnight stars after dabbling in reality television. Did you participate in the show for your share of instant stardom as well?

I did not participate in this show to get name or fame. I wanted to get to know the real Rahul Mahajan, the real person behind the celebrity. But to be a part of this show was no overnight success. I worked hard to reach there.

Do you actually love Rahul Mahajan?

I first saw Rahul on TV during Mr Pramod Mahajan's demise. It's been quite a journey for him since then. People can say many things about you but you are the only person who knows yourself well. Despite all the negative feedback I got on him, I wanted to know him for who he was. I liked him but didn't get time to know him better.

Image: Rashmi Rawani


'If I was still on the show, Rahul would have liked me'

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How was your experience on the show?

My experience was good. But I am a bit disheartened and disappointed that I could not make it further. I'm proud, however, that I maintained my culture and family values. I behaved the way all brides do -- demure. I did not do silly things to grab Rahul's attention.

Maybe if I was given a chance, Rahul could have the opportunity to know the real me.

It feels great when you have to look good, made to feel like a princess and wear those pretty dresses. I made friends too, with Rupa Khurana and Charmy.

Rahul said that you maintained a low profile and could not do much to attract his attention. Where did you think you lagged behind?

I don't think I lagged behind in any manner. I needed time to be free and show Rahul the real me. If I was still on the show, Rahul would have liked me.

Now that you are eliminated, which contestant you think is best suited for Rahul?

After me, it would have to be Nikunj Malik. She maintains decorum and above all, looks good with Rahul.

After this television stint, are you looking forward to a career in acting and showbiz?

I have been before the camera before, but on a local level, as a news anchor. After participating on Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayegaa, I went national. If a good opportunity comes my way, I would definitely consider it.

Image: Rashmi Rawani and Rahul Mahajan

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