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'I've always wanted to get married to Rahul Mahajan'

Last updated on: February 23, 2010 17:32 IST

'I've always wanted to get married to Rahul Mahajan'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai
It has always been Priyadarshani Singh's dream to marry Rahul Mahajan. So when the reality show Rahul Dulhania Le Jayega was launched on NDTV Imagine, she promptly auditioned.

Unfortunately, the 24-year-old girl's dream was short-lived.

Priyadarshini, who hails from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, talks to Rajul Hegde about her elimination from the show, and who she thinks will be the future Mrs Rahul Mahajan.

How was your experience on the show?

I've always dreamt of meeting Rahul Mahajan. I had a huge crush on him, so getting an opportunity to spend time with him was an experience of a lifetime. My experience on this show has been fantastic. Being in Fatehgarh was like living in a fantasy world.

Do you think you got enough time to spend with Rahul Mahajan?

Not really. Honestly, during my entire journey on this show, I never had a one-on-one date with Rahul. But I will not say that he was unfair to me. I made the most of whatever time I got to spend with him. Marriage is a sacred institution and it's Rahul's decision.

Why do you think you were eliminated?

I think I was too honest. I wished I could be more diplomatic. I can't be fake. I always give honest opinions. That could be the reason.

How did your friends and family react to your eviction?

They were astonished. They wanted me to fulfill my dream and win.

Image: Priyadarshani Singh


'I have no regrets about what I said or did on the show'

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Knowing Rahul Mahajan's past, what was your family and friends' reaction when you told them about joining the show?

Who doesn't have a past? My parents and friends were very supportive of me. They wanted me to fulfill my dreams.

Rahul had flirted openly with two girls (Payal Rohatgi and Monica Bedi) in Bigg Boss. Doesn't this pose a serious question as far as his loyalty is concerned?

Not really. Healthy flirting is good.

Which were your best and worst moments on the show?

I have had many good moments on the show. The best one was the first day I was introduced to Rahul. I was super excited to meet him. But when I did, I became tongue tied. I forgot what to say to him. That was the impact he had on me. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

The worst one, of course, was the day I was eliminated. I was sad to see my dream coming to an end. I know I was honest but I spoke my mind. I said what I had to say. I gave my 110 percent. I have no regrets about what I said or did on the show.

Participants mostly come on such shows to gain popularity, as they aspire to become actors. Is it the same with you?

Of course not. My funda for participating on this show was very clear. I wanted to get married to Rahul. Besides, I am not from the media background, so participating in this show doesn't help me in any way.

Image: Priyadarshani Singh

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'I would like to join politics'

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Did you dislike any of the girls on the show?

I disliked Nikunj the most. I'm sure everyone got to see her behaviour and attitude. I think she is just fascinated with the idea of getting married on national television and not about marrying Rahul. You should have seen the episode where Gautami Kapoor had come on the show. Her behaviour was hilarious. Had she really been interested in marrying Rahul, she would never have made such statements, especially about the person you are supposed to be marrying.

Who do you think will reach the finale?

I think Mrinmai will reach the final three.

What next?

I don't know. Currently I am just spending time with my parents and having fun. I would like to join politics or for that matter, get into the media as that is the best way to reach the masses.

Image: Priyadarshani Singh

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