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'I will follow my dream'

Last updated on: July 8, 2010 13:59 IST

'I will follow my dream'

Rajul Hegde

Naushad Ali Kawa might have been eliminated from Indian Idol. But the young singer tells Rajul Hegde that he won't be giving up so easily.

Naushad Ali Kawa from Jaipur became the latest contestant to be eliminated from Indian Idol. He was at the bottom three and was voted out of the competition.

The elimination has taken everyone, including the judges, by surprise as everyone expected Tia Kar or Swaroop Khan to go.

Funnily, just the previous day the judges had selected the 18-year-old singer as the performer of the week!

Here Naushad Ali Kawa talks about being ousted from Indian Idol and just what he plans to do now:

It was evident that you were shocked and so were the viewers

Yes! I couldn't believe it was I (who was eliminated). For the first time I was in the bottom three but I was confident that I would survive. But I guess God had something better for me in the store (smiles).

Image: Naushad Ali Kawa
Video: Afsar Dayatar

'Thanks to Indian Idol, people now know me by my face'

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What would you say your journey has been on Indian Idol?

When I look back I feel immensely fortunate to have been selected from thousands of singers during the auditions in Mumbai.

Thanks to Indian Idol, people now know me by my face.

It was also a dream come true to perform in front of legends like Ashaji (Bhosle) Pyarelalji and Pritamji(Chakraborty).

My mother always prayed I become a playback singer and appear on television some day. Although I am evicted I believe my dreams will come true some day. I am glad that at least I could fulfil one of my mother's two wishes.

Which was your memorable moment on the show?

(The episode where) Hema Malini was the special guest. Everyone sang songs that were picturised on her and I got the best compliment for the song I sang -- Main jat yamla pagla deewana. And I was even selected as the performer of the week by the judges!

Image: Naushad Ali Kawa

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'I want to continue my further studies in music'

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Who has been your favourite judge?

All three actually they used to teach us and point out our mistakes and try to help us improve ourselves with each passing performance.

Could you tell us about your background?

I started learning music from my uncle Amanat Ali Kawa when I was seven. I gave my first performance in a cancer hospital and slowly started singing in hotels and at functions.

I have completed my schooling from Children Development Secondary School in Jaipur. I want to continue my further studies in music.

Image: Naushad Ali Kawa

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'I plan to build a music academy'

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And you dream of

I hope that someday I also give stage shows abroad.

Do you have any other ambition other than singing?

Many years ago my grandfather had bought a small land in Jaipur. I plan to build a music academy and hope that my uncle Amanat Ali Kawa teaches there.

What are your plans now?

First I will go to Jaipur and spend some time with my family. After that I will return to Mumbai. Like every singer I also dream of becoming a playback singer and I will follow my dream.

Image: Naushad Ali Kawa

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