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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Sunidhi Chauhan: Queen of kitsch

Sunidhi Chauhan: Queen of kitsch

Last updated on: June 2, 2010 18:11 IST

Image: Sunidhi Chauhan

Fashion is comfort. Now that's a mantra most celebrities swear by. Fact is if you don't feel it, the uneasiness will show.

Songstress Sunidhi Chauhan can adorn the plainest of tracks with her trademark verve and sauciness. But when it comes to her wardrobe, you've got another thing coming.

Take the on-going Indian Idol-5 as case in the point. As one of the judges on the show, the husky singer's wardrobe is mildly put -- catastrophic. That's a real shame considering Sunidhi has it all. She's young, slim and pretty.

So what's the problem? Let's find out.

Sunidhi Chauhan: Queen of kitsch

Image: Sunidhi Chauhan

What could possibly go wrong with a burgundy silk dress high on a heavily jeweled neck?

As it turns out, quite a bit.

While someone like Sonam Kapoor would make this look work with her capricious charm, Sunidhi makes a mess of a perfect opportunity by opting for Lalitaji's bun.

The goddess dress screams for those long tresses to be let loose, girl!

Also, the make-up is all chalky whereas the lips could do with some colour.

Sunidhi Chauhan: Queen of kitsch

Image: Sunidhi Chauhan

Rant alert!

Looks like someone made an outfit out of Hema Malini's leftovers in Dharmatma.

We don't like the frizzy hair. We don't like the Shrek-inspired nails.

And what's that stuck against her ear? A dry mango leaf?

Seriously Sunidhi, get yourself a brand new set of stylist, make-up man and hairdresser. Like, now.

Sunidhi Chauhan: Queen of kitsch

Image: Sunidhi Chauhan

Poor contestant, it's bad enough to sing when every judge is out to whiplash you verbally. Worse they show up dressing like this?

On one such day, Sunidhi makes an appearance in an off-shouldered shiny green ensemble paired with a diamonds and emeralds necklace, befitting an exotic costume ball.

Had it really been one we'd suggest an elegant up do over those curled locks.

Since it's not, we'll just conclude -- dressy to the point of distraction for a judge of a talent-based competition.

Also, not digging those raccoon eyes that seem to have become a regular fixture on the Beedi babe.

Sunidhi Chauhan: Queen of kitsch

Image: Sunidhi Chauhan

There's nothing flattering about this frilly, flouncy frock worn by Sunidhi. Not only does it make her look stout and silly but reeks of wannabeism.

Also on a round face like hers, curly hair lends excessive volume. A sleek mane would do her so much more justice.

Sunidhi Chauhan: Queen of kitsch

Image: Sunidhi Chauhan

The forest green looks lovely on her skin. Those chandelier earrings match perfectly too. It's almost too good to be true. And there you go!

Bright orange nail paint? Sorry Sunidhi, but on that dress and this decade, we don't fancy claws that remind us of yesteryear Ramsay flicks.

As for those ghastly shoes, let's not even go there.

Sunidhi Chauhan: Queen of kitsch

Image: Sunidhi Chauhan

Okay so she's hot! Even then that's too much cleavage-show for a judge.

Here are a few tips we think the vibrant Sunidhi should follow in order to avoid being dubbed Queen of kitschy fashion:

#  Stick to clean-cut outfits in deep colours with minimal embellishments. They bring out her personality. It worked for Vidya Balan. It would work for her.

#  Say no to rhinestones, gaudy make-up and garish hairstyle. Sometimes simple is stylish. Introduce lip colour -- shades of brown and plum.

#  All the nail polish on the dressing table needs to go in the trash can.

#  Treat yourself to a chic pair of Louboutins in hues of black or nude.

#  Smile. It's every woman's best-loved accessory.