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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Who are these new players in Toy Story 3?

Who are these new players in Toy Story 3?

Last updated on: June 23, 2010 16:12 IST
Image: Toy Train

It's always good to have a Pixar movie out in theatres again, and this time its extra special as we finally see Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Cowboy return in Toy Story 3.

The film releases in Indian theatres on Friday, June 25. And while we already know Buzz, Woody, Mr Potatohead and many others, here are the new toys who will be coming aboard the toytrain.

Lots-O-Huggin Bear

The main antagonist of the new film, this is a plush purple teddy bear, a super cute stuffed toy.

But that's as far as niceness goes because this character, voiced by Ned Beatty, is a proper villain, one who watches over other toys like a severe prison warden.


Image: Ken

Finally Barbie finds a lover as Ken -- in a leopard print shirt -- falls madly in love wit her.

He's a very neatly dressed, perfect looking doll voiced by Michael Keaton, but hates being called a girl's toy.

Big Baby

Image: Big Baby

A very big doll with one eye hanging loose, Big Baby is a key character in the new film.

But nobody knows too much about this creature, not even the other toys.


Image: Twitch

Twitch'd be like any wrestler action figure, except he's green and has the head of a bug.

Voiced by John Cygan, this is a pretty scary head with red eyes and chomping mandibles.


Image: Stretch

A shiny purple rubber octopus, Stretch is voiced by Whoopi Goldberg and starts out friendly -- but as is the case with octopuses, things aren't always what they seem to be.


Image: Chunk

A bright orange rock monster toy, this muscular being is voiced by Jack Angel.

His eyes change colour according to his mood -- red when furious, blue when friendly -- and he has really, really huge fists.

Chuckles The Clown

Image: Chuckles The Clown

Voiced by Bud Luckey, Chuckles is an old clown who's been traded by several owners over the years.

And he seems to know an awful lot -- but will he give up his secrets?

Mr Pricklepants

Image: Mr Pricklepants

Voiced by former James Bond Timothy Dalton, Mr Pricklepants is a stuffed hedgehog who considers himself an actor.

Made in Germany, he's a premium imported plush toy.


Image: Trixie

A blue toy dinosaur, Trixie is a Triceratops voiced by Kristen Schaal.

Rex the dinosaur seems to be attracted to her, but she seems to have an online chat-friend in a Velociraptor.


Image: Buttercup

Voiced anachronistically by Jeff Garlin, Buttercup is a white unicorn with blue eyes and bright red hearts painted near his nose.


Image: Peas-In-A-Pod

Visually the most interesting addition to the Toy Story family, these are three soft green balls in a green pencil case that zips open and close.

They behave like kids, and are called Peatey, Peatrice and Peanelope.