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The Bollywood Tweet Diary

Last updated on: March 23, 2010 13:47 IST

The Bollywood Tweet Diary



I have to admit, I prefer the pictures the stars share on their tweets, more than the tweets!

Check Shah Rukh Khan posing in his friend's special jet chartered by him! He even tweeted, "friends teasing me about my hair. say its like a porcupine post waking up look.i think its cool.i dont use comb anyway, now no need at all."

And then posted his picture -- just so we know it's really him tweeting.

Hair was quite an interesting story for Rahul Khanna who had quite a exciting one I must admit. He's even trying to convince her that a Bikini Barber shop would be an excellent business venture. Do you agree?

Or Neil Nitin Mukesh doing a double in his latest ad campaign and then hanging out in the lobby.

Or even Dabboo Ratnani's picture of Preity Zinta with Salman Khan's dog 'Myson' in Goa! Definitely before IPL given Zinta's broad smile!

Actually I am a sucker for Shilpa Shetty's smile! And just for that am sharing one of her many pictures with her 'gr8 company. A big Thanku to all my lovely friends that kept me goin Arbaaz, Harman, Ken.biiiiig hug.'

Image: Shilpa Shetty


Deepika and Imran kiss and tell!

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All izz now well with Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan after their recent tweet digs on the sets of their new movie, Break Ke Baad .

Her latest tweet states, "Morning...last day of BKB for me in delhi...was good fun...thank u @1imrankhan and @dan1shaslam!looking forward to the next schedule!!"

Her tweet pic makes it super clear that she's over her angst!: "Immi and I shooting in delhi traffic...a view of what we see ahead of us from the car we r sitting in."

Imran Khan on the other hand, seems to be having a blast in Delhi.

Check these tweets: "hey, I got like 50 tweets telling me I *have* to go to Khan chacha's... What else could I do?"

"Mutton tikka roll from Khan chacha's, strawberry shortcake from Big Chill... I think I'm going to insist on shooting all my films in Delhi."

"And the 18 hour day of shooting finally comes to an end. We shot from 7a.m. till 12:30 the next a.m... Now to party with @dan1shaslam!" 

"Awake. On set. Question: why didn't I just go straight to bed last night? "

Image: Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone

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Ringside action!

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It's also exciting to get an offside view to celebrities who seem so busy!

Who would think Priyanka Chopra would tweet about Salman Khan.

We didn't know Mr Khan and Piggy Chopps have made up. Anyway, her tweet was sugary sweet, "Listening to pehla pehla pyaar hai from hum aapke hain kaun..Uski nazar..uski haya..How gorgeous was MD and so fab salman!!What a love story".

PC's also warned her followers: "Starting work on Saat khoon maaf today. Wow scared. Gonna b tweeting a little less guys.. Pls bear with yall"

I wouldn't be surprised if Karan Johar made a movie of Chetan Bhagat's latest book, Two States!

He tweets very genuinely: "2 states by chetan bhagat is the most refreshing, simple and humourous look at cultural clashes and family being the 3rd member of a marriage."

Following his footsteps Anushka Sharma tweets introspectively: "Met two school friends in delhi yesterday, felt guilty for making them forcibly sit through the shoot while they got bored ..j ;o)"

Tushar Kapoor on the other hand is trying to calm his nerves. "starting golmaal 3 in a weeks time so a bit stressed out but im gonna remove all the stress at the squash court tom. focusing on gol3 right now even though have done 2parts im still nervous and wanna make this character memorable."

Rang De Basanti favourite Siddharth talks about his situation on location: "Devil and the deep blue sea situation. The mist is lovely, but is stopping shoot. The suns needed for shoot but brings 40deg heat with it! 

Or even Hrithik Roshan's who's back in twitterverse! "Hey guys,I'm BACK!Sched over!Broken n bruised,resting 2day surrounded by family love.Nothing like love n cuddles 2 heal d body n soul!"

Image: Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan

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Celeb advice

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Check Shruti Hassan's introspective tweet: "If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?"

Catch Kunal Kapoor wondering: "Why is everything that tastes good, bad for you and all the so called 'healthy' stuff so horrid!! Has to b some explanation!! Its almost like the taste buds and the rest of the body were created by two warring parties!!"

Or merely try Karan Johar with his caustic tongue: "I have aged in my car traffic will be the cause for therapy soon. It's an emotionally exhausting feeling to be stuck between scars." 

Or "Everyone is getting married in my office...hope its not contagious!!!"

Smile when the lovely Neelam Kothari dispenses philosophically, "All of us are gifted with an intuition or inner voice, listen to it and you can never go wrong.. i wish i practiced it !! :-D"

Or agree when Sonam Kapoor echoes with a maturity beyond her years with this one: "Only your parents can love you unconditionally."

Sample Sandhya Mridul who began her tweets with quite a wise-crack at herself: "Another twit bites the dust. Be nice."

Even Zinta shares some pearlies of wisdom with her IPL fans: "All the best 2 all those who have their exams ! My suggestion.... Watch the IPL highlights & not the full game so u can study more & rock!"

The best however belongs solely to Abhishek Bachachan. He says: "How are the exams going? For those who are giving them. And for those who aren,t..... THANK GOD!!" Or a smart-alecky one, "Much like drinking- don't tweet and drive!!"

However, the one man dishing some seriously good advice is SRK on health, six packs and more!

Tweet 1: six pack more to do with diet than exercise alone. u need to be very disciplined. 30 to 40 days...they will start to show.

Tweet 2: exercise regimen: 4 times a week..30 mins do a weights or any exercise which makes u sweat. no rice or bread at all with food. grilled food

Tweet 3: lots of water. no alochol if u do..then exercise 50 mins. no music & wasting time during exercise. just do it like a job...push urself.

Tweet 4: no desserts ice creams or colas. no food in between meals like chips etc. singlehandedly try & bring the junk food industry to closure ha ha

Tweet 5: i do a 100 push ups at peak of work out & 60 pull ups. when i start i can only do 5 push ups & 1 pull up. it just happens if u r regular

Tweet 6: last tip promise. 2 litres of water.boiled or grilled food.its quite tasty. think thin. age is not an issue. dont follow quick fix diets

Now, that's advice that is worth its weight in gold! Ask any fitness expert.

Image: Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Abhishek Bachchan

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