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SRK's on a Twitter roll!

Last updated on: March 29, 2010 14:00 IST

The Bollywood Tweet Diary



With 233,649 followers, Shah Rukh Khan has much reason to tweet and this week's been one of those at odd hours keeping his tweet fans busy!

Reflective, action-packed and letting us peep into his world as an actor, this week's tweets have been a happy mix! Check out my favourites.

Sarcastic Scorpio Tweet: "Some ppl telling me i dont know how to write tweets. rules..rules..rules ! maybe u dont know how to read tweets. give it a thought."

Happy father tweet: "kids going bak tom. i miss their soft hair the most. strange? anyway will be bak in 4 days myself. nice to have their innocence surround me."

Actor explaining his act tweet: "i am in a strange space when i act. like in a bubble. i can see outside but the world doesnt touch me. when it gets over will go for matches. i am immensely boring at work. hugely focused though smiling. am only thinking wots happening around...not such a good place to see me."

Winning owner of a team tweet: "@kkriders was happy to see the team now coming together & playing in for each other. there always is strength in unity...alone we r nothing. @realpreityzinta love you very much. cant say didnt want to win...but hope to play finals with ur team. be tough like u always have been."

Introspective tweet: "went for a walk near the beach. not a beach person but its nice to face the sea & feel ur insignificance in the larger scheme of things."

Image: Shah Rukh Khan
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters

Funny guy!

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If you are reading Imran Khan's tweets am sure you will be impressed with his tweet play! Check this set over the weekend especially, his tweet timing, which like his comic timing seems perfect.

"Hard Rock Cafe, jamming to Rage Against the Machine. Life is good."

10:39 AM March 27th: "Woah, hang on a second... Am I shooting tomorrow???"

11:11 AM March 27th: "Bill please!"

11:12 AM March 27th: "Or Check this set when he got a tetanus injection, which I think which could qualify as a funny scene in the movies  Hm. I have cut my leg on a metal box. Crew is insisting I get a tetanus shot. I am not happy."

10:35 PM March 22nd: "It's the tiniest little cut! Seriously, you think I'm in danger of actually getting tetanus?"

11:18 PM March 22nd: "I've only been eating street food since I got to Delhi.. But I'm getting the shot. "Better safe than sorry", a wise man once said."

12:04 AM March 23rd: "This guy doesn't look like a doctor..."

12:09 AM March 23rd: He says, "it hurts less if you take it in the buttock." I am speechless.

12:09 AM: "Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the Delhi schedule of Break ke Baad. Good shoot, good company, good food and a needle in the butt. Yay."

Image: Imran Khan
Photographs: Rajesh Karkera
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Holiday tweeter!

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I must say holidays bring out quite the tweeter in Sonam Kapoor.

From usually replying to questions, or re-tweeting, this week, her holiday in Goa's seems to have put her in a tweet mood. Her tweets usually do the range between -- fashion, food, read and music! Read on:

"Awake.. Slept like a baby. Going into the sea to swim. Had a great dinner with everyone, snapper pumpkin curry at bumras."

"Listening to sades new album.. She's so fluid and beautiful with her voice."

"And for everyone whoose asking I'm in a great mood.. Just thinking!! Off to dinner with laxmi and prabuddha.."

"Its so lovely, most of the houses in goa are all these bright lovely colours, Accented with pure white. Reflexology while having sushi.. This is the life!"

And then some introspection:

"Life moves too fast and people only want to "make it". Not knowing that moments and time are so fleeting, and its criminal not to grab it with both hands"

"I wish people would stop and smell the roses.. Everyone is too practical.. Romance and leisure is dead "

Image: Sonam Kapoor
Photographs: Sanjay Sawant
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Singing bird!

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The lovely singer Shreya Ghosal who's touring the US and Canada for shows seems to be in a zany mood. Her observations of the US just like her songs seem to hit just the right note.

Check out her latest set of tweets:

"Every second ad on tv here in d US is of some medicine.. And the side effects are all fatal n life threatening"

"Also i wonder what wud happen if suddenly all roads n cars disappear here. People will have to walk n walk n walk to get to any place. These american cities are just too spread out making all vehicle dependent."

"i hv gained a few kilos since i arrived here in d US.. Reason- they just simply cant serve anything in a small portion. Extra Large."

"Chocolate Raspberry Truffle..Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake..Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake..10" each...All in my fridge..Frm Cheesecake Factory. How do u suppose i sleep tonight?"

Image: Shreya Ghosal
Photographs: Bobby Yip/Reuters
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Priyanka Chopra is shooting in Kashmir for Vishal Bhardwaj's new movie.

"hey guys.. sorry i have been so lost but.. this film.. saat khoon maaf is taking the mickey outta me.. the most difficult role of my life.. im very nervous about this one..shot at the dustiest location yest..cant stop sneezing! acchooo!!off to work! 'mornin!"

"i haaaaaaaaate early mornings!! but love the sunrise! strange..zukaaaaammm... aur kaaaamm.. not a good mix.. sar phat raha hai..."

So go on people, send your favourite actress some love!

Image: Priyanka Chopra

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