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'It's very difficult to compare Badmaash Company to any film'

Last updated on: May 7, 2010 10:36 IST

Image: Parmeet Sethi
Photographs: Matthew Schneeberger

Parmeet Sethi must be feeling the heat right about now.

For the actor, who turned director with Badmaash Company starring Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Meiyang Chang and Vir Das, is awaiting the response to his directorial debut which releases today.

On Thursday, however, the actor was cool and collected as he chatted with his fans about the film and more. For those who missed the fun chat, here's what transpired:

Parmeet Sethi says, Hi people. This is Parmeet Sethi. With my directorial debut Badmaash Company for your pleasure.


shiv asked, hi parmeet...wat made u chose shahid??

Parmeet Sethi answers, Simply the best actor for the role.


aa asked, will this BM hit the jackpot

Parmeet Sethi answers, Inshallah!


AmandeepSingh asked, You are Punjabi and when can we expect a punjabi film from Parmeet Sethi

Parmeet Sethi answers, Maybe the next one would be based in Punjab. How long can I ignore my roots?


Vaibhav asked, How was your experince while directing the film rather than acting?

Parmeet Sethi answers, More complete and satisfying creative experience.


Badmaash asked, Is the acting carrier over for you?

Parmeet Sethi answers, Acting abhi baaki hai, mere dost [There's more to come acting-wise]


sooraj asked, hai parmeet any other projects in the pipeline?

Parmeet Sethi answers, The next two are definitely with Yash Raj.


siddharth asked, How do you RATE your film as a Critic on scale of 1 to 5?

Parmeet Sethi answers, 4.5


slumdog americans asked, Parmeet, simple BM is Copyu of '21', hit hollywood movie????????

Parmeet Sethi answers, No. It's nothing to do with any film, Indian or Western. It's completely original. The only similarity being the genre.


satender asked, did anushka is your first choice for this role

Parmeet Sethi answers, She was the first and last choice, actually.


ambrish asked, ok...but why did u only choose yashraj??

Parmeet Sethi answers, Yash Raj stands for quality. Anybody who is associated with Yash Raj should consider himself lucky.


apeksha asked, was direction always on mind ?

Parmeet Sethi answers, In the very first year of my acting career, I realised that I was more interested in the action behind the camera than in front of it.


MHQureshi asked, i can predict about the result of ur next film badmash company. you send me all the names of producers for this film. Film Advisor Palmist & Numerologist Peshawar, Pakistan

Parmeet Sethi answers, Aditya Chopra.


jim asked, How "different" is this film from the regular run of the mill films

Parmeet Sethi answers, First of all, it's not a copy of a Hollywood film. That's a good start. Other than that, it's young, it's original, it's inspired by true life incidents. It's a film for today's youth.


Trial asked, Does your wife approve of your directional aspirations?

Parmeet Sethi answers, She not only approves, she's hoping I'll make it big.


satender asked,  Prameet but offlate quality of yasraj movies is down what you think what is the reason

Parmeet Sethi answers, It's really impossible to gauge the success of one's film till it finally hits the cinemas. You obviously try to give a quality product, but human beings fail sometimes.


slumdog americans asked, Parmeet, Like Subash Ghai, You Do Cameo in your own Movie??? Parmeet, Like Subash Ghai, You Do Cameo in your own Movie??? Parmeet, Like Subash Ghai, You Do Cameo in your own Movie??? Parmeet, Like Subash Ghai, You Do Cameo in your own Movie???

Parmeet Sethi answers, I think the audiences have endured me for fifteen years. That's good enough.


slp26 asked, Parmeet have u ever had any direction experiance or education before this movie

Parmeet Sethi answers, I've ghost-directed on TV. And I'm self-educated, as far as scripting and direction is concerned.


satender asked,  Do you think Chang is next Danny to bollywood

Parmeet Sethi answers, Hopefully bigger. He's definitely a very happening actor, with a huge female fan following.


Sapan asked, Do you watch comedy circus on Sony TV? If yes, what is your take on all the jokes which are fired at Archana Puran Singh?

Parmeet Sethi answers, I don't have a choice. I have to watch it. The jokes are less complimentary at home than the show. So there's no question of not liking it.

'There's a fair amount of rona dhona in the movie'

Image: A scene from Badmaash Company

rerere asked, Why do you think most of the "North-Eastern" actors in bollowood (though less than handful) are stereotyped?

Parmeet Sethi answers, We as a country are probably the most racist and classist going around. We always like to 'slot' people in stereotypes, caste, religion, so on. High time we grew up and accept North-Eastern Indians as our own.



Parmeet Sethi answers, At times he was begging me to okay a shot. But I told him, "This is the only way I know!" So he would shut up. He even called me 'Malla Chocalate Paija', meaning I want what I want.



Parmeet Sethi answers, Well, he is an integral part of the film. Go and find out!


ravi goyal asked, hi parmeet, yur film seems to be anothre bunty and bubli

Parmeet Sethi answers, Bubbly, yes, but not Bunty Aur Babli. Hate the comparison, but can't run away from it. So do yourself a favour: Go and watch Badmaash Company, and answer the question yourself.


sush asked, how does it feel doing a film??

Parmeet Sethi answers, It's the longest orgasm of my life! One and a half years...


SR asked, Hey dude what happened to "DON" .. I liked that serial but it ended so abruptly ? what was the end when ur number flashed on doc's mobile?

Parmeet Sethi answers, Don has retired.


crazyforshahid asked, btw, did US co-operate with u guyz since part of the film was shot here??

Parmeet Sethi answers, Yes, absolutely. They were very hospitable. I had a few reservations in the beginning, after hearing about SRK. But none of that happened with us. So, all in all, beautiful experience in the US.


FLOPSHOW asked,  i dont have money to buy a ticket can you give me for free sir I live in surat so talk to any multiplex owner and plz make one ticket for me

Parmeet Sethi answers, What services are you willing to offer in return?


Sapan asked, Music of Badmash Company has been pretty good, specially the songs Jingle Jingle and Aiyyashi What is the market response to the music?

Parmeet Sethi answers, My son went to Planet M and asked for a CD, and he was told it was sold out. Go figure.


pocketmaar asked, shahid kapoor is radha soami

Parmeet Sethi answers, Yes, there is some good in everybody. Ha ha.


Nishant asked, What is the genre of it comedy or thriller ?

Parmeet Sethi answers, It's both, actually. It's a caper. Enjoy it!


geetanr asked, Which character out of the badmaash 4 would you say is your favourite?

Parmeet Sethi answers, As an actor, I would love to play Chandu. He had the most fun with women all around him. Envy him.


ArchGhosh asked, As a director , how much of a creative leeway have you given your actors? Did you minutely manage your scenes or give them the long rope? ( Either could be great)

Parmeet Sethi answers, No leeway whatsoever. The rope is not longer than my finger, and that's too long!


ananta asked, pamrmeet is dere any rona dhona in film?

Parmeet Sethi answers, There's a fair amount of rona dhona. A lot of emotion and drama in the second half. But it's really enjoyable.


neetin1978 asked, hi best of luck for your venture. is this movie is based on real story

Parmeet Sethi answers, Yes. It's loosely inspired by incidents that happened in the 80s, 90s, and as late as 2008. Of course it's dramatised for the right effect.

'I'm confident the critics will have good things to say about the movie'

Image: A scene from Badmaash Company

kartik asked, Looking forward to seeing your movie this weekend. Hope Chang has a good role, I am a big fan of him. Best of luck to you and your whole team.

Parmeet Sethi answers, Chang has a very interesting and complex character. You're going to love him in a very unexpected kind of role.


crazyforshahid asked, Also, please do clear this; wass there any arguments or tiff between u and shahid?? The media was wrting crap abt it!!

Parmeet Sethi answers, There were discussions which the media thought were show downs. Shahid is the most dedicated and motivated actor to direct. Love him.



Parmeet Sethi answers, It would be an honour if I can work with SRK. Simply the best.


satender asked, what is audience saleing point in your movie a half bikini anuska :) or story or music or your direction and less shaid?

Parmeet Sethi answers, All of these in the right proportion, I guess! Go get seduced.


pocketmaar asked, what is audiance response from movie trailer,songs

Parmeet Sethi answers, The trailer response has been phenomenal. If the movie response is the same, then Badmaash Company will be one of the biggest hits of the year, Inshallah.


SR asked, Hey why do you think YRF have given u a chance? was it the script or your fimly background? you think I have a chance if i provide them with a good script :D

Parmeet Sethi answers, Good script, Good script, Good script.


ArchnaPoran asked, YOU ARE IGNORING ME, very bad.... I love you

Parmeet Sethi answers, Love you too. But after 21 years, it's a bit boring, isn't it?


ananta asked, a lot of ppl is wondering tat ending of film is sad like rang de basanti.this is true?

Parmeet Sethi answers, No. It ends on a very positive and feel good note.


om7 asked, hi parmeet u hav written d script of this film in 6 days so does it worry u dat script may hav some potholes

Parmeet Sethi answers, No. Some times a spontaneous effort is best.


vivek asked, Is There Any Action In BC??

Parmeet Sethi answers, The only action is with the good looking girls.


slumdog americans asked, In the end.. Let us know " WHY WE WATCH BC IN THEATER ON FRIDAY" ??

Parmeet Sethi answers, Because you can't watch it anywhere else. And it's one film that you HAVE to watch. Go save your soul and watch BC.


Parasharzboy asked, hello parmeet sir! r u goin 2 direct any mivi further wid shahid??

Parmeet Sethi answers, Would love to.


damini asked, why did u chose shahid kapoor as karan?!

Parmeet Sethi answers, Shahid can portray a middle-class young boy, and can also portray a really flamboyant and successful man. He's a superb actor.


crazyforshahid asked, btw, when is this move gonna be shown to critics/media? have they commented anything on badmaash company yet??

Parmeet Sethi answers, Friday morning, but I'm confident they'll have good things to say.

'If Shahid had said no, I would have asked Imran Khan or Ranbir Kapoor'

Image: A scene from Badmaash Company

geetanr asked, Out of all the movies that have released this year which one do you think was the best and where would you rate Badmaash Company in comparison to the good films of 2010?

Parmeet Sethi answers, Haven't had the time to watch any. In fact, it's very difficult to compare Badmaash Company to any film, because truly it is a new kind of experience for the Indian audience. Watch it on Friday, please.


sach asked, paji sasriakaal

Parmeet Sethi answers, SSA


saurabh asked, hey parmeet, with Aamir around ,u cannot say shah rukh is the best.........

Parmeet Sethi answers, Okay, I'm the best. Satisfied?


DelennDax asked, If either Shahid or Anushka had had a problem with the intimacy, would you have listened to them and accomodated their needs?

Parmeet Sethi answers, No. This film is more important than anything else.


pocketmaar asked, kya advance booking start ho gayi hai

Parmeet Sethi answers, It's already started.



Parmeet Sethi answers, Steven Spielberg. He's got style with soul.


badmaashladka asked, Hello Parmeet.......Please give us 3 reason why we should watch Badmassh Company apart from the star cast and the Yash Raj banner?

Parmeet Sethi answers, Me, me, me...


Tarun asked, Hi.... which is ur Fav charter in the Movie & why?

Parmeet Sethi answers, All the characters are an amalgamation of people I know in real life. So each one is special.


SuFI KhAn asked, Its Released in DUBAI.........yeppieee :D

Parmeet Sethi answers, Yes, it's released in Dubai and the rest of the Gulf today. So, puhleeease, go and watch it!


damini asked, If shahid had rejectd to sign for Badmaash comapny whom wud u hav chosen?!

Parmeet Sethi answers, Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are the only other actors in his age group.


vikaash asked, Are u intersted in making Bhojpuri movies... I'm goin to produce a movie.

Parmeet Sethi answers, I hope I don't have to.

'Anushka is truly the most talented actress in Bollywood today'

Image: A scene from Badmaash Company

dev asked, hi parmeet, there is question going in my mind from long time, tell me where you born and brought up

Parmeet Sethi answers, Born in Delhi, brought up in Bombay.


tiger asked, hi parmeet just wanted to know why you hv taken chang in your movie and is he singing any song

Parmeet Sethi answers, No song for Chang. I wanted him to concentrate on his acting. Maybe next time.


Tarun asked, Hi.... Movie is having fabulous music... but there is no romantic song....I think Shahid is a chocolate boy so there should be a romantic song in the movie... what u say?

Parmeet Sethi answers, The music is completely subservient to the plot.


sam1985 asked, hi parmeet sethiji hwz ur experience while working with anushka sharma because she is my best actress in Bollywood at present.

Parmeet Sethi answers, I second that. She's truly the most talented actress in Bollywood today.


pocketmaar asked, shahid kapoor ka hair style aapne change karvaya hai

Parmeet Sethi answers, Yes. I insisted that he give himself a hair-style for this film. And it's worked.


RENU asked, dont you think that people's expectations r very high where u r concerned? r u up to the risk of failing?

Parmeet Sethi answers, Do I have a choice?


nirkos asked, Oil prices could reach $100 per barrel ??? WHAT IS YOUR TAKE ON THIS ???

Parmeet Sethi answers, Use less oil. Walk it to theatre, and see Badmaash Company!


Parmeet Sethi says, Hey guys, it was great fun to chat. Have to go, but so do you to the theatre to watch Badmaash Company. Lots of love! Parmeet