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The Bollywood Tweet Diary

Last updated on: May 31, 2010 15:33 IST

Image: Sanjay Dutt

A quick update on what the stars are saying in 140 characters.

Sanjay Dutt is the new man in Twitter world. And you can make out that this one is seriously a must read for the guys. Six out of his 12 tweets posted so far speak of his Audi, driving and speed!

My favourite is when he tweets about his wife Manyaata fuming, "woke up with a fuming call from my wife, for driving at high speed. Just realised I miscalculated 50/60 mph into some wrong kmph. I know that she knows that i am very bad with calculations. Hope she cools down before I reach home. Yes my car is imported from abroad and shows mph. Since in India it is kmph, I tried the conversion and made a wrong calculation. On second thought driving at that crazy speed specially on mumbai roads can only be a man's dream."

For those who are keen to know what's up Dutt's sleeve, his tweets indicate he is working on a home production with David Dhawan and pre-production is on.

Here's sending this Munnabhai our Jaadu ki Jhappi and tons of luck!

SRK's boring gyaan!

Image: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan's introspection and contemplation perhaps seem the most common thread in most of his posts.

The actor tweets funnily, "boring gyaan because I am in that kind of mood, must be the extra hours of sleep!"

He contemplates about his kids: "We are afraid to face the consequences of truth not the truth itself."

"Sweetest moment of the day... my little kids, in their little shorts and little soccer shoes going for a big game with big dreams in their sleepy eyes."

"Sunday -- should be snuggling upto kids watching a mindless film. Instead, will struggle with fatigue on sets and make a mindful film."

"Who am I? First question... I am wot you would like me to be and still be someone you dont know well enough. I am an aspiring actor and fulfilled dad."

"Day and night we work and if we meet God and he tells us, your time on earth was for play, so that you could work hard here with me. You wasted your holidays."

"Daughter got all A's in report card. Woke me at 7 am to tell me how she feels bad at not getting A stars. Happy to know everybody loves stars."

"Missing my kids... hope they are awake... want to lie down and hold them. Tough day at shoot needs soft toy like hugs at home."

Bachchan's new state!

Image: Amitabh Bachchan

SRK has conferred Sr Bachchan with his own state!

He tweets, "have a name for your World. The United states of Great Bachchania, thanks for letting us be a part of it sir. Love and health to you."

So how did this happen? Must have happened when SRK sent out a shout to his now four lakh followers, "hey thanks all 400,000 and more of you, soon we can start our own small country. Send me the name for it tomorrow... now to rest. Bye. Love you all."

Sr Bachchan responded, "ShahRukh... how about "KINGDOM", taking up from your own popular and deserving epithet of KING!!"

To which SRK commented. "@SrBachchan oops how dare I, didn't realise you would be online and reading my pretentious attempts to create a kingdom. This is embarrassing."

And then suggested a title for his state!

Bachchan's humour is super sweet. He says to Karan Johar"Hi Karan... how are you ? Abhishek told me to follow you on Twitter, but I have been following you since you were born... Love."

Funny guy

Image: Abhishek Bachchan

It's obvious the vein of humour runs in the genes!

Abhishek Bachchan could soon be threatening Rahul Khanna for his 'Witty Tweeter' Award. He tweets, "Also just realised that people who make films are known as "dream merchants"!! And the one thing we do the least of is sleep!! Somebody get me a bed!!"

He also says tongue in cheek, "I've just realised that vegitating can be a lot of fun! Udaychopra has tried very hard to teach me the art, and I think I just cracked it! Its just that its not a good thing when you're at work!"

Or sample his wit here, "I was asked by a journo today who the God of Twitter was Sr Bachchan or Sachin Tendulkar? My reply. We Hindus have many Gods and Pa and Sachin were two of them."

Or in reply to his dad about Rann being unexplored, "@SrBachchan unexplored???? Know that place like the back of my hand! Ran all over it in Refugee!"

And then of course, he mentions what makes him happy, "Its a gloomy day in Isatanbul. Seeing the Mrs. Just brightened it up!!! Surprise, surprise. How cool is she?!! Beautiful day- U2 LOUD!"

Random tweets

Image: Imran Khan

Imran Khan is back on Twitter. "Aaaaaand I'm back! All cellphone issues have been sorted out. Thank you American Express! Overshot my credit limit, so they disconnected my phone. Painful!"

Priyanka Chopra seems a little spooked. She tweets, "I'm staying at a palace that's been concerted to a hotel... I think I'm more the pleasant kind of person... I was so spooked in my massive room... I hardly slept last night. Everthing was scaring me. From the curtains moving to the 4 poster bed to the ac making noises to the high ceilings."

Deepika Padukone is getting addicted to scuba diving, "Just out of the water... most unreal experience... one of the best days of my life. Feeling happy and liberated!! :-) wwwoowooohhhooooo!!! :-)

Rahul Khanna laid in bed with a cold says, "Hosting the lovely Sushmita Sen's "I AM SHE" Miss Universe India contest today. Though, with this cold, it might be more like "I AM SNEEZE". And rest assured, the irony that I managed to catch a cold in this infernal weather is not lost on me."

Twitter takes!

Image: Shilpa Shetty

Interesting bond of the week:

Jr Bachachan's bio states, "Actor... well at least some say so!"

Sr Bachchan's bio states, "Actor... well at least some are STILL saying so!!"

Quote of the week: "Watching Raaajneeeeeeti toh banta hai boss." -- Salman Khan

Hair do of the week: Shilpa Shetty's new avatar!

Dress of the week: Amitabh Bachchan in a Kutchi outfit

Touristy Snapshot of the week: Istanbul shot by Jr Bachchan

Touristy Snapshot 2 of the week: Rainbows by Deepika Padukone

Funny Picture of the week: Notice, shot by Imran Khan in Mauritius

Endorsement without the moolah: Ipad by PC (errr... Priyanka Chopra)

Foodie of the week: Sindhi meal courtesy Sonam Kapoor

Stunning picture of the week: Rahul Khanna cold convalescing in bed