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Kannada cinema to witness clash of the titans

Last updated on: October 13, 2010 12:57 IST

Image: A scene from Jackie
Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana in Bangalore

It's Dasara bonanza for Kannada film goers this week. Jackie starring Puneet Rajkumar and Bhavana, and Kichcha Huchcha with Sudeep and Ramya in the lead will hit theatres in just a day's gap.

While Jackie releases on Thursday, Kichcha Huchcha comes to theatres near you on Friday.

It is after a three-week lull that two major films are releasing. While Jackie is said to be releasing in over 100 theatres across the State, Kichcha Huchcha will be released over 50 theatres.

Such is the hype and expectation over Puneet's film that it is believed to have done a whopping business of over Rs 15 crore with respect to the distribution rights alone.

Kannada cinema to witness clash of the titans

Image: A scene from Kichca Huchcha

All the same, numbers seem to have left the producer of Kichca Huchcha unfazed. Producer Manju's confidence rests on the performances of the film's lead pair and the script.

"I have been observing Sudeep's performances through the years and I vouch this to be one of his best. Ramya has done a fantastic job too. She has even dubbed for the film. Their onscreen chemistry supported by a great story will definitely work in the favour of the film," he adds.

In fact Manju looks at the simultaneous release as a Dasara bonus. "It is a holiday weekend and people are sure to come out and watch both films. It will be good for the industry if both films become hits. See, it's like when you are playing a cricket match it is the win that matters. You don't sit and talk about who scored how many runs!"

The producer also makes light of the theatre problem he faced. "Yes we did want Santosh in Bangalore as our main theatre but once I learnt that Puneet also wanted to release his film there, I went for Sagar. I have no complaints as there can't be a better theatre for family audience. Whichever the theatre, I'm very positive about the outcome of my film," he says.

Kannada cinema to witness clash of the titans

Image: A scene from Kichcha Huchcha

His leading lady Ramya is also very confident about the film. "The story is fast paced and songs are also well placed. I play a girl who fights against social injustice. She is the complete opposite of Kichcha, played by Sudeep. The film is about how I transform him into a better human being."

So is she apprehensive about the film's release clashing with Jackie?

"See it's not like we are competing in the same 100 metre race or something. No one is bigger than the industry and all our films should do well. If anything competition should be with other language films," she asserts. 

Speaking at a recently held press meet, Sudeep had also stressed that he was not for any kind of race and just believed in working towards making significant contributions to the industry.

Kichcha Huchcha brings together director Gurudut and actor Sudeep together once again. While their previous venture Kaamannana Makkalu failed to make an impact, they are hoping to connect with the audience with this film. Kichcha Huchcha is a remake of Tamil film Chithiram Pesudadi. 

Kannada cinema to witness clash of the titans

Image: A scene from Jackie

Jackie on the other hand is backed by an original script. It also brings together director Suri and Puneet for the first time. The film promises to be a mass entertainer for even a family crowd. Jackie is the story of a rough and tough guy called Janakirama.

The music for both films has been scored by V Harikrishna. All songs of Jackie are popular. It is not usual that films are released alongside those of Puneet's.

There is generally a gap of a week or two. But given that films of two powerful actors are now releasing side by side, audience can hope for an action packed weekend.