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Ajay Devgn: I'm not mad in the head in real life

Last updated on: October 26, 2010 13:30 IST

'I'm not mad in the head in real life'


Ankur Pathak in Mumbai

Whether it is Puneet struggling to shoo an unsolicited visitor in Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge or the utterly deprived Suraj who upsurges to supremacy in Raajneeti or an altruistic don in the more recent period-crime-thriller Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Ajay Devgn sinks his teeth into a role so effortlessly, it's hard to believe that he is the same man altering with cutting-edge performances so conveniently.

The actor, who has had many releases this year, seems excited about his next, the eagerly anticipated Golmaal 3.

Devgn talks to Ankur Pathak about playing versatile roles, the madness in Golmaal 3 and how he has been successful in painlessly maintaining a clean image despite being around for nearly two decades now.

Have you paid special attention to any specific element in the third installment of Golmaal?

Eh, no. It is more or less the same. And it is for this reason that our intentions are entirely the same: to entertain the audiences and make them laugh. They don't have to go and look for logic. It's a slapstick comedy releasing when the mood is cheerful and happy.

The entire family, from kids to their grandparents, can watch the film and enjoy. That has always been our target audience and that's why Golmaal is always clean. There is absolutely no vulgarity.

Image: Kareena Kapoor and Ajay Devgn in Golmaal 3


'I would like to believe Golmaal 3 is the funniest'

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So what is the most interesting element this time?

It's a little complex since there are two groups who fight and get together.

There is also an emotional angle to the story; it touches you for some time before returning to its fun avatar. I think this kind of a feeling is really crucial as it adds completeness to the film. 

More importantly, I would like to believe this is the funniest of all, but that is for the audience to decide.

Does your character get madder?

Absolutely, he gets crazy and off in the head. He is extremely short-tempered and has a thing for fingers -- he keeps breaking them! So that makes him totally mad, very different from the first two.

He is so ill-tempered that when he gets angry, he picks up anything, even a sledgehammer and throws it at people. And that is also the reason for the tough and the edgy look.

How many of these traits would you attribute in real life?

(Laughs) Oh, come on, I'm not mad in the head in real life! This character is too short-tempered for a normal person. He gets upset for unnecessary reasons, like a child. I do not share any similar traits in real life.

Image: A scene from Golmaal 3

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'You cannot make people laugh by making faces'

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How does G-3 take you forward as an actor?

It's a different character to play. I'm not doing the same thing which I did in the first two parts. When you play a new character, you grow and that automatically takes you forward as an actor.

What is the most challenging part in portraying a comic role?

(Thinks) See, there has to be a funny element when you read it. There has to be comedy on the page. You cannot just make people laugh by making faces. It's a combination of the dialogue, situation and timing.

What is challenging is acting, whether it is comedy or drama. When I go to the set, the genre doesn't matter; I play my role with the same sense and understanding.

Image: A scene from Golmaal 3

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'An actor's job gets better with experience'

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Action Replayy releases on the same day as Golmaal 3. Can you tell us why the audience should choose your film over the other?

Eh, there is no competition. Every film has its own audience and enjoys its own space. Right now, we are thinking only about Golmaal 3.

Action, drama, crime, comedy -- you have come a real long way with a variety of roles that covers it all. How has the expedition been?

I guess I have been really lucky because I got to do different genres and work with good directors, all at the right time.

Also, I've been very fortunate that people have liked those films and accepted me in every type of role. So now, I can do a variety of roles.

Moreover, an actor's job gets better with experience. I don't really enjoy genres; I simply enjoy performing my part. While giving a shot, the genre is totally out of mind and I just believe in giving the best according to my capabilities.

Image: A scene from Golmaal 3

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'I mind my own business'

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You are one of the most bankable actors in the industry. Does the pressure swell when you await your films release?

Oh, yes it does. And I'm really helpless. I cannot do anything about it. I can just wait and watch the turn of events. I always go by my heart. That is the best one can do.

How does a movie failure affect you?

See, when a film doesn't do well, it affects every actor and all the people associated with the project. It is really disturbing initially but then you eventually move on.

Do you keep a tab on the box office collections?

Yes, it's a part of our job. I do keep a check and try to follow as much as I can. Actors, who say they don't, simply lie. Every actor follows the box office. Some do not only keep a check of their film, but even of other actors' films!

Okay, what are you upto these days?

As for now, I'm just back from London for two days to promote my film. In London, I'm shooting for Priyadarshan's action film Tez (earlier titled Bullet Train). I'm flying back to London to resume work there.

A career spanning two decades -- and no controversies, no link-ups. How did you pull this off?

You want me to push through, huh?

Actually, I mind my own business and I don't care what the others are upto. Therefore, I assume, nobody interferes in what I do. Maybe that's how I have been out of all that unnecessary stuff.

Image: A scene from Golmaal 3

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