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Tum Mile is a perfect date album

By Chandrima Pal
September 25, 2009 12:03 IST
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After London Dreams, here's another album without a female vocalist. But that is a small detail, as you may find it easy to be impressed by Pritam's latest offering.

Pritam has been hard at work, as is obvious form his recent repertoire. After the fire and brimstone All The Best, now you have Tum Mile -- an uncomplicated, accessible and candy-floss album.    

Tum Mile, the title track comes in three versions, sung by three different artistes -- Neeraj Shridhar, Javed Ali and Shafqat Amanat Ali.

Shridhar's version, light-as-air frothy pop, sounds straight out of a girl band set. It is the kind of song you'd play on your first date, with chocolates and candies, satin ribbons and heart shaped balloons. Javed Ali's version is more glam-rock with very 80s' guitar solos, and tailor-made for a boy band. But what was that Last Christmas-inspired sax solo doing in the middle of it all? If you expect Shafqat Ali's rock version to get off on a fiery, pacey note, you're in for a surprise. It is slow, simmering, with all the requisite distorted guitar sounds one has now begun to expect from Pritam. Ali retains some of the classical flourish in this rock number, giving it an interesting twist. All three are hummable, and work like instant pick-me-ups.    

Dil Ibaadat, by KK, is the kind of song that is easy to visualise on Emraan Hashmi. It has a bit of drama, a lot of style, hip with very slick productions values. As a bonus you get a catchy melody led by piano sounds and a bit of Afro-style vocals thrown in for coolth. KK does a rock version of the same song later, this time the guitars simply let go during the solos.

For Tu Hai Haqueeqat, Pritam moves to the very 'in' musical fad- new-age garage rock, characterised by repetitive power chord riffs. But Mohit Chauhan is as Indian as you can get and he does take on a very challenging number that tests both his range and dexterity. 

A little slow, mellow but a little weak is O Meri Jaan by KK, which you may want to skip or sample on a rainy day depending on your mood.

Tum Mile is signature Pritam, urban, glamorous and unfussy. While we don't know if this can be clubbed with his all-time bests, it certainly has potential to hover somewhere near.

It does make for the perfect date album, especially if you still view the world through your rose-tinted glasses. 
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Chandrima Pal