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Have a story idea in mind? SRK's listening!

August 25, 2010 13:55 IST
Badshah Khan is tired of those fully faltu Bollywood stories.

Tweeting from the sets of his latest film in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Shah Rukh Khan asked fans to send in suggestions of what they would like to see in the movies.

'I think our screenplays are a bit hackneyed. maybe time for screenplay schools...or courses,' he tweeted.

What do you think? Is is time for Bollywood to change track and make different kinds of movies?

Or do you think Bollywood wouldn't be Bollywood without the song and dance, the drama and the kitsch?

Mail your ideas with the subject line: Dear SRK.

We will feature the best ideas right here on

And who knows? Maybe your idea could be Bollywood's coming attraction.