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Who will survive Lost?

February 02, 2010 14:33 IST

When Lost was created five years ago, little did executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse of the hit television show know that it would attract millions of fans worldwide.

And it was the same fans who gathered in Oahu, Hawaii to witness the show's last season which aired last month in the US, reports the Los Angeles Times.

In India the show's season five is currently being aired on Star World, Monday to Thursday.

For the uninitiated, ABC's hit show can be confusing though intriguing, nonetheless. And it is the show's intriguing plot ranging from time travel, a smoke monster and a group of people called the 'Others' that manage to hold those who watch it, in its grip.

Which explains why 12,000 fans -- most of them have become friends after blogging, twittering and facebooking about the show online -- got together in Oahu for the show's final season.

Well, if you've been following the series religiously, you would know that some of the suriviors of the ill-fated Oceanic flight have managed to escape the island only to return three years later. But nothing is like it was.

What happens next? What will happen to the returnees? Will any of them really leave the island? 

Write in and tell us your theories.

Image: Lost cast member Evangeline Lilly flashes the Hawaiian 'shaka' sign on the red carpet during the show's final season premiere on Waikiki beach in Honolulu on January 30.

Photograph: Hugh Gentry/Reuters