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This Pretty Woman turns 20

By rediff Entertainment Bureau
February 08, 2010 12:04 IST
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In 1990, a film called Pretty Woman released. Twenty years on, the movie starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, is still in demand. In fact, it will be re-released in the UK on February 12, timed with another Julia Roberts starrer, Valentine's Day.

Pretty Woman told a story about a prostitute with a heart of gold and a millionaire, who falls in love with her. Now, that might be predictable and cheesy, but the audience lapped it up.

And the reasons for this are many. For some, it was the fairytale romance. Others loved the rags-to-riches story while still others loved the chemistry between the two lead actors.

Whatever it was, Pretty Woman became the ultimate chick-flick film, especially around Valentine's Day. It also made Roberts a star though she repeatedly turned down the possibility of revisiting her Pretty Woman role, saying she doesn't think she would look good as an 'old hooker'.

The 42-year-old actress, who shares three kids with husband Daniel Moder, believes she is beyond her age to resurrect the famous prostitute character.

'Nobody wants to see an old hooker,' the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying. 'It's not that I'm anti romantic-comedy, which, for some reason, is always the favoured interpretation. I like being funny, I like being romantic... but it's challenging trying to find a script which is original or interesting'.

Well, if Roberts changes her mind and does star in a sequel, there is no doubt that her fans would go and see it. After all, memories of the original are still fresh in our minds.

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