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Pyaar, Bichadna, Bhopal

September 24, 2010 14:01 IST
Some weeks ago, Shah Rukh Khan said he was fed up with faltu Bollywood stories, which led us to asking you to help SRK out.

We received quite a response.

Check out Murali Krishnan's story idea:

Set in 1984, this story weaves through a lot of issues like the difficulties faced by the handicapped, Mumbai politicians who abhor people from other states, Hindu-Muslim relations and prejudices, and the Bhopal gas tragedy.

The purpose of the film is to expose the evils of our society without being preachy or offering any specific solution.

The hero is the son of a powerful politician.

His elder brother is into active politics and hates non-Maharastrians in Mumbai.

His mother runs a special school for the deaf in Mumbai, with some help from the hero.

The heroine is a deaf Muslim girl in Bhopal. She gets a job as a teacher in the special school, and comes to Mumbai.

She meets the hero and in due course, they fall in love.

Eventually, the hero's family comes to know of it and confronts him.

His brother is not against other religions, but is against 'outsiders.'

His mother is sympathetic to the handicapped, but is prejudiced against Muslims.

His father is against handicapped people and fears that the next generation may also be deaf.

They threaten the hero and strip him of his inheritance.

The hero is in a dilemma, torn between his love for his family and for the girl.

He goes to meet his love and talk it out, but learns that she has been forcefully packed off to Bhopal by his father's men.

He whiles away his time and later sees a child manning a boat. He asks the boy what happened to his father, who used to ply the boat earlier.

The boy replies that his father had taken ill and so the boy had to venture into the sea alone.

The hero realises that it is time for him to pursue his own path.

He goes home and confronts his family. They turn him out, since he is no longer entitiled to anything.

Unperturbed, he decides to travel to Bhopal.

The next day, he hears reports of the Bhopal gas tragedy.

He is forced to stay put in Mumbai.

After a few days, he sets off for Bhopal to meet his love.

He goes to her home, but the house is empty.

Just as he is about to turn back, he sees a young woman, deformed but alive.

He speaks to her and learns that she is a friend of the woman he loved.

She tells him that his love died in the gas leak.

The hero turns around, walks alone through Bhopal's streets and reaches an intersection.

There, he wonders which way to take.

What do you think of Murali's story idea? Do you have a better one?

Mail us your ideas with the subject line: Dear SRK.

We will feature the best ideas right here.

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