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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Looking at Vijay, Sharmila's Kari Chirate

Looking at Vijay, Sharmila's Kari Chirate

Last updated on: August 31, 2010 11:48 IST

Image: A scene from Kari Chirate
Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana in Bangalore

Kannada actor Vijay is set for his second release of the year, Kari Chirate. The actor says that this film challenged him as an actor for his character has two different shades.

"In the first half I play a marketing executive while in the second, I enact the role of a mentally challenged person. The film revolves around the situations that make a normal man crazy. Whether or not I will be able to get back to my normal self forms the crux," says Vijay.

Looking at Vijay, Sharmila's Kari Chirate

Image: A scene from Kari Chirate

Sharmila, who plays Vijay's onscreen wife chips in, "This is where my character assumes importance. The film is about how I nurse and stand by him."

Not only is it Sharmila's first film opposite Vijay, but also her first de-glam role. "In Krishna, I played a village belle, but there, as the story progressed, I sported a modern look. But here you'll see me in a de-glamorised role."

In fact this was a cause of concern for her before signing the film. "The role offered to me was that of a highly emotional girl. In reality, I'm a very happy-go-lucky person and thus I was skeptical about accepting the offer," she admits.

Looking at Vijay, Sharmila's Kari Chirate

Image: A scene from Kari Chirate

Sharmila plays a girl from the slums and a photo session held prior to the shoot doubled her doubts.

"Vijay had to lie on a pile of garbage and I was supposed to carry the 'Oh my God!' expression. Trust me, I was at my natural best then. I was like, if I can't handle a photo shoot next to a garbage bin, how will I be able to shoot in the slums? I mean we were to shoot in real slums in Mysore and I was slightly worried. But then my director Maadesh asked me to take this role as a challenge. I'm glad I took up the project," she says.

Looking at Vijay, Sharmila's Kari Chirate

Image: A scene from Kari Chirate

Sharmila says her co-stars too couldn't imagine her as a simple girl.

"It was the second or third day of my shoot. We were shooting a scene where Vijay along with his mother, played by Sudha Belavadi, comes to my house asking for my hand in marriage. I was draped in a simple cotton sari, my skin tone was darkened to suit my character, I had braided my hair and had a tray of coffee mugs in my hand. Man, the whole unit burst out laughing. They just couldn't imagine me that way, having seen the real side of me. Vijay and I took ten takes to get through that scene. He simply couldn't stop laughing!"

Looking at Vijay, Sharmila's Kari Chirate

Image: A scene from Kari Chirate

Vijay also shares his unforgettable experience.

"To prepare for my role, I spent two days at the NIMHANS hospital in Bangalore to observe the behaviour of mentally challenged patients. There was this young boy who was ready to do anything as long as he was given a set of new clothes. I can never forget that boy. I have tried to capture that boy's mental state in a scene in which I pick up an apple from dirty stagnant water and eat it."

Vijay says he has tried different looks in the film. "You'll see me sporting real short hair in the second half. My clothes will be dirty and tattered. My friend Yogi has designed my costumes," he adds.

The actor will be seen in different costumes and hair do even in the songs. Sharmila is particularly looking forward to Gumtaane Gumtaane, a hip hop song.

"The song is a dream sequence and it is only in this song that I have brought out my glamorous side. All the same, it was great shooting for the Idli vade tinkondu... song too."

Music is by Sadhu Kokila.

Looking at Vijay, Sharmila's Kari Chirate

Image: A scene from Kari Chirate

Fight sequences are also something that Vijay's fans can look forward too.

"There are a few scenes, which show how a mentally challenged person defends himself when instigated. This is something to watch out for," he says.

The film also stars Yagna Shetty who will be seen in a glamorous role for the first time. "It was a kind of role reversal for both of us," jokes Sharmila.

This Friday Kari Chirate releases alongside Yograj Bhat's directorial Pancharangi, so does that make Vijay nervous?

"But Bhat's films are for the classes and mine for the masses so I think both of us are okay," he concludes.