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'Tanaaz-Bhakhtiyar's fights are not scripted'

November 13, 2009 13:03 IST
Bhakhtiyar and Tanaaz IraniTanaaz and Bhakhtiyar Irani's marital discord is for all to see in the ongoing Bigg Boss reality show. The couple have been nominated for eviction this weekend, as the housemates seem to be tired of their constant fights.

Bhakhtiyar does not hesitate to rain down abusive language on his wife, and show his frustration. Tanaaz, however, seems to be the more mature and diplomatic of the two, and does not lose her temper that easily. But the tears don't stop.

The question is: Is this a charade for Bigg Boss to pick up more TRPs or is the marriage really in trouble?

Bhakhtiyar's sister Delnaz Paul -- a television actress -- tells us that the fights are not scripted.

"They are playing a decent and truthful game. It's not scripted and they're not acting. You cannot be fake 24/7," Delnaz says.

"My brother is very short-tempered and straightforward," she explains. "He calls a spade a spade and does not take shit from others. He kept this cool for quite some time and it's high time that he gives it back. I don't mind either of them getting evicted. But given a choice, I would like Bhakhtiyar to stay back. I want him to teach a lesson to people who are back-stabbing and bitching about them in the name of friendship. If he doesn't get evicted, he will definitely give them a piece of mind and will come out with flying colours."

She adds that diplomacy -- that Tanaaz has in bagfuls -- doesn't work in the show. "The show is not about talent or judgement. Being diplomatic doesn't work here. People, who are bitching about them or making fun of them, are not going to feed them or help them when they come out," she says.

Delnaz and Rajiv Paul"Tanaaz has conducted herself very well on the show," Delnaz adds. "I will give full credit to her for being calm and diplomatic. Obviously with more experience than Bhakhtiyar, she knows how to handle people and situations. If she doesn't get evicted, she will also do well in the show."

But if the fights are scripted, isn't Bhakhtiyar's behaviour shocking? "When you live together in a house for 24 hours and 40 days, it is bound to happen," Delnaz justifies. "Both of them need their space. Real life situations are not the same as that in Bigg Boss. Because of the problems in the house, there is a feeling of discomfort and that is taking a toll on both of them."

She clarifies that the couple are not, in fact, heading for a split.

"Both of them have been in the industry for quite some time and know that it's just a reality TV show, and they should forget everything once the show is over. They are mature individuals. Even if there is some problem that has been shown in the show, it will be sorted out because they have a child to take care of. The pressure in the house is harming their relationship. But that's temporary," she said.

Delnaz's husband Rajiv Paul agrees with her. "You cannot judge a person by watching a five minute capsule out of 24 hours. He is fighting with his wife like any other husband does, so why make such a big deal out of it? Anyone locked in the house for 40 days would behave like him because there is so much of pressure. I am not taking his side but people, who are doing psycho-analysis should be tested first," he says.
Rajul Hegde in Mumbai