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'So they kidnap the Prime Minister!'

September 21, 2010 15:35 IST
Some weeks ago Shah Rukh Khan had tweeted that he was fed up with faltu Bollywood stories, which led us to asking you to help SRK out.

We received quite a response.

Check out Snehal Shah's story idea:

Movie Title: Let's Wake Up, World

Four bright engineering college friends are ready to rock India.

They are aware of the political issues in the country like corruption, crime and construction issues.

They want to change the thinking of the country and decide to start with their hometown.

A drunken and 'dangerous' home owner starts an illegal construction in his home. The friends start sending warning letters to the owner, but he doesn't care.

So they start sending letters to all the home owners in their housing society.

They print big banners about the drunk owner to make him understand the problems caused by him.

The owner realises that people stop showing respect for him, and stops the construction.

The boys think they have won over a small issue, but what about the country at large?

The main issue they see are the corrupt politicians in the country.

They visit a politician friend, and discover that many politicians are not even aware of the issues in their area.

They decide to meet the politician concerned but meet with little success.

They send him many letters, but have no success there as well.

So they kidnap the Prime Minister!

They make the PM realise issues the common man faces -- road construction issues, food issues, education issues, donations, job issues and how problems are resolved in government departments.

They release the PM 30 minutes before the film ends.

The audience has to sit through the rest of the film to know what happens next.

What do you think of Snehal's story idea? Do you have a better one?

Mail us your ideas with the subject line: Dear SRK.

We will feature the best ideas right here.