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Plus Two is entertaining

August 16, 2010 15:43 IST

Paresh C Palicha reviews the Malayalam film, Plus Two.

The dust seems to be settling down in the Malayalam film industry after the war between various sections.

Now everyone is gearing up for Onam (month end) and Ramzan (next month). This being the period of fasting, there is a gap that is filled by small nondiscript films that would not get decent push otherwise. One such film is Plus Two, starring mainly newcomers. Directed by newcomer Shebi Chavakkad, this film tells a simple tale of youngsters doing their pre-university course.

It seems those behind the film decided to keep it as simple as possible. We have five boys from the upper-class of society studying in a swanky school. They are neighbours in an upmarket colony. School is fun as the teachers are of comedian Suraj Venjaramoodu kind.

Then comes the twist in the tale. One night Prince, one among the five friends who is staying alone (his parents are in the USA), gets two lady visitors in the middle of the night. Next we know is Prince becomes the girl's saviour when her mother dies. He brings her home secretly but cannot hide the fact from his friends for long. And, as expected, he falls in love with her. Nothing much happens as far as the story is concerned except for the friends trying to guard their secret till the very end.

Things do not get boring even though the narrative is static. There is humour in in the form of Sallim Kumar, Manniyanpilla Raju and Sona Nair. The banter between the gang of boys also helps in the comic department.

Acting by Roshan as Prince and Deepak as Mathews (joker of the pack) is sure to grab your attention. Shafna is charming as Meenakshi.

The screenplay could have been a little more substantial and a few characters would have done with a litte more depth.

Other than these flaws, there is hardly any reason to complain as Plus Two keeps us entertained.

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