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'People think I fight all the time'

By Rajul Hegde
October 26, 2009 12:42 IST

Unlike the weekly evictions in Bigg Boss, Kamal Rashid Khan was thrown out of the house last week when he fought violently with the rest of the housemates.


Of course, Kamal, who had earlier acted and directed the controversial hit film, Deshdrohi, provided quite a bit of 'entertainment' before he was asked to leave.

He tells Rajul Hegde why he doesn't regret leaving the house.


What made you take part in Bigg Boss?

The reason I took part in Bigg Boss was Amitabh Bachchan. Plus, this show is popular worldwide, so it's a big thing to be a part of it. The producers have given me good money to be in the show, so there was no point in saying no.


A man who had vowed to leave on his terms gets thrown out of the house. How disappointed are you to go out like this?

I am not disappointed. I had said that I will last only 21 days and I left as per my terms. I would have gone crazy if I was going to be stuck in the house for another two or three weeks. I can only say that I saved Sherlyn Chopra from being evicted. In a way, I have kept to my promise [smiles].


You were the most unpopular housemate in the house. Do you think if you had maintained your cool, you would have not been evicted?


No, I only reacted to situations. I may be out but you'll find many more KRK's in the house. I know exactly what will happen in the house. It will be fun to watch Bigg Boss from the outside.


Aren't you ashamed of your rude behaviour?


No. I am proud that my name will always remain in the history of Bigg Boss as the first participant to be thrown out of Bigg Boss house.


What upset you most in the house?

I think the makers have only shown my violent behaviour from the 24-hour footage. As per my knowledge, I had an argument with Tanaaz Irani, and then with Rohit Verma and Aditi Gowitrikar. I think in these 20 days they have only shown the violent parts. People think that I fight all the time [smiles].


Why did you fight with Rohit Verma?

He bitched about me from the very beginning. I don't regret throwing the water bottle at him. I would have taught him a lesson if I was still at the house.


You helped raise the show's TRPs. Do you think Bigg Boss 3 will be interesting to watch without you?


I am honoured that people think I was the entertainment factor of the show. But I know all my other housemates will keep the show going and make it entertaining.


You were very close to Vindoo Singh but he was very happy to see you leave...

Yes. He is a wrestler with a very good heart, who doesn't use his brains much. He has been telling everyone that he will win Bigg Boss from the first day itself. He knew I was his toughest competitor so he must have been happy when I was thrown out of the house.


You seem to be very proud of your wealth. You went around telling everyone that you're millionaire and that your water comes from France and milk from Holland...

What is wrong in saying that?  I have earned through my struggle and hard work. I am not wrong by saying that I am a millionaire.


But I never said that my water comes from France and milk from Holland. What I said was that I get my stuff from abroad.


You also said that you have a 20,000 square feet bungalow.

Yes, I have a bungalow in Delhi where I've being staying for the past 20 years. I have a bungalow in Mumbai too. I mentioned this in the house because I thought people would be interested to know how I am managing in such a small bed and small house. Why was this such a big issue?


While in the house, you had offered a part in Deshdrohi 2 to Bakhtiyar Irani. But you offered the same to Amitabh Bachchan when you got out of the house.


I offered Deshdrohi to the others too. I offered it to Ismail bhai [Darbar], Vindoo and Bhaktyar. I did not offer Mr Bachchan but requested him to be part of the film. It would be great if he agrees to do the film.

Why didn't you choose any girls from the house for your film?

I have already finalised the female lead Payal [Rohatgi]. She has signed the contract so I can't replace her.

Did you make any friends in Bigg Boss?

Yes, Vindoo and Ismail are my friends. They are nice people.

Who do you think will win Bigg Boss 3?

Anyone can win the show. But Ismail bhai, Raju Srivastav, Shamita Shetty and Aditi are very close.

Rajul Hegde in Lonavla